Today’s workout was great

Unfortunately I am lacking those super motivational (for me) stats

My latest Polar crapped out in the middle of group 2 of the first section, and I bet this routine would’ve been a 700 level. I’d been toying with getting a haircut, but I think I need to order a new Polar pronto, and now I’m gonna have to repeat this routine.

[EDIT UPDATE] I looked on Amazon to find out what kind of battery & there is thankfully a link to the help manual on the product page there. I figured out how to get the battery out (not that easy, especially when you can’t see well close-up), so I ordered a new one for $5. I hope this fixes the problem! For me, having a stat readout at the end of every workout somehow compensates for: no studio, no company, no influx outside energy whatsoever. It’s all self-generated, baby, and if having stats is a help then…

Cardio and Strength Mix by Daniela

Warm-up: 6x(10/30)=4min jump rope intervals

Groups 1-3 w/ 8lb weighted vest

Group 1
: 9 mins (80:40 w/ 15sec rests)
1. Clean and press to OH rev lunge, 30:burpee 2 squat jumps
2. Curtsy lunge shoulder press, 30:toe taps
3. LL Lateral step up leg lift, 30: press jacks, 10 Pressing weight up & out in front, alt
4. Ski squat hammer curl, 30: plank hop + narrow tuck and wide tuck

Group 2: 9 mins
1. Plank hop and rev grip row, DL , 30 Should be at least 40: SL lateral hop and star jump
2. Front raise in plank to plank hop tricep kickback, 20 / 180 vertical frog hops
3. LL Bulgarian and y press, 30: LL Bulgarian hop clap under to SL pushup
4. RL lateral step up leg lift, 30: swings, 35

Group 3: 9 mins
1. Alt Fwd lunge and chop, 15:2x jab cross + heel grab
2. Wide DL + close row and sumo squat, 40: squat jump and roundhouse kick
3. RL Bulgarian and bicep curl, 30: RL Bulgarian hop and clap under to SL pushup
4. Rev fly in plank plank hop and Arnold press to OH surrenders, 20: explosive pushup and slam hand on bench

PART 2: EMOM strength 7 minutes, 20lbs + 8lb vest
Man, I started w/ only 10 in each hand! Was glad I did cause w/ 7min no rest I had to drop down to one 10 in the last move, where your arms are held up over your head the whole time.

1. Alt step ups
2. Step up +curtsy lunges
3. Step ups +curtsy lunges+ shoulder press
4. Step ups +curtsy lunges+ shoulder press+ surrender
5. curtsy lunges+ shoulder press+ surrender
6. shoulder press + surrender
7. surrenders

PART 3: EMOM cardio 7 minutes No freaking vest HERE folks!!
1. 10 mtn climbers + pushup
2. 10 mtn climbers + pushup + 2 plank frog hops
3. 10 mtn climbers + pushup + 2 plank frog hops + 2 tuck jumps
4. 10 mtn climbers + pushup + 2 plank frog hops+ 2 tuck jumps +1 quadzilla
5. 2 plank frog hops + 2 tuck jumps + 1 quazilla
6. 2 tuck jumps 1 quadzilla
7. quadzillas

burnout: 3 minutes AMRAP climb the wall:
1. 5 count wall sit
2. 5 wall mtn climbers 2=1
3. 5 L stands leg lifts 2=1
4. 180 squat jump to plank hop 2 rev commandos with hands onto wall

Bench burnout
20 up and over bench
10 bench burpees
10 bench elv pushups
20 bench mtn climbers
10 tuck abs 3lb weight bet feet
10 in and out abs 5lbs ea hand
20 in and out squat jumps On floor
10 clap pushups
10 pistols sl plank hop pushups

2x thru
10 V-ups
10 V-ups
10 V-ups
10 side heel taps
10 straight leg toe taps

#HIIT and

Wasn’t going to work out today, but C’s gonna be home tonight after all, and in that case we’ll probably drink some beer and have some dinner. I decided to revisit Bender Fitness. These are much shorter workout chunks than Julia’s, so you’re not committing to an hour’s plus routine (I always have to finish & am a lot slower in reps than Julia is).

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

Plyo HIIT Fat Burning Body Sculpt

  • Round 1 with video. Rounds 2 and 3 with list & timer, and I changed the order slightly (swapping moves 14 & 15) in those rounds so I wouldn’t have back to back sets of burpees. I still don’t much enjoy them with extra weight flopping around on my shoulders!
  • All 3 rounds with 8lb weighted vest.

1. Burpee
2. Mountain Climber
3. Jump Squat
4. Russian Kicks
5. Switch lunge
6. Frogger
7. Surfer
8. Mountain Jumper 
9. Tuck Jump
10. Frog Hopper Stacking hips over shoulders in a half-handstand balance @ wall
11. Ninja Jump
12. Plank Jack
13. Speed Skater
14.Tuck Jump Burpee
15.Hip Lift Hook

BodyRock – Ab Workout

  • Workout starts at about 2:30. Funny their competitive banter.


