This day hasn’t started off very well

And it’s the one year anniversary of my move to The Hill. No, I still don’t have a driver’s license, because I also don’t have the title for the junker and thus nothing to learn on. I also never got a bike. It’s dicey around Dosch Road though, even for experienced, competitive (and young!) bikers. I live with two of them.

The joy of dealing with cell phone providers…

Wading through the AT&T website and service line makes you want to scream (I did, several times, scaring the dog) and bash your head into a wall (not yet but the day is young). My contract ends on the 20th and I could not let it renew and get locked into another 1½-2 year contract. I can’t afford it! I’m getting charged an extra $31 in fuck-you fees… I might be on C’s plan, but we don’t know for sure cause he can’t get through to Verizon.

The My AT&T website wouldn’t let me change my address, and of course there is NO button or link to “terminate my account”. I got a “need some help?” message which informed me I should go to chat, which of course was “busy” as in “not functioning at all” with a little banner informing you of such. So helpful!

In contemplating the potential of life without a smartphone I realized I wouldn’t have a camera! There’d be no Instagram in that case. Hrrrm… IG is fun cause even bad at social media, middle-aged types like myself will get noticed. Thinking of the artistic self promotion here. The thing is, I’ve never gotten a solid lead in that way.

I’m just trying to type it out before I sit for meditation. It’s going to be a fun one.

Fucking hell I wish that last job opportunity had been real.

Fuck, fuck, fuck. Oh well.

I worked steadily in NYC. I want everyone to remember that, myself included. Not that I want to dwell on it, but ok I’m rambling.

#HIIT warm-up & #ashtanga #yoga

Fuck the fucking snow. Fuck this winter. Fuck corporations in general and especially fuck athletic corporations.

Obviously the max of 223 below is a Polar monitor glitch. I didn’t catch blip while working out, but I do believe the average because I was burning really high.

We’d decided to go to an early evening movie yesterday, not knowing this latest fucking storm would dump New England levels of snow. I was the one who suggested we get our grocery shopping done early – to toot my own horn, because if I don’t no one else will – and it was a damn good thing because it was already getting pretty hairy by the time we headed home. And judging by the stocks the food co-op had right before the last snow, there would’ve been very slim pickings by that fucking point.

The main point of my mentioning that is with the shopping and the movie I didn’t get a workout in yesterday. You can be sure that this morning I: meditated; did my mantra; did the banishing spell and then got my workout in. Hey, with this storm I lose the chance to make any pocket change this week. And I lost another week due to the fucking cold. I’ll have my endorphins, thank you.


HIIT warm-up

1. Jugglers High Knees
2. Burpee
3. Jump Kick (right)
4. Jump Kick (left)
5. Russian Kicks
6. Squat Jump
7. Mountain Climber
8. Lunge Hop (right)
9. Lunge Hop (left)
10. High Knees Tap
11. Frogger
12. Heel Tap Squat Jump
13. 2 Plank Jack/s, 2 Knee In to Opp Arm
14. Alt Pistol Pop Up Note to self: pistols should go in the first third of a set this long!
15. Low Jack


About 72min

  • Suryas & fundamentals
  • Marichy C & D
  • Second to Laghu Vajrasana, EPRK, Kapo B (x2?)
  • Urdhva D, 3 drop backs, 3 ticks Takes about 1hr to get to finishing with this format
  • Finishing

A bored (and wronged) witch is a dangerous witch, PDX

Reversal Part 2

I probably should’ve waited to add the valerian root to my noxious blend! Every time I spit flem into my coffee can cauldron I get a whiff, lol. The gunk in my sinuses has thankfully loosened enough so I can breathe. I’m still blowing my nose fairly constantly, and my Vaseline still comes to bed with me every night for post blow application (and is by my side all day). The first plan was to keep adding to the mix as long as I’m coughing, but I think I may bury it tomorrow, and it can keep steeping on a semi permanent basis.

I’m using the fruits of my illness as a tools, see. I have suffered emotionally to a huge extent, and the social isolation has taken a big toll on the robustness of my health. So I will take my illness, suffering and all the negative feelings that generates and put it allllll into the mix to send back.

