Short, late #HIIT workout

I think I’m a little burned out on the HIIT lately. Or I need new shoes, inspiring clothes and workout situations? LOL. That’s not gonna happen. But I do have a friend visiting for 10 days very soon. I’ll probably only get in a few sessions a week max. Maybe two!

Today I got distracted with studying and then killing (I think) a new piece, but I’m getting more adventurous… I’m still going to post it (in lamdod 0f course), even if it sucks.


HIIT Ladder + Tabata: Full Body Cardio Muscle Builder

  • With a couple added moves. Done from the list, with weighted vest.
  • Super annoying cause my battery was real low so I plugged it in b4 starting. Then I got mixed up with the moves & had to stop twice. Then my phone wouldn’t connect with the charge again & I kept getting low memory messages. Plugged it into the laptop for the tabata & that worked.

1x Part One (10/50), 17min

  1. Tuck Jump Burpees I omitted 180 turn. I like to connect elbows w/ thighs & it’s better to go straight on for tuck jumps in that case
  2. Diagonal Squat Jump Walk
  3. Side Jump Lunges
  4. Three Wide Mountain Climbers/One Jump Lunge
  5. Falling Lunge R (L on the way back down) Step out to the side & smoothly drop into lunge. Lift knee & hop on return
  6. Triceps 180 Burpee/Plank Jump (hop in-out-in)
  7. Plie Squat Jumps
  8. Broad jump forward, bunny hop back Three Wide Mountain Climbers/One Jump Up This move was written in twice but wasn’t done twice, so I decided to just add in a move I like & keep the 9-count.
  9. Plank Jump/Dive Bomber/Wide Tuck Feet wide for all.
    (Now Go Backwards Till You Get To The First Exercise)

1x Part Two (20/10)
Squat Jumps Narrow & Wide
Three Jump Lunges/Three Plyo Jumps

1x Part Three (20/10)
Star Burpees
Ski Jumps Narrow squat jumping side to side, swinging arms as if you’ve got poles

1x Part Four (10/50) 17min
OK I have a shitty weighted vest & now it’s all stretched out. I’m not handy with sewing & I don’t have $ for repairs so I can’t do all this fancy “turn it upside down & stitch it tighter in various ways” that all the YouTube trainers do.

It ends up around my freaking shoulders EVERY SINGLE TIME I jump back into plank for anything. I took it off for the descent back to move 1 on this set. Fuck it.

  1. Narrow Squat Jump/Tuck Jump/Star Jump
  2. Push Up Bear Crawl Get in crawl. Take a step forward w/ 1 hand & leg, push-up. Go forward as far as you can & then back up.
  3. Curtsy Jump Up R
  4. Curtsy Jump Up L
  5. Push Up Touch Back Reach back & touch alt foot.
  6. Diamond Burpees Diamond push-up, diamond jump.
  7. Bunny Hops Moving foward & then backward.
  8. Heel Click Standing & w/ hands on floor/Pike Press/Push Up
  9. Straight Abs I just added a move to keep this set the same length as the first one.
    (Now Go Backwards Till You Get To The First Exercise)

Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

6 thoughts on “Short, late #HIIT workout”

  1. I did the same workout yestreday 🙂 I think she really overrates how much calories her workouts burn. She has tons of those 1000 cals workouts, which is basically similar to this one, but I doubt most people would burn 1000.. But it was an OK workout, though I had to add Christine Salus´ last workout, to feel I really worked out 🙂

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    1. That’s funny we did the same workout! I just wanted something quick and not at all rep-based. I’d have done at least a half hour of yoga after it, but I was late for happy hour, lol.

      Most of the time when a workout says it’s 1,000 calories I burn about 500, but then I’m a pretty small person. I’ve only gotten to 1,000 once with a Julia workout that was rep based so took me like 2 hours, and then I stretched after (which I count in the timed tally).


      1. Yes, I am also pretty small (under 165 cms I think…). It is really funny, because yesterday we did the same again – I also did Kat Musni´s tabata and enjoyed it a lot, but I really love everything this girl does 🙂 But I combined it with the Manmaker´s burst from Julia 🙂

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  2. Too funny! We both combined a Kat and a Julia. I’d only done one Kat before & was sort of so-so, but this is just because I’m a grumpy, former New Yorker. Back in my gym rat days I’d always prefer the sort of snarly, “I don’t need your validation” trainers over the super perky ra-ra-ra. But she’s grown on me, and then I was in the mood for Tabata.

    I googled the cm to feet conversion. We’re about the same height but you’re a tiny bit taller.

    I looked at the man maker burst too, but didn’t wanna do so many push-ups 🙂 I’ll probably do that one at some point though.


    1. Lol, I also didn´t felt like doing the manmaker burst because of all those push ups, but I have this mindset: “hm, new Julia´s workout, ok, let´s do it” 🙂 Today´s upload wasn´t bad, but I changed it a bit and did all 3 rounds of strength at first, then all three tabatas and then finished with 3 rounds of hiit. Julia did strength – tabata – hiit – strength – tabata hiit etc., but I found out that my version worked better for me 🙂
      I used to dislike Kat´s attitude, you know, she is always so cheerful and cuteness just spreads out of her pores, but as you said, she´s grown on me quite quickly and then I started to really like her. On the other side, I used to love Millionaire Hoy´s workouts and now I almost can´t stand him :))


      1. Oh I NEVER warmed up to Millionaire Hoy! Lol. I did 1 workout a single time & was totally annoyed the whole time! I was thinking “Why do I hate this?” He seems like a really good guy. Just a mismatch I guess

        Also when I was deeply in “the cult” of Ashtanga I strongly preferred male teachers, but after a long time something changed & now I prefer the ladies. So there’s that.

        Anyway I will try the manmaker set sometime probably, as it’s a good length to combine with yoga.

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