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That was a low burn for 2 hours but it’s me. My biorhythms switched again. I mostly liked this leg routine. I had an inadvertent rest day yesterday too, because I was drawing before an afternoon, phone meeting & that took longer than expected.



Yoga warm-up: Suryas & fundamentals, Linda style – 27min (burn only 98 lol). Decided to skip Julia’s warm-up and instead do some serious but easy stretching to warm up. I needed a good stretch!

Strength and Plyo Leg Workout by Colleen K

HIIT at 40:20:10 4x each set + 1 round of 40 sec cardio move + 20 sec hold
With the video from 4:40. Kept my 8lb vest on for all of the legs section

SET 1:
1. Curtsy Lunge to Curtsy Deadlift 40 Curtsy down. Lift up but keep feet in place. Deadlift & step back in to standing feet together.
2. Curtsy Lunge Hops

– 40 sec Heel Clicks Standing & in pike. Love this move. :20 sec Wall sit hold position

SET 2:
1. block Staggered DL 40
2. 13″ bench Staggered squat jumps up and over
-40 sec 2 Switch Lunges to Wide Tuck Jump: 20 sec hold Switch lunge w/ pulse

SET 3:
1. Slider Pendulum Lunge w 3 Pulses 30
2. Hands on blocks Slow Slider Mt Climbers

– 40 sec Duck Lunge Sprints (lateral switch lunge touchdowns with drop and pop :20 second hold plank w/ micro tilt of pelvis

SET 4:
1. Bulgarian+ Deadlift 30
2. Bulgarian Hops

-40 sec Rolling Pistol Burpee : 20 hold Malasana squat pulse (low is but on backs of calves)

SET 5: Not a fan of this particular set. 
1. Crossover Step Ups + glute raise 20lbs Ankle weights + 8lb vest + 15lb dumbbell
2. Alternating Lateral Power Lunge Over Step

-40 sec Lateral Lunge Hops Kick, Switch Lunge:20 hold alt kicks (still had ankle weights on)

SET 6:
1. Sumo DL to Sumo Squat 40 + vest + ankle weights (about 56lbs)
2. Sumo hop + stomps

– 40 sec Dive Bomber Burpee sumo squat and heel grab:20 hold dive bombers

SET 7:
1. Step up rev lunge 40 + vest = really challenging for me
2. Rocket step ups

-40 sec box jump to plank hop: 20 hold plank hop

SET 8:
1. Dragon Lunge
2. Lunge back touchdown kick

-40 sec touchdowns to star jump: 20 hold

Back and Shoulders REPS

Superset 1 (2X)
-8 SA Rows 20
-8 Rear Delt Fly 20

Superset 2 (2X)
-8 Bent rev grip Row 40
-8 Clean and Press 40

Superset 3 (2X)
-8 Split Lunge Snatch 30 but I can’t do them correctly. I can only snatch them half way, so they’re on my shoulders, and then press overhead once landed in the lunge.
-8 halo slams 20

Core- 6 min AMRAP on bench
1. 4 Decline burpee to pistol
2. 8 Decline frog hops
3. 4 Decline Plank Toe Touches to pike jump
4. 8 Decline fast feet (face melters)

(Time = 1:23 for the Leg workout)

Closed with  4min stretch

Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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