I’ve decided to take another rest day from exercise. I had to work out the day before yesterday, as days of lying in bed had made my back so sore. Yesterday I chose a no-impact routine, though it was one of Julia’s. It took a lot out of me. Too much. I hadn’t eaten a substantial meal since Christmas Day & I nearly told Charlie I didn’t want to go to Rogue for burgers after all. I’m glad I rallied. Also glad I thought to bring a notepad & pen with me, as it’s most often loud in there and last night it was.


We had the same waiter as the last visit. I’d asked C to tell him I had laryngitis so he wouldn’t think I was rude by not communicating at all. The funny thing was that after that he wouldn’t look at me, as if I were sporting some deeply embarrassing deformity. I could still smile and nod!

And then they were having a sale on some of their bottled beers and C asked if we could get a case of the IPA we were drinking. The table flyer said, “Ask your server about our selections!”, or something like that. The waiter goes, Uhh… I could check and see if we have it if I get a chance. C was momentarily taken aback and the waiter left. So C grabbed one (from the other room) and then wrote on the table flyer, “Actually the server would prefer you check yourself.

I still like that place. It’s satisfyingly divey.

Tonight we’re going to check out the cafe outpost of an expensive, foodie-type place (think single bit sized “portions” swimming in huge, fancy plates) that I spent some time on Twitter making fun of today.


The cafe is still pricey, but like a quarter of the “fahncy” restaurant, and I’m pretty sure you might even get half plates of food, or C must think so as he wouldn’t have suggested we try it. Occurred to me that it might’ve been a mistake to reserve the table using my Open Table account, in that case, lol, but C couldn’t remember his password. Or I typed it in wrong.

Things about Portland that suck

Portland restaurants are really not any cheaper than NYC restaurants, and there’s a huge gap in the medium range, comfy cafe level. You’ve either got brewpub or EXPENSIVE, it seems. And I never saw a fee for splitting an entree anywhere in NYC. I went to a so-so Italian place in Sellwood on a pre Ch internet date once, and was shocked to see they’d bill you $5 if you wanted an entree served on two plates. Da fuck?

Also interesting, two of the places I liked best when I was trying to be vegan and virtuous are closing. Portobello is one of the few places that comes sort-of close to NYC levels. Like, why do vegan places here have to be like biker bars serving only junk food, or look like fast food restaurants where you might want to have lunch but NEVER dinner? I don’t get it. Portobello serves decent food and at least as a B- ambiance, but they’re done on the 31st.

Vtopia, the vegan cheese place and cafe, is now crowd sourcing to try to stay open, so you know they’re done. I used to live within walking distance and liked going there. C and I have been together several times, but the last time we went we found a new owner and there was no wine, because apparently the liquor license does not transfer. That makes NO sense! And while the owner was nice, the cheese case looked barren and depressing and I remember the detail that they served us each about 1 tablespoon of dressing with our salads and it was impossible to get attention to get any more, even though there were maybe 1 or 2 other occupied tables at best. I had a strong feeling it wouldn’t last, and we weren’t ever motivated to return.

#HIIT #tabata and #yoga

I got a sickie workout in! No voice still but at least I’m feeling more human, even if I still have coughing fits so violent I feel like I’m going to barf on myself.

Did the whole thing along w/ the video because I didn’t feel like previewing. Also it was all time based, which was absolutely perfect for the “cause” of just getting a workout in and loosening up my sick-sore joints. It was just important to move my body because four straight days of just lying around and I had a really sore lower back. I cracked it in the mid left thoracic though during one of the breaks. It never used to crack there before “Miami 2012”, but such is life.

And wouldn’t you know it’s a night I could actually maybe leave the house, but it’s jam night, which is way too loud. For one thing.


Got a decent burn too. I really think this is about the level that my old 3rd series was, although I never started wearing a monitor until I was out of the studios and past the days of tick tocks and chakra bandhasana.

