Forgot to post Wednesday’s workout

Usually I don’t, but then having a house guest is rare! So far I only had one person visit for a single night, and that was just over a year ago.


This was Julia’s Valentine’s workout, which was ok but not one of my faves, so I won’t bother to back & detail it out retroactively.

Henry’s a high-maintenance feline

Didn’t work out yesterday, but I most likely will later today, once I recover a little more¹. Unfortunately, Henry drove off my guest. I’ve got the use of two rooms sequestered behind the cat gate upstairs, but he grew up in studio apartments and will not easily accept being shut out of any room…, not when he’s in wakey-wakey mode in the early morning. Charlie offered to lend his room, which is beyond the gate. Henry will often meow and scratch from right behind, especially if he hears C start to get up & hasn’t managed to roust me yet, but there’s more of a buffer zone.

But there were points available for a business hotel close-in, in the northeast. In the future I’ll ask visitors if they mind opening up the door for the cat in the morning. If there’s any issues I’ll know to do the bedroom swap from the get go.

There were a couple times in The Hovel and The Hotel when I tossed him in the bathroom during the night for some offense. I’d usually “break” and let him out again early because he’d make so much noise in protest, along with tossing stuff off the shelves or unravelling the toilet paper.

¹ You know when you start one of those benders that begins at lunch at keeps going? LOL. I didn’t expect it but it was fun. The weather is absolute crap this week, but yesterday was our one peek of sun for the duration, and we spent some time outside: a stroll around the Japanese Garden, a bit underwhelming in the off season but still nice; relaxing at an outdoor table at Barista; a long lunch at Dick’s Kitchen. We were both tired but managed to enjoy ourselves. Hopefully my buddy is nicely tucked in and will snooze most of the day. It’s back to overcast and murky, which lends itself…

So… just did my seated meditation. I’m not going to start the next hermetics exercise until Thursday, as planned. I’m just going to relax and maybe do a mid afternoon workout.

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