#HIIT #reps and #yoga

That was a solid workout! I took yesterday off, allowing myself a day of mourning for yet another opportunity denied me because I don’t have the right connections.


Warm up (10/30×6=4min) jump rope intervals & Surya Namaskar A, 5x, with handstands – 9:20min

Full Body Lift by Christine Comeau

Legs 8 reps with weighted vest About 16min. Messed up by alternating legs on moves 2 & 3. Realized flow was wrong, but I had to keep for round 2 to be even.
1 Three way lunges (weight on 1 shoulder) 40 forward, side, back
2 Curtsy lunge + leg lift + (set the foot down wide) sumo squat 30 alt 1=1
3 Weighted step up + SL deadlift (standing leg on the step goes back for the SL deadlift) 30 alt 1=1

Legs + arms (50:10 x 1) 6 min, with vest
1 Left lunge pulse + lateral raise 20 (perform lateral raise while lowering, don’t step in)
2 Left SL deadlift + row at the bottom 30
3 Sumo squat + calf raise + hammer curl while in squat 30
4 Jump back, jump forward, box jump + push up
5 Right lunge pulse + front raise (perform front raise while lowering, don’t step in)
6 Right SL deadlift + row 30

Arms (16 reps x2) 12min
1 Chest press  (alternate rounds of 8 wide and 8 narrow) 40
2 Bicep curl to arnold press (8 reps of wide curls and 8 standard) 26
3 Front raise + lateral raise 20, 2=1 so 16 reps

Arms + Core (50:10) 6 min
1 Manmakers 40
2 Decline push up + side jump hop outside 1 shoulder, back, other shoulder, back
3 T stand + press + tricep ext 10 staggered feet, press weight up, tricep, down to other side
4 Commando on floor & Elevated arm step-up (step hands up to the elevation) This move is REALLY hard if your elevation is significantly “in front” of you!
5 Weighted inch worms (back fly at bottom) 20
6 Elevated push up, shoulder taps & knee in to opp elbow I decided to tap both shoulders bet push-ups & added another element

Core (8 reps x4) 12min
1 Weighted Suitcase crunches 2=1 10lbs like a bicycle, clapping weights underneath incoming knee
2 Boat + ”A” frame arms 15lbs 1st round then 10lbs for next 3 rounds. C-sit. Weight comes straight up & to opp sides of floor
3 Drop + pop up to 2 prisoner jacks

Core + Legs (50:10) 6 min
1 Swings Squat slams 35lb kettlebell
2 Alt dragon lunge burpee 40
3 T stand with leg lift (front to back)
4 4 twisted mountain climbers + 3 jump switch lunges
5 Lay on back, roll up to low squat to box jump
6 Halo burpee (one hand on weight in push-up = staggered) with tuck jump in plank

Went with the video from here. Wasn’t sure how to set up my timer for this! 

Full Body Burnout (40:50:60:70:80) 5 min (1:01) two 10lb weights
(add a move every interval to make them into compound moves, each time you add a move the interval gets longer )
1 Plank tricep kick back
2 2 weighted tornado switches (plank tricep ext to 2 weighted tornado switches)
3 Tuck jump, double butt kicker (plank tricep ext to 2 weighted tornado switches to weighted tuck jump and double butt kicker jump)
4 Squat front raise open and lateral lower then lateral raise close to front lower (plank tricep ext to 2 weighted tornado switches to weighted tuck jump to weighted double butt kicker to squat raises)
5 Staggered single leg push ups (plank tricep ext to 2 weighted switches to weighted tuck jump and double butt kicker to squat raises to 2 staggered arm SL push ups)

Booty poppin’ cool down (45:45) 3:45 min
1 Butterfly bridge
2 RL leg lifts in bridge
3 LL leg lifts in bridge
4 Weighted standard bridge 40
5 Bridge hold 40


About 15min


Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

2 thoughts on “#HIIT #reps and #yoga”

  1. I am sorry you lost that opportunity (I know this well, it is almost impossible for me to get a good job without the right connections and some pushing from the “higher places”…). I hope you situation will change soon!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! The Portland job market is BRUTAL. I worked all the way through the worst part of the bankster recession / depression (2008/2009) in New York City, but my experience was all within the garment center. I can’t get arrested on the goddamn west coast. It’s like all my employability evaporated on the cross-country flight or some shit.

      All the athletics corporations in Portland are uninterested unless 1) you’re in your 20s or 2) you’ve worked for a direct competitor. I’ve gotten some illustration work though, some branding. Got contacted by an agent. Once I talked to him though, I had a feeling he didn’t know what he was doing. That said I was really hoping to be proven wrong.

      I have a logo coming up though, for an old connection via my New York roots….


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