  • About 30min

Core #HIIT with #jumprope & #swings + #yoga

Decided to write my own jumprope & core “recovery routine” because only I can know how little I wanted to actually work and what muscle groups I wanted to avoid taxing. The most slow & lazy jog jumprope was fine for today. It’s about having some daily discipline in my life and, I have to repeat it, a solid reason to take a shower.

I love Fit Body by Julia workouts, but I think this week was the first time I did two back to back, on consecutive days. I finally found something as intense as my old “advanced” Ashtanga workouts (full 3rd and part 4th) series, minus only the sheer terror and life or death focus required for the dreaded tick tocks.

I’d wanted to do more yoga, but I’m going to have to configure myself to fit just in the office & run the little space heater if I wanna do that. Temp is 64 degrees. Once you stop jumping you get cold!

Soundtrack: Rock Out Your Workout playlist on Amazon Prime. I won’t have it after February! Not unless something changes. It was nice and aggressive and I fucking cranked it.



  • (10/50) 2 rounds with 2min rest in between – 50min
  • 1st round – all jumprope
  • 2nd round – jumprope / swings – 35lbs This was the first time I ever did 6, 50-sec sets of swings at that high of a weight!
  1. Elevated feet, knee in to shoulder & then opp arm
  2. Straight abs
  3. Crunches, feet down
  4. Crunches, feet off floor
  5. Oblique crunches, one side / Side Plank Hip drops – 2nd round
  6. Oblique crunches other side / Side Plank Hip drops – 2nd round
  7. Reverse curl on bench, 3lbs
  8. Pendulum on floor, arms out to the side, 5lbs, alt sides
  9. Elevated side plank, bottom leg raise
  10. Other side
  11. Ustrasana
  12. Swimmers, Rumi style


  • About 15min


Planks, Pyramids, and Abs Oh My! by Jori

This is an excellent workout but it really didn’t make me feel better. I’m in a loooong and dark run of the sads and I can’t see things changing any time soon, if ever. I do pat myself on the back for getting out of bed and doing it though. For one thing, I get way more headaches if I don’t exercise, and a steady diet of ibuprofren really isn’t going to help. I already had 400mg today. It’d be nice to cap it there.

I did the opening plank & HIIT portion from the video and the rest mostly from my list. If there’s one thing I’ve got it’s time and I may as well do my reps more slowly if that seems to be what works best for my body.

FullSizeRender 3.jpg

Plank it till you make it:3 Total Rounds Each 4 min (12 min total) shared from AXFIT

Round #1
1. Plank Hold on Elbows (1 min)
2. Plank Walk Laterally on Elbows the length of your Mat, low inchworm to low squat, power jump up, low inchworm back down to elbow plank, walk over to other side of mat, then walk back to the other side and repeat (jumping at only one side of the mat) (2 min)
3. Side to Side Lateral Mogul low squat jumps (1 min)

Round #2
1. Elbow Plank Jacks (1 min)
2. Plank Walk on Elbows forward up to the top of the Mat + x 2 Chest to Mat Burpees then plank walk back down the mat in reverse (backwards), then back up the mat again , x 2 Chest to Mat Burpees at the top of the mat (2 min)
3. Power Switch Jump Lunges (1 min) stay low

Round #3
1. High Plank Hops over the Mat (1 min)
2. Plank Suicides (Commandoes) start on elbows alt R/L with each up/down + alt shoulder taps and alt toe taps in up position. (2 min)
3. Side to Side Lateral Mogul low squat jumps and on one side do a power switch lung R/L (1 min)

Pyramid: 2 Exercises paired together, one rep of A, then one rep of B. Then 2 reps of A, followed by 2 reps of B……all the way to 5 and 5.

A. Elevated Manmakers. 30lbs Push-up & row, push-up & row other side. Jump forward. Clean & press. Switched to list right here after the 2x for each round! I wanted to use 15lbs each hand on the manmakers & touch tip of nose to floor each push-up, going slow & controlled. I also like to jot notes as I go!
B. Straight Arm Kickbacks, 20lbs Palms facing up toward ceiling. Love this move.

A. DL Rainbow Right 40lbs ankle weights for this & next set √ Your legs feel SO LIGHT when you take ’em off
B. OH Press w/ RL Knee Lift + Leg Extension 20lbs

A. DL Rainbows Left
B. OH Press w/ LL Knee Lift + Leg Extension

A.Assisted Pull-up Should start this one next time with no or lighter assist (thinner band)
B. Kneeling Clean + Press, 40lbs

A. Reverse Lunge Right on Slider + Hammer Curl 30lbs
B. Assisted Chin-up Did first 2 with no band. I have to find where I put my lighter bands when I moved the last time.

