Today’s workout, a #catwalk, #tabata #reps #yoga

Also a hike with my 12lb cat strapped to my back, though I wasn’t measuring that. The sun was out, for once, and it was a bit warm-ish. We hung Henry in his carrier from a backpack rack, and I took him up the muddy trail to Council Crest Park and back. Unfortunately, it being a Saturday there was a ton of off-leash dogs running around and kitty wanted no part of it. He didn’t want to get out of his case so I didn’t push it. I only took him out once we were on the trail, heading back. He’s been out there before.


No Rest Tabata Mashup #4 by Kristin Ritter

Warm up: 30:30
1. Butt kickers
2. Lat lunge stretches
3. Runners lunge
4. Fire hydrants
5. Fire hydrants
6. Swimmer arms SA forward & back standing & in plank

No Rest Tabata: 20:10 x8 (with 40sec break bet rounds, 18:10)
1 Twisted Plank Row Kickout 15s, Turn to the side, bring arm up in a row, kick, bring leg in & back down / Pushups
2 SL elv Bridge Bicycles / Bicycles Should’ve put ankle weights on here but I didn’t wanna adjust the weight down from 4lbs each. (It’s kind of a pain.) This was the only “off” part of the workout to me. Too soon for abs. Heart rate went back to near resting.
3 DL Squats 40 Lower weights in a deadlift, then move weights around to side & squat, then stand / SA Discuss (4x then switch sides)
4 Weighted burpees / Ski squat hammer curl 30

Circuit #1 – 4x 22min
1 8 Halo Slams to Press 20 4x halo & then press & then switch sides dropped to 15lbs for the SA press on 2nd round cause the 20 was too hard on my click-y left arm. Kept the 20lbs for the halo slam tho.
2 8 Step Up, Rev Lunge + close Row + Switch 30
3 8 Sumo DL + Sumo Squats 40
4 4 (2) Bunny Hops to Box Jump (2) Bunny Hop Back = 1 10

Circuit #2 – 3x 9min
1 12 Tricep Pushups
2 12 Switch Lunge + SA Back Fly 20 Opp arm to the leg that’s forward
3 8 per leg Curtsy Lunge + Lateral Leg Lift (hold weight against leg for lift) 30

Single DB Complex: 5 reps each side x4 9min
Go all the way through on one hand & switch.
1 Split Lunge Snatch 15 Same arm presses up as back leg
2 SA Clean, Squat & Press 20
3 SL DL 20
4 SA Swing 20
5 Goblet Squat 20 w/ pulse @ the bottom, increasing 1-5

(Time = 1:09)



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