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Internet up on The Hill was really spotty all day Sunday, so I made sure to preview another workout (as slowly as it had to be) so I could work out entirely from a list. I like to do that anyway, a lot of the times, because I like to listen to music and not be distracted by another pace.

This was a low burner but I didn’t mind for today. Normally I do my own, jump rope warm-up but I’d had enough of that for a bit. On the other hand, the first five sets of this workout, at least, would be really good done another time, w/ like 3min of jump rope before each one.


Upper Body and Burpees by Miranda B

Warmup 30:30 jog arm circles, walk out pushups, down dog glute raises and tucks
runners lunge and twist, rev lunge and knee circles, butt kickers

SET 1: Biceps: 50:10 (hold):10 rest 2x
1. Bicep curls then hold for last 10 seconds 26
2. Wide bicep curls + press out then hold for last 10 seconds 26 While curling down, pause half way & press out & hold a beat. This was holding one 10 and one 3 (by the thumb) in each hand. First round I hadda drop the 3s for the hold-out. Second round I went with 20lbs total.
3. Hammer curls to wide hammer curls to rev grip pushup burpee 30 Palms facing forward on burpee push-up. For hold, stop where ever you are in the burpee. Forgot hold 1st time thru – working from list 🙂

SET 2: Triceps 50:10 (hold): 10 rest 2x
1. Tricep kickbacks hold in position for 10 seconds 20
2. OH extensions 20
3. Tricep push-up burpees For hold, stop where ever you are in the burpee. Was in plank  both times.

SET 3: Shoulders 50:10 (hold):10 rest 2x
1. Arnold press then hold overhead for last 10 seconds 30 Start w/ palms facing you & press up with palms facing out.
2. Front raise to lateral raise then hold in either front or lateral raise for 10 seconds 20 Hold is 1x in either direction.
3. Clean and press to burpee 40 Hold was a squat w/ dumbbells on shoulders for both rounds.

SET 4: Back 50:10 (hold):10 rest 2x
1. Back flys hold in open position for 10 seconds 20 Standing, bent over, slight bend in arms.
2. Back extensions on hold for 10 seconds Swimmers, Rumi style, on belly on floor, feet off floor. Extend arms forward, lifting shoulders, and then pulling elbows back. Hold in this last position.
3. Wide to narrow rows to burpee 30 Row after you jump in, stand bent over, first row elbows close by body. Wide row palms facing back, elbows out wide. Plank holds again.

SET 5: Chest 50:10 (hold):10 rest 2x on bench
1. Chest press hold for 10 seconds at top squeezing chest together 40
2. Chest flies hold for 10 seconds squeezing chest together 30
3. Decline Burpee to wide push-up Hold was jumping & then decline plank.

Cardio 50:10 2x
1. Full release Burpees w/ tuck jump
2. 3 Switch lunges to handstands
3. Mountain climbers
4. Heel click to Donkey kick
5. Box jumps

BURNOUT: Reps EMOM I’m slow & didn’t feel like trying to rush the moves or shorten up my range of motion. Time =  17min

1. 10 rev grip pushup burpees 40 With deadlift, no jump.
2. 10 tricep pushup burpees
3. 8 clean and press burpees 40
4. 8 wide row burpee 30
5. 8 decline wide pushup burpee
6. 10 full release burpees
7. 8 switch lunge handstands
8. 20 mtn climbers 2=1
9. 10 angry donkeys
10. 10 box jump tuck jumps

ABS by Ritter ankle weights
20 bicycles 2=1
10 V-up, 10lbs also in hands
15 Pike abs w/ feet on sliders
10 Feet on bench, tap alt foot out & down, 2=1
10 leg lift to rev crunch

(Time 1:27, tho I lost a couple minutes in the warm-up cause I’d set the timer wrong.)


Just the minimum. I think I’ll do an all yoga tomorrow, with possibly only a jump rope warm-up, if even.

Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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