Gets back into bed with laptop

I have good reason!

Makes lists. I’ll start drawing at noon. I’ll work 2-3 hours & take Henry for a walk after. There will be no formal exercise. If the universe had wanted me to exercise, it’d have allowed me a good night’s sleep after the day I’d had. Nope. OK, then, fine.

I can’t go back to sleep because the fucking neighbor is still making some obnoxiously loud fucking sound. Apparently it’s probably a pressure washer. Awesome.


Henry is kneading the blanket next to me.

Tomorrow I’ll exercise & then go downtown, so I can deposit my checks, even if I have to walk twice along Dosch Ditch Road to do so. I’ll meander around a bit, to make things worthwhile. Maybe I’ll stop by Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s. I’m also going to be resuming a logo project I thought was defunct 🙂 It’s resuscitated.

Now to peruse the internet some more.

Another excellent #ashtanga #yoga practice!

The level of yoga I’m practicing feels energizing rather than draining.

It’s really coming back to me, when I need it the most, and for this I am grateful. All those years in the studio ultimately did me well, even if I came to dislike roughly half of the teachers I’ve worked with. That’s pretty funny! But hey, if I’m entirely independent, even of the lineage itself, then I’m doing it right, and at least I had that important connection with Christopher. He was the least possessive ashtanga teacher I ever practiced with, and this let me know he didn’t see me as an extension of his ego. So many seem to view their students as possessions, like minions.


I did another EPRK! That’s Eka Pada Raja Kapotasana by the way. An acronym is much easier. It’s much tighter on the right side, but that of course is because of the unevenness in my thoracic spine. After that I do 1min on the rack, so I can stretch that area evenly and feel the difference. I rolled to the right a bit, at the end of the timed interval. If I squash the big back muscles on that side, I can feel the release under my right ribcage. It’s a very curious thing. Then I do a 1min Urdhva D by the wall, with my hands on blocks, wrists braced on the wall. That lets me get into the mid / upper back a little more too. I rest in a mini savasana for 1min after that, as a reward, before moving onto closing back bending.

I do some handstanding by the wall during my routine, but I did add in one, freestanding tick (handstanding to back bend) today. I’ll be practicing in a new space soon & there will be all sorts of new variables. I hadn’t practiced ticks in awhile. I didn’t want The Fear to bud and take root. I land REALLY heavy in the ticks, like a ton of bricks! No delicacy there at this point, but if I end up practicing regularly it’ll improve at least a little.

My knee feels completely recovered. This is not to say I should do multiple sets of ninja tuck jumps immediately. Actually the tuck jumps would be fine. It’s the ninja part that’s iffy. Anyways perhaps the evening HIIT will happen tomorrow.

Now I’ll shower and take my last walk to Blick. I need some artist tape and of course everything is already over at The Hill. I forgot that, when I brought some drawing supplies back here last time. Tape is cheap though and walking is also very anxiety relieving. I will address it as constantly as I have to. Plus it’s really fucking nice out. The sun is shining and it’s gonna be about 55/57 degrees by the time I’m ready to leave.

I got some good design / drawing work done yesterday! I’m working on a logo for a new client. I’m excited about the project and the business she’s launching. Of course I over work a bit. I’ll end up paying myself hardly anything. Such is life. I will make the pending illustrations much quicker endeavors.