Great workout today, after 2 days off

I’m really loving Tabata lately, and Velvet Hammer Fitness.



Extra warm-up (10/30×6=4min) jump rope intervals

Matt’s Metabolic Mayhem

Warm-up @ 3:10

Tabata Pairs 20:10 20 Minutes with 8lb vest

Box Squat Jump
Face Melters Feet elevated plank, jog feet down & back up, changing leading foot ea interval.

Push-up Jacks These are still SO challenging for me w/ an 8lb vest!

Tucks Did mine slow & controlled, no bounce, 7 or 8 per interval
2 Froggers, 2 tricep push-ups, 2 superman

Super Skater Jump 3x, hop up on the 3rd
Broad jump forward bunny hops back

Twist Mountain Climbers
Overhead switch lunge + squat Holding arms overhead

(Took a few minutes break here for notes & happy sitting)

Light Dumbbell Tabata 20:10 20 Minutes

Rolling Squat + 2 punches 2 10lb weights
Split Switch with press up

Side Plank Under & Up (L) 10lbs really challenging by the last interval
Full Burpee+ 4 punches

Side Plank Under & Up (R) 10lbs
1-leg squat,1-arm press, single leg crunch I did alt sides by mistake & took out the crunch cause I was using 20lbs

Bulgarians, alt legs per round 30lbs + 8lb vest, this & last set
Plank rows

Squat + forward press
Grocery Bag Punches

Dumbell Gauntlet (5 rounds, 5 reps per move) 40lbs + 8lb vest all the way thru (kicked my ass)

Curtsy Lunges (L)
Squats + Press 
Curtsy Lunges (R)
Shoulder Presses 
Double Squat Pulses (5 per leg)


  • Suryas & fundamentals, one urdhva d
  • Finishing to sirsasana, savasana

Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

3 thoughts on “Great workout today, after 2 days off”

  1. I love Hammer FItness too, I have been following her channel from her very first workouts and I have done all of them – each one was tough, yet fun and she does good moves. Also she has a very lovely personality.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Every one! The only one I didn’t really like was the 1,000 abs. I thought it needed more cardio, but it was also an “off”day for me. I think that routine would be good done split up into smaller segments as ab burnouts, w/ ankle weights maybe. I’ve only done maybe a handful but I love her Tabata routines. I’m sure I’ll try more of her workouts too!


      1. Oh, I forgot about those 1000 abs – I didn´t like that either, simply because I don´t like abs only workouts and I think I can spend the time better than that. Fortunatelly it took me less time than her, I didn´t follow the video and just did the reps by myself. But I know I will never repeat that workout again :)) I never say “no” to a tabata workout and Velvet Hammer has really great stuff.
        I saw you did that 50 min real time from Lisa Marie today, I did it on Saturday (I think) and loved it, Lisa is really one of the best here.


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