Saturday workout, #tabata #reps and #yoga

I SO didn’t wanna do it, especially when I realized how many reps sets were in here. Hadn’t gotten around to previewing! But I did it.


Warmup: (10/30×6=4min) jump rope

No rest Tabata 20:10 8x 16 mins

1. SA Clean and Press 20
2. SA Swings 20

1. Plank Renegade Rows 15 ea hand 4min in plank, I made it! (Then took a break to sit down & type this, lol,)
2. Crossbody Mtn climbers

1 Handstand Shoulder Taps This was hard! But I’d been thinking I needed to work on handstand shoulder taps more (to build strength & balance for walking my freestanding handstand in the future)
2 Wall commandos hands on wall

1. DL Squats 40 Liked this combo a lot. Good flow.
2. Box jumps

Full Body Circuit:

Circuit 1: 4x 5 reps
1. Twisted Renegades This was REALLY hard 4 me, trying to keep good form while twisting + DL + Bicep Curl
2. 1/2 Ninja heel click + Box Jump
3. SL decline Pushup to Pistol I alternated legs & also alternated which one I started with, so I got an even # of pistols each leg.

Circuit 2: 3x 8 reps
1 Broad Jump + clean and press Bunny hops back 40
2 Groiners x 2 + plank jack push-up+ Tricep Kickbacks 20
3 Lateral Step up and leg lift (8 Reps) 20 + Rocket Step ups (8 Reps =1) Changed to laterals both sides & then rocket both sides to speed things up.

Circuit 3: Complex (5 reps of each move – 5x through)

1. Pull-ups Front Squat
2. Chin-ups Back Squat Alternated the 1st two to finish all 5 rounds first cause the pull-up bar is in my bedroom door, not the office.
3. RDL 40 Combined rounds 4 & 5 & just did 10 reps per move.
4. Sumo DL 40
5. Sumo Squats 40
6. Shoulder Presses 40 / 30 Changed to lower weight & Arnold Press rounds 2-5

(Time = 1:26)


About 10min

Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

7 thoughts on “Saturday workout, #tabata #reps and #yoga”

  1. Wow, you are a tough lady, going for pull ups and chin ups instead of squats! Hanstand shoulder taps are tough for me too, I don´t know if I have too weak arms or shoulders..probably both 🙂 Also I have basically no empty space on the walls in my flat, so I always kind of hang on the door frame..well, it is a funny look 🙂 I did Julia´s Epic body blitz vol.2 on Friday and that one was a bit ugly – looots of sets and reps there, about 70 minutes of fun.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I use a crossfit strap to assist though! Full disclosure. I should start off doing them unassisted, when I’m not already taking too long to get my workout done. Last time I checked I could manage 4 slow pull-ups that way. Chin-ups are a bit easier. But ya I don’t have access to heavier weights now, unfortunately, so it’s good for me to swap out some of the other moves that get done lot.

      I looked at that Epic Body Blitz. Too many push-ups! lol. I’d definitely swap some of the 50 reps at the end. And did you see the Spartan 3000 one? Oy. I’d need probably 3 hours for that one, lol.

      For the handstand shoulder taps I found it helped to keep my feet spread apart, almost the width of my door. Also hands turning out slightly. That’s the way all the crossfit people who walk their handstands do it.


      1. I used to have that pull up bar in the door frame, but I have to put it away, because it was actually destorying both the wall and door… I used to do a lot of pull ups and chin ups when I did the P90x workout program, well, it is looong time ago. I also don’t have access to heavier weights now, I wish I had, or at least I wish I had those powerblock dumbbells, but I still can get quite a good workout. And I enjoy home workouts more than going to the gym.
        Haha, yes, there were many many push ups in the Epic Blitz 2 and also those 50 reps moves were ugly. Whenever I see that Jugernaut finisher (ok, I have no idea how to write that word :), I want to turn off the computer and go away 🙂 I did the Spartan 3000 workout, I always do her workouts when she post them. I checked my notes and it took me 70 minutes again, and the hardest part for me was surprisingly the first section with 5 rounds / 20 reps of 5 bodyweight moves.
        I always try to have feet spread apart during the handstands, but I didn´t know the tip about hands turning out slightly. Thanks for mentioning that, I´ll try it this way!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I totally want those powerblock weights AND the plyo platform she has. I’m a sucky jumper & am short, so I’d increase in like 1-inch intervals, but now I’m limited to a 13″ bench.

    I don’t know how you go so fast in the workouts. Seriously. The Spartan would be at least 2.5 hours for me!

    Anyway, getting back to resistance & so forth, I sometimes feel like I have a better workout w/out the vest & just body weight. It depends on the state of my body & I think it’s got to do with controlled movements & a very full range of motion. Today I’m going to do all light weights & yoga for instance.


    1. I would like that plyo platform too, currently I use just my chair – it is quite high, quite over my knees, which is good for some moves, but often I would really enjoy something less high.

      Lol, I don´t know either – but I just go, don´t stop and sometimes I thing that I just breathe in at the beginning of the workout and then breathe out at the end of the workout :)) Today´s workout (Jori´s chaos) somehow took me 70 minutes again – probably a magical number for me 🙂 Btw I found this workout harder than the Spartan or Blitz 2, maybe because it was really upper body heavy.


  3. I felt the same last few weeks…for me it is the weather. We have a lot of snow, all is frozen, it is constantly minus 10 to minus 20 degrees and days are as dark as nights. So my energy was pretty off. I am taking vitamin D3+K2 and I see positive changes. It might be just a placebo, who knows, but I don´t care as long as it works for me 🙂 I hope you get out of your sluggish feelings soon as well!


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