Two different #HIIT sets & some #ashtanga #yoga

My mood plummeted today. I really need that illustration gig to come through. I NEED to have some sort of reason to be.IMG_0447.JPG


35 Minute Upper Body BLAST + Cardio HIIT!, (10/50). With 8lb vest. Skipped the cool down.

Warm-Up: I used 10s on the side & front raise & 5s with the jacks @ the end.
1) Arnold Presses 15s
2) 180 Surfers
3) Side Hammer Raises 10s
4) High Knees + bench tap Press
5) Hammer Front Raise to T-Arms 10s
6) Chest to Floor Burpee
7) Push-Up, Tabletop Turn, Downdog Push-Up
8) Side Plank Dip + Toe Touch (L) holding 5lbs
9) 3 Weighted Skaters + Single Leg Press Hop 5s
10) Side Plank Dip + Toe Touch (R) holding 5lbs
11) Back Lunge + Snap Kick
12) 10 High Knees + 10 Kickouts
13) Rear Delt Flys 10s
14) 3 Squat Pulses + Tuck
15) Static Lunge Twist to Supine Rows (L) 20
16) Hold 10 Second Side Raise + Side Raises 10s
17) Static Lunge Twist to Supine Rows (R) 20
18) Hold 10 Second Front Raise + Front Raises 10s
19) 4 Mogels + Cannonball Tuck jump feet outside R and L 2x each, tuck jump grapping knees
20) Alternating Biceps Curls 15s
21) Wide Biceps Curls 15s
22) 4 Switch Lunges + 8 Side to Side Hops
23) OH Triceps Extension 10s
24) Triceps Kickbacks 10s
25) Triceps Push-Up + Spider
26) Frog Hop + Frog Hop Forward
27) Back Flys 10s
28) Plank Jack + Pike
29) Jumping Jack Press Up + Press Out 5s
30) 4 Football High Knees

I was gonna switch to yoga but my biorhythms remain in the doldrums with my spirits. My heart rate was immediately back to resting. So – jump rope! The balls of my feet are getting sore a lot lately though. I blame my cheap sneakers. I suppose I’m lucky to have sneakers at all, considering my situation.

30 Day Workout Challenge: Day 29

(10/50 with jump rope before every move for a 30min set)

  1. Mountain Climber
  2. Swimmers (Rumi style)
  3. Pike on sliders Clamp
  4. 3-Way Frogger
  5. Unicycle (right)
  6. Unicycle (left)
  7. 3-Part Abs V-legs reach through, hip lift, legs lower to just above floor
  8. Angel Abs
  9. Forearm Plank, tapping alt outer hip down in a twist
  10. Pendulum Abs 5lbs bet feet Lying on back, arms out to the side, pendulum, looking opp direction of feet
  11. Side Plank Hip & Leg Lift
  12. Other side
  13. Crunch and Tap 5lbs bet feet
  14. Reverse curl on bench 5lbs bet feet
  15. Classic Crunch Down Dog Plank


  • Suryas & fundamentals
  • Marichy C, D, 2nd-laghu vajrasana,
  • Finishing to sirsasana

Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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