I’m back with a public exercise blog! I’ll keep the rants in my private, invitation only blog for now. My design of the day blog is public also though, and is here.

For those who don’t know me, I first started blogging in fall 2005, when I self identified as an Ashtangi. At the time I was getting ready to quit my long-time gig in NYC (for the first time) and make the pilgrimage to Mysore, India. I’ve had at least five blogs since. I stop; I start; I move them around.

I’ve been into fitness for decades though. I started working out in my mid 20s with exercise tapes on the VCR. Remember VCRs? Then at age 27 I joined my first gym, Crunch in NYC, and worked out there for eleven years before getting sucked into the goal-obsessed Ashtanga thing. When I started to get sick of the excessive crazy of the yoga scene, and of the chronic injuries which were happening more often, I happened to rediscover the joys of non yoga exercise at home, first with Beach Body and then with free HIIT available via YouTube.

Currently I do mostly HIIT with a little bit of yoga. The yoga is “baby” compared to what it used to be, but it’s a hell of a lot more psychologically healthy.


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