A. Reverse Lunge Left on Slider + Bicep Curl 30lbs
B. OH Tricep Extension 20lbs

A. Right Figure 4 Squat Hold w/ Front Raise 20lbs
B. Narrow Squat & bent over Fly 20lbs

A. Left Figure 4 Squat Hold w/ Lateral Raise 20lbs
B. Sandbag (or DB)1/2 Burpee Upright Row 20lbs Way too light for the rows. I’d have gone to 12-13 if I had fucking adjustable weights god damnit. Didn’t wanna jump to 15s here.

HIIT Cardio: 50/10 (with weighted vest)

  1. Angry Donkey Wall Kicks x 3 (land in low squat) + Squat Jump x 1
  2. Squat Jump x 3 + Push Ups x 3
  3. Pike up “V” Abs x 2 + Lift body in “L” sit off of DB’s (L-sit for 3 counts was absolutely no problem for me & I was wearing my vest, but I think that’s bc of my yoga background. You need good hamstring flexibility for this.)
  4. Dynamic Squat Touchdowns x 3 + Chest to Floor Burpee Tuck Jump x 1
  5. Switch Lunges x 3 +  SL Spiderman Push Up x 1
  6. 10 Mtn Climbers + 3 Wide Leg Frogger Tuck Jump Hop Over DB or Mat

Abs: Repeat 2x

  1. Elbow Plank Mat Hops R/L (20 reps)
  2. Crunch Up Twist Right + Crunch Up Twist Left (20 reps) Really slow with full range of motion here so I paused the video the 1st time through & did 2nd round of the abs from list.
  3. Elbow Plank – Jack Legs (20 rep)
  4. Bicycle Abs (20 reps) (1=1)
  5. Tuck Jumps (standing) 20 reps
  6.  Crab Toe Touch Right Side Only (20 reps) These moves would probably be better done alternating bc you’d be forced to bring your balance back to the middle between every rep.
  7. Crab Toe Touch Left Side Only (20 reps)
  8. Bicep Curl in “V” Sit (20 reps) 20lbs
  9. Weighted Windshield Wipers: wt. between feet, wt. in right arm, feet go to left side, arm goes right to side, both come up to the center, repeat. (20 reps) 1st round 3lbs bet feet & 10lbs in hand & 10 reps per side. 2nd round 5lbs bet feet & same bet hands & 20 reps per side
  10. Weighted Windshield Wipers: wt. between feet, wt. in left arm, feet go to right, arm goes to left (20 reps)*I did 10 reps

(1:35, rounding down)

Easy Yoga

I guess it was about 14-15min, depending on how long it took for me to get my fugly sneakers off & rearrange the space.

Plank & core TORTURE, killer #slider workout

I was considering taking a full-on rest day. I’m sore from yesterday’s HIIT. Those 3 rounds were killer, and doing three sets of pull-ups and chin-ups… I left the weighted vest off for those because I’m working to the MAX of my strength, even with a crossfit strap assist.

I watched this round & thought, This is a burnout? It’s a lotta fucking plank! Since I’m going to be making a vegan Mexican feast for an early dinner, I decided to do the unheard of & just do a quick, under 45-minute workout, and I left my vest off again. I didn’t burn much at all but I worked my core!

This’d be great do do along with skipping. It’d make the amount of planking easier, with the upper body getting to rest a bit between them. That’d make a 60-min set though, putting skipping before moves 1-30.


Workout starts about 6min in


  1. Mountain climbers – on sliders
  2. Wide arm push-ups, arms sliding out wider and then back in. Feet stay wide.
  3. Slide one arm forward, then out to the side for a push-up, alt arms.
  4. On knees, slide both arms out to the front & then back.
  5. Circle arm out & to the side. Bring same side knee in to touch elbow. Alt sides.
  6. Knee in. Circle leg out to the side & push-up. Alt sides (feet on sliders now)
  7. 1 push-up, six fast mountain climbs
  8. Alt spider push-ups
  9. Reverse plank, heels on sliders. Do v-legs and then a tricep dip
  10. Tabletop. Slide one & then the other heel out, then back in.
  11. On shoulders, hips up. Slide both heels out & then do hip dip & press up.
  12. On one heel, the other leg up. Slide the one heel on & then do hip press. Or if that’s too hard just keep the supporting leg in place & do hip press w/out slide.
  13. other side
  14. Plank. Slide both legs in & out. Then slide right leg under & through & do a staggered leg side plank.
  15. other side
  16. Side plank. Top leg on slider. Slide it to the front & swing top arm forward to try to touch foot.
  17. other side
  18. Plank. Slow cross under, alt sides
  19. Plank. Fast cross unders
  20. Pike slides
  21. Plank walks. Slide knees in when down in forearm plank.
  22. Standing! Squat & slide one leg out to the side
  23. other side
  24. Lunge forward & back, one side
  25. other side
  26. Circle out, while squatting
  27. other side
  28. Curtsy lunge
  29. other side
  30. Squat jumps, sort of, both feet on sliders, touching the floor with fingertips when feet slide out.


  1. Tuck abs, on floor with 5lbs
  2. Swimmers, the on your stomach kind
  3. Obliques, on floor, 3lb weight bet feet
  4. other side
  5. 2min bear crawls