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Didn’t have time to preview this one at all, which actually takes me longer than following along (just for Julia’s workouts) b/c I like to pause the video after nearly every set to jot down notes.

Also didn’t bother to stretch after, like at ALL! I may get suddenly busy very soon and I have a bit of a commuting problem, in that it’s going to take up too much of my free time for me to be able to work out more than twice a week. That is, unless I do two, 2-hour sets on Saturday and Sunday and don’t do anything else on my weekends besides laundry, lol.


Format Supersets by Christine Comeau

Warm-up 30:30
1. Lateral lunge +arm reach
2. Body weight squat (slow) + jump for height
3. Warrior 1 reach transition to warrior 3
4. 8 butt kickers + 8 high knee runs
5. Frog squat + hands to floor straight into a forward fold + jump back to plank
1. squat hands down jump out to plank + yoga tricep push up + downward dog

Complex “warm up” (12 reps x 2) 40lbs for all
1. Step ups
2. Deadlift
3. Back lunge

EMOM (60:60) 6 min 20lbs Was a little heavy for me for the swing so ended up being like a hammer curl.
1. SL deadlift (left)
2. SL deadlift + split squat (left)
3. SL deadlift + split squat + switch foot SA swing 4 (left)
4. SL deadlift + split squat + switch foot swing 4 (right)
5. SL deadlift + split squat (right)
6. SL deadlift

No rest Tabata + burnout 4 min raise elv to 13” 40lbs
1. Deadlift + squat
a. Box jumps

Deadlift + squat + box jump burnout (60 sec) 1 min

Complex (5 reps x4)
1. Shoulder presses 40lbs
2. Squats 40lbs
3. Clean and press 40lbs

Twerknado Burpee Complex (50:20) 7 min 20lbs This was a bit hard to follow w/out the preview, but s’ok.
In the 20 sec break complete a twerknado + staggered push up burpee.  2 push ups =1
1. SA clean and press (left)
2. Staggered push up (left)
1. Slams
2. 180 squat jumps
5. Staggered push up (right)
6. SA clean and press (right)

No Rest Tabata + burnout (20:10 x8) 4 min
1 Clean and press 40lbs
a. 180 squat jumps

Twerknado burnout (60 sec) 1 min

Complex (8 reps x 3)
Place heavy weights on chairs to keep them from shifting
Or leg weights
1. Oblique knee in (hanging from pull-up bar)
2. Push ups  / frogger
3. Straight abs (elbows to legs) leg raises

EMOM (60:60) gladiator get ups 6 min 10lbs Still don’t like these moves at all. Feels awkward. But I guess it’s ok to do moves you don’t like every once in awhile. Reminds me of the old days of yoga! Plus I’m about to be a weekend only person.
1. Left arm floor to press up
2. Left arm floor to press up + side plank press
3. Left arm gladiator get ups + front to back toe taps
4. Right arm gladiator get ups + front to back toe taps
5. Right arm floor to sit up + side plank press
6. Right arm floor to press up

No Rest tabata + burnout 4 min
Ankle weights, 5lbs each leg
1. Tricep push up to side plank + leg raise (dynamic)
a. Side leg lifts

Turkish get ups burnout (60 secs) 1 min

#HIIT #tabata #EMOM #reps #yoga

I’m glad I saved this one for the first workout after getting another 20lb dumbbell. I could use still more for some things, but this allowed me to bump up my load by 10lbs for a lot more moves.


WARM UP Jump rope (10/30×6=4min)

DAY 8: Bootyful Christmas Wishes Workout by Kristin R

60:30:15 1x (7 min) with 8lb vest
1. Squats 40  – RL lateral curtsy Step up 20 Cautious here cause of the knee crossing over thing but I could’ve done 30
2. Sumo Squats 40 – LL lateral curtsy Step up 20
3. RL Pendulum Lunge 40 – Skaters
4. LL Pendulum Lunge 40 – Switch Lunges

Tabata: 20:10 x 8  for each movewith 8lb vest for all but move 1
1. SL Rollback (pistol down) burpee rev lunge touchdown, Rocket up (alt legs each round)
2. Box jump plank hop
3. Squat Jumps No added weight besides vest
4. 3 Lateral lunge Hops + Switch with 8lb vest

EMOM:60:60 (5 min) with 8lb vest
1. Weighted SL box squats 10
2. Weighted SL box squats 10
3. Narrow Squats 40
4. Deadlifts 40
5. Sumo squats 40

1. 20 Pulsing RL Curtsy – 10 Curtsy Lunges 40
2. 20 Pulsing LL Curtsy – 10 Curtsy Lunges 40
3. 20 Pulsing Hip Thrusts – 10 Hip Thrusts 40
4. 20 Pulsing Weighted Calf Raises – 10 Weighted Calf Raises 40

