My exercise & design of the day blogs will cease.

I’d always had the sneaky feeling that enabling 2-step identification might become a problem. Sure enough, with the hostile changeover from AT&T to Verizon, a bunch of unforeseen glitches occurred. So many websites want to automatically text a verification code. But you can’t get it to your new number before it’s activated, and once your old one is closed you can’t get it either.

I also just now discovered that there is no way to email for support unless you have a paid plan. (I’m too broke.) I think I’ve got about 400 followers or something like that, but that’s not some impressive amount and it’s not like my blogs have ever led to paid gigs. Granted I’ve only started blogging the art & design stuff regularly since I flew through the employment-killing force field on the way to the economic black hole that is Portland, Oregon. It’s more like throwing a message into a bottle than anything else.

Maybe I should take it as a sign & just stop blogging?

I posted my message on the forum & it looks like I won’t ever be able to get access to this account again because I didn’t generate any backup codes, at the time of enabling the stupid 2-step. (As if I post anything that needs to be kept that secure.).

If You Lose Your Device

If you lose your device, accidentally remove the authenticator app, or are otherwise locked out of your account, the only way to get back in to your account is by using a Backup Code.

To use a backup code, fill in your login details like you normally would. When asked about the login code enter the backup code instead. Remember: backup codes are only valid for one time each so be careful when using them.

So there you go! Once I’m out I’m out. I can still blog company complaints on LinkedIn though, and link to relevant pages, so there’s that.

iPage is a shitty, grifting kind of website host

3.6.17 refund fuckery.jpg

Hey, this is $48 in beer money they owe me, and I’ve got time. I’ll drag this on as long as they like, tweeting and posting all the way. I’ll update my Better Business complaint too. At present time I’m waiting for a mailing address from Winona, who has insisted I produce a letter from my principle the bank. Sure! I’ll go down there tomorrow & see someone from customer service. That’ll probably actually be faster than wading through the phone maze and explaining the situation to a bunch of different people.

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