My #meditation practice told me I wanted to do #ashtanga #yoga, not a “workout”

But I got a workout anyways! I like it when that happens. One thing that’s been different about practicing yoga in Portland is that I no longer “need” to do it in a really warm room. The hovel was always at least 85-degrees, year round, and I practiced there exclusively the last few years.


  • Warmup (10/30×10=6:40 jump rope intervals. It’s still cold around here! Made sure to bring the space heater in from the bathroom before I got going too.


  • Suryas & Fundamentals
  • My version of Primary Navasana to handstand exit – kept it away from any wall, in the middle of my small room. 
  • Second thru laghu vajra, EPRK, Kapo B
  • Back bending – urdhva d, 3 drop backs, 3 ticks (time to here 1:32, including warm-up)
  • So I decided to do a Pinca Mayurasana, 10 breaths upright & 10 with a backbend. And I did the ashtanga exit! I hadn’t tried one in years. A bit clunky but still good!
  • Finishing & savasana. I’d set a timer for 5min for my rest but got bored half way through & got up, lol.

Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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