DAY 5: Holiday HIIT and Tinsel Town Tabata by Christine Comeau

1. Plank walk out pushup
2. Lunge and twist
3. Curtsy lunge round house
4. Curtsy lunge round house
5. Butt kickers
6. Jumping jacks

Christmas Tree HIIT 50:10 1x 5 min with vest
1. Christmas tree ornament saves (tricep fall to pushup+ plank hop and 180 jump)
2. Christmas tree plank jumps (triangle plank hops)
3. Christmas star reaches (weighted squat drop weights and squat jump)
4. Christmas tree carries- left (Single weight on shoulder walking lunges )
5. Christmas tree carries- right

Yule log tabata: 20:10 4x each move 6 min
1. Yule log chops (chops + switch lunges)
2. Yule log lifts (deadlifts)
3. Yule log rolls (roll backs + plyo push + 2 squat jumps)

Snow much fun HIIT 50:10 1x 5 min
1. Snow angels (alternating SL lateral leg lift + around the world arms)
2. Snowman jumps (low, medium, high squat jumps)
3. Snowflake burpees (jack push ups + 4 weighted jacks)
4. Snow sled (wall runner mtn climbers 4 + 2 shoulder taps)
5. Shoveling snow (alt squat slams)

Christmas treat Tabata: 20:10 4x per move 6 min
1. Candy cane squats (pistol squats) I don’t need to remove my vest for roll-back moves, but I take it off for pistols. But hey I don’t have to prop my heels anymore! As long as I do alt legs I’m good. Left leg is the weaker by a lot so alt legs is better-er for me.
2. Peppermint twists (Russian Twist)
3. Gingerbread runs (10 high knees + 2 star jumps)

Santa’s coming HIIT 50:10 1x 5 min
1. Christmas stocking burpee (pike jump at the top + pike push up)
2. Reindeer crawls + jump (4 bear crawls forward + bear crawl hop, 4 bear crawls back + hop)
3. Chimney climbers (standing mountain climbers 10 drop and pop)
4. Jump for Joy (broad jump + box jump +tuck jump, jump back)
5. Christmas mornings jump out of bed and cheer! Roll lateral + Explosive pushup+ star jump

Have yourself a Burpee little Christmas Tabata 20:10-8x per move 12 min
vest off here – this is 12min of burpees after all
1. Present burpees (box jump burpees)
2. Christmas star burpees ( jack push up + star jump)
3. MistleTOE burpee (SL push + SL hop on toes)

HIIT the presents 50:10 2x 10 min
1. Present presses (clean and press to hide presents on the top shelf)
2. Present switches (switch lunge + dumbbell pass)
3. Present shakes (goblet sumo squat and oblique twist+OH raise)
4. Present passes (bicep curl and press out)
5. Present pick-up and pass (variation of twerknado- broad jump with a dumbbell, set it down and 180 tuck jump, pick it up and broad jump back)

Naughty or nice burnout 4 min
1. 40 sec plank + oblique knees
2. 20 sec plank holds
3. 40 sec tricep push up burpees
4. 20 sec tricep hold
15 sec child pose
5. 40 sec commandos
6. 20 sec low plank holds
7. 40 sec std burpee
8. 20 sec hold halfway in push up position


About 23min. Managed to crack that spot again in karna pidasana. I feel much better and significantly less annoyed.

Day 6, Day 3 of no voice

And I’ve gotta say MY BACK IS FUCKING KILLING ME from four consecutive days of lying around. I’ve gotta lie on the dinosaur today at least. I dunno… maybe I should work out but the thing Christmas Eve, while impressive, sort of drained me. This cold is so bad that I don’t believe it severely influenced things, but… the other thing is that there is no “public me” to keep up with anymore. I’m so sequestered I sometimes wonder if I’m developing the beginning seeds of agoraphobia. I mean, it feels slightly like sneaking out of the house in high school, when I occasionally take the bus downtown on Wednesdays to clean my friend’s workshop. I’m out of the house by myself! 

I shit you not. It’s like that. And this cold has cost me that session for this week. Ain’t no way I’m willfully sharing what I’ve got going on at present. Speaking of that I smashed the reversal spell mirror last night. Candle finally burned down. Got another candle waiting in the wings… Smash, smash, smash.

