Insane #reps & #HIIT workout plus #yoga

This routine had about 253 push-ups in it, I shit you not. I’m not exactly sure b/c I forgot to count on one of the timed, HIIT sets.


Skipped the video warm-up. I did the whole routine from a list & wore no weighted vest.

I cut some moves from the insane “burnout” at the end & put them at the beginning, to break that heinous chunk up a bit.

Epic Full Body Blitz #2

¹BURNOUT Juggernaut: (time = 11min)
50 Box Squats 40 

50 Goblet Pulses 35lb kettlebell
50 Twisted Plank Rows 25 per side, bringing other knee in & toward that shoulder 20
50 Dynamic SL Pushups Lifting alt legs, moving fast, shallow range of motion. Elbows in.

15 reps superset 4x About 10min, and I thought, “What have I gotten myself into?”Put this set next b/c my triceps were already tired & needed a break!
1. SL hip thrusts (switch legs each round) Shoulders on bench
2. Full DL to 1/2 DL =1 rep 40lbs

15 reps superset 4x (120 push-ups in the 1st set!) Time = 14min
1. Yoga Tricep push-up
2. Box straddle to tricep push-up on bench Start on bench, hop down, jump back for push-up. After 1st round I thought, “FOUR FUCKING TIMES???”

40:10 3x 5 mins
1 Swings 35lb kettlebell
2 3 switch foot mtn climbers to Arnold press 30 Keep hands on weights for switch lunges, then stand w/ 1 knee lifted for press. Figured out on round 2 to get stabilized in the lunge & then pick up knee while getting arms into position for the press. Smooth flow that way.

50:10 3x 9 mins
1. Clean and press drop weight to box jump 40
2. Breakdance push-ups Start in crab & lift 1 leg. Kick it under & push-up
3. Decline SL burpee pistol

30:10 5x 6:40
1. Weighted high knee toe taps 10
2. Surrenders 20

25 reps 4x Time = 10min, only accomplished w/ shallow range of motion but this working is LONG & hard, lol.
1 Discus (switch arms each round) 10 Squat to diagonal swing, using other hand to meet weight
2 Bulgarians (weighted switch legs each round) 30

50:10 3x 6 mins
1. Box jump oblique hop burpees Hop feet outside both shoulders, then center & up to box jump
2. Back load alt Forward lunges 40

50:10 7 mins
1. Plank Knee Cross + Spiderman Pushup (knee to elbow, then do spiderman pushup, switch legs)
2. Twisted Mtn Climbers
3. Quadzilla / Box Jumps 4 wide high knees, rotating squats
4. Forearm pop up to commando down Plank to forearm & pop up if you can – wide feet
5. Decline Shoulder Taps
6. Pistol Rollback SA Burpee No push-up. Put both feet down after the pistol stand. This was pretty damned messy, lol.
7. 3 switch lunges + kick through & handstand

BURNOUT Juggernaut:
50 Decline Pushups Went probably less than half my normal, full range of motion here
50 Box Jumps For once I was HAPPY I’m limited to a mere 13″ elevation!
50 Chest Press 40, dropping to 30lbs for last 20 reps (was getting wobbly)
50 In & Out Squat Jumps no added weight, touched floor every squat
50 Arnold Presses 30
¹ Last 4 moves are at the beginning of the routine

(Time = 1:53)


About 18min

Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

2 thoughts on “Insane #reps & #HIIT workout plus #yoga”

  1. You did a great job!! For me, that Yoga Tricep push-up + Box straddle to tricep push-up superset was the worst. And then probably those 50 arnold presses, as my weights were a bit too heavy.

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