Pyramid: 1-8 reps for move 1, 8-1 reps for move 2, 1-8 reps for move 3, and 8-1 for move 4.
Turned off the video to do reps & started this wrong. I did 1-8 reps for move 1 and then started 8-1 on that same move! Doh. Oh well a little added booty
1. Weighted Elevated Hip Bridge to Frog Bridge 40
2. Glute Hyperextension to Alt SL Glute Raise
3. Deadlift to Sumo DL 40
4. Fire hydrants to rainbow with ankle weights. Count was too fast here I think. (I was back to “with video”.)

EMOM Burnout for 5 minutes with 8lb vest
Every minute for 5 minutes do:

10 squats alt toe taps back 40 + 5 plank thrusts. The remaining time each minute is a rest period.

my time 7min
20 swings 35
20 hip thrusts 40
20 squat jumps
15 swings
15 hip thrusts
15 squat jumps
10 swings
10 hip thrusts
10 squat jumps
5 swings
5 hip thrusts
5 squat jumps

Total time 1:25


About 20min

DAY 2 : Format Chaos Christmas Tree by Christine Comeau

Did this along with the video. Intense! I wanna do all 12 days of this series but it won’t at all be consecutive, lol. I’m not up for one of these every day! I also got in a walk up to Council Crest Park with Charlie and Rocco today, though I was very slow. I got some snow boots but it’s like I don’t trust my own feet to stay under me. Coming back down the trail I insisted on putting on C’s cleat things and I still went at a snail’s pace. I didn’t grow up with parents who wanted to do anything more adventurous than trudge around suburban shopping malls, is my excuse.


Warmup: 5 reps each
Jumping jacks
Side lunge toe touches 1+1=1
Squat jumps
3 way lunge switch forward lunge, side & rev l & switch

Round 1: (12 reps/per leg) with 8lb vest 
1. Curtsy deadlifts 30 Leg stays in curtsy. Do 12 reps & then switch legs

Round 2: No rest tabata (20:10 x 4 each move pair) 4min
1. Squat + rear leg lifts 30 / lunge pulses 30 
2. Fwd lunges 30 /switch lunges

Round 3: (50:10) – 3 min
1. Booty: Fast feet in pike 5 + 2 pike glute hops (like 3/4s a handstand, alt lead leg)
2. Lunges: Iron quadzillas
3. Shoulder: inchworm hops + plank jack shoulder taps x4 at the bottom

Round 4: (EMOM)- heavy weights 4 min with vest, 30
1. Deadlift
2. Curtsy Lunge keeping deadlift bet sides
3. Bicep curl + arnold press
4. Deep squat

Round 5: (10 reps)
1. Sumo deadlift + hop 30
2. Back load fwd lunge 30 alt, 10 per leg
3. Clean and press 40
4. Squats: Bum touches bench 40
5. Bench: weighted step ups 2ten per leg & switch, leaving working leg on bench

Round 6: No rest tabata (20:10 x 4 each move pair) 6:20 min
1. Hydrant in bear crawl holds / lateral touchdowns (lateral hops touching floor on the low)
2. Scarecrow arms 20 Arms @ right angles, lift to shoulder height, goal post arms, squeeze elbows together in front, rotate hands back to level, lower arms / weighted squat jumps 20 Weights in hip creases
3. Decline burpee/ high knee toe taps

Round 7: (50:10)- heavy weights 7:35 min
1. Suitcase Deadlift + tuck jump 30
2. Curtsy Lunge + squat press
3. Clean and press + plank hop 30
4. Slider Pike abs twerknados
5. ninja jump Step up & kick back + box jump
6. BTricep push up +4 squat pulses
7. Bosu  Mountain climbers

Round 8: (AMRAP) –
3min: 2 SL deadlift to rainbows 30 +2 alt curtsy lunges to narrow press and front load squat
2min: Decline pushup to plank hop, broad jump, roll back, squat, broad jump back picking up 10lb weight instead of Bosu

Round 9: (30:10)- body weight
1. Bear crawl donkey kick pulse + kick up into headstand
2. Plyo curtsy lunges
3. Handstand, shoulder taps
4. Lat squat hops + squat hold and side toe taps
5. Plyo box: seated squat jumps
6. Spider push up x2 + frog jump
7. Straddle bench squat jumps
8. Dive bomber
9. Decline wide pushup + glute raise