Fuck it maybe I’ll do a Julia later. My energy is slightly better, so I’m finally on the fucking upswing. It’s jam night at a friend of Ch’s. I never go, because in Portland I can’t leave when I want. Maybe I’ll go one of these weeks for novelty, but certainly not when I can’t talk.

Booty & shoulder killing #tabata & #HIIT with a bit of #yoga

First a mini rant

By the end of this my glutes were screaming at me! But I swear I had aggression to work off, still leftover from last night. It’s not a jam night unless someone asks why my hair’s so gray or what my employment status is. I suppose I could counter with, Old. Dead. Hey, have you gained some weight??? I’m fitter than you, anyway.


No Rest Tabata and Circuit Mashup

Warmup: jumprope (10/30)x10 6:40

  • 10/20×8 for each pair.

1. Manmakers 30lbs
2. Plank

1. Squat & press 30lbs
2. Plank shoulder taps

1. Plank jack burpee
2. Squats or squat holds

1. Swings 35lbs This one KILLED me. Still so much work w/ this kettlebell
2. Switch lunges

Circuit 1: 4x 5 reps each
Time = 15min
1. Manmaker 30 Oy with the manmakers already!!! lol
2. Thrusters 30
3. Wall run with 10 shoulder tap

Circuit 2: 3x
Time = 19min
1. 15 Weighted burpee (deadlift) 40
2. 15 swings 35lbs
3. Weighted step up 10/leg 20lbs

Circuit 3: 5x complex, 5 reps each, 30lbs
Time = 13min
1. Clean
2. Squat & press
3. Squat holding weights at sides with extended arms, touching to floor on bottom
4. Alt lunge 5/leg
5. Goblet squat

(Time = 1:19)


Arms Legs and Abs Shredder by Oxana

FullSizeRender 3.jpg

HIIT (15/50) 3x

time 1:01:30 I gave myself an extra 5-seconds for transition time, for list checking and running around. The pull-up bar is installed in my bedroom door but I exercise mostly in my office (currently).

Group 1, ARMS HIIT

  1. Tricep burpee
  2. Pull-up
  3. SL burpee, alt. Switch kick at the top to change legs.
  4. SL Dive bombers alt
  5. Chin-up
  6. Pushup plank hold / Pinca Mayurasana / Vrischi var (more of a back bend & bent legs)

Group 2, LEGS HIIT

  1. Bench jumps Mine’s lower than the video but I’m not a very good jumper so that’s fine.
  2. Side lunge & return, rev lunge, switch lunge, 20lbs held w/ both hands @ chest
  3. Squat jacks fwd and back (arms behind the head) 1-2-3 forward & reverse
  4. Goblet Sumo Twist 20lbs @ sternum. Twist to tap alt feet w/ weight L/R & hop.
  5. Curtsy lunges + kick, alt. 30lbs
  6. Wall Sit These are actually WAY more challenging for me than a free-standing low squat, maybe bc I get my weight so far back & only in my heels. Dunno, but that’s why I put this here. The 3rd one was killer.

Group 3, CORE HIIT

  1. Diamond jumps Hate this one!
  2. 10 High knees + roll back (touch floor w/ toes)
  3. Mountain climbers (hopping, wide)
  4. Donkey kick / kick through / hip drop
  5. Russian kicks Hate this one too! LOL. That’s why it’s good to do 3 sets of ’em once in awhile.
  6. Navasana / Pinca Mayurasana / Pinca Mayurasana (backbend)

Burnout by Julia 10 mins total
Set 1
1. Deadlift
2. Deadlift +upright row
3. Deadlift+ upright row+ squat/elbows in
4. Deadlift + upright row + squat/elbows in + press
5. Deadlift upright row+squat elbows in+press + surrender

Set 2
1 sit ups
2 sit up + stand
3 Sit up + stand + alt pistol
4 Sit up + stand + alt pistol+ rollback and  jump
5. Sit up + stand + alt pistol+roll back and jump+ push-up

(time 1:16:07)


About 24 minutes of really gentle stuff. Back bending intervals at 15/30 & my fave restoratives.