Round 10 No Rest Tabata Pairs (20:10 x4): heavy, light weight 10 min
1. Runners lunge toe taps in/switch lunges
2. Arnold presses 30 /3 way squat jumps (ski, std, sumo)
3. Decline burpee/lateral box jumps
4. Decline on bosu diamond push ups/decline plank hops Took my vest off after the 1st round of the decline diamond push-ups. TOUGH!!
5. Narrow row 30 /dips

Round 11 (6 reps): heavy + medium weights
1. Deadlift 40
2. OH back lunges 20
3. Shoulder press 40
4. Narrow squats 40
5. Box jump
6. Standard burpees
7. C-sit on ball knees in + jump up and 2 tucks Wouldn’t do this move again. I’d do a roll back so I could get to my feet easily
8. Push-up: tricep push ups
9. Back: bent over rows 40
10. Tricep: tricep kickbacks 20
11. Bicep: curls 30

Round 12: (AMRAP)
3 min: Goblet squat to back lunge wood chopper (x2) + 5 overhead swings 20 Was a bit heavy for me by this point but didn’t drop down

2 mins: Squat and press to 30 box jump up and down to staggered pushup (one hand on weight)

2 mins: Slider Bosu mtn climbers (6) to 2 jack pushups to pike abs pick up bosu to 2 OH tricep extensions

(Time 1:35)

Ended with some stretching, not really “yoga”, but I’ll get some in again soon.

Today’s workout was great

Unfortunately I am lacking those super motivational (for me) stats

My latest Polar crapped out in the middle of group 2 of the first section, and I bet this routine would’ve been a 700 level. I’d been toying with getting a haircut, but I think I need to order a new Polar pronto, and now I’m gonna have to repeat this routine.

[EDIT UPDATE] I looked on Amazon to find out what kind of battery & there is thankfully a link to the help manual on the product page there. I figured out how to get the battery out (not that easy, especially when you can’t see well close-up), so I ordered a new one for $5. I hope this fixes the problem! For me, having a stat readout at the end of every workout somehow compensates for: no studio, no company, no influx outside energy whatsoever. It’s all self-generated, baby, and if having stats is a help then…

Cardio and Strength Mix by Daniela

Warm-up: 6x(10/30)=4min jump rope intervals

Groups 1-3 w/ 8lb weighted vest

Group 1
: 9 mins (80:40 w/ 15sec rests)
1. Clean and press to OH rev lunge, 30:burpee 2 squat jumps
2. Curtsy lunge shoulder press, 30:toe taps
3. LL Lateral step up leg lift, 30: press jacks, 10 Pressing weight up & out in front, alt
4. Ski squat hammer curl, 30: plank hop + narrow tuck and wide tuck

Group 2: 9 mins
1. Plank hop and rev grip row, DL , 30 Should be at least 40: SL lateral hop and star jump
2. Front raise in plank to plank hop tricep kickback, 20 / 180 vertical frog hops
3. LL Bulgarian and y press, 30: LL Bulgarian hop clap under to SL pushup
4. RL lateral step up leg lift, 30: swings, 35

Group 3: 9 mins
1. Alt Fwd lunge and chop, 15:2x jab cross + heel grab
2. Wide DL + close row and sumo squat, 40: squat jump and roundhouse kick
3. RL Bulgarian and bicep curl, 30: RL Bulgarian hop and clap under to SL pushup
4. Rev fly in plank plank hop and Arnold press to OH surrenders, 20: explosive pushup and slam hand on bench

PART 2: EMOM strength 7 minutes, 20lbs + 8lb vest
Man, I started w/ only 10 in each hand! Was glad I did cause w/ 7min no rest I had to drop down to one 10 in the last move, where your arms are held up over your head the whole time.

1. Alt step ups
2. Step up +curtsy lunges
3. Step ups +curtsy lunges+ shoulder press
4. Step ups +curtsy lunges+ shoulder press+ surrender
5. curtsy lunges+ shoulder press+ surrender
6. shoulder press + surrender
7. surrenders

PART 3: EMOM cardio 7 minutes No freaking vest HERE folks!!
1. 10 mtn climbers + pushup
2. 10 mtn climbers + pushup + 2 plank frog hops
3. 10 mtn climbers + pushup + 2 plank frog hops + 2 tuck jumps
4. 10 mtn climbers + pushup + 2 plank frog hops+ 2 tuck jumps +1 quadzilla
5. 2 plank frog hops + 2 tuck jumps + 1 quazilla
6. 2 tuck jumps 1 quadzilla
7. quadzillas

burnout: 3 minutes AMRAP climb the wall:
1. 5 count wall sit
2. 5 wall mtn climbers 2=1
3. 5 L stands leg lifts 2=1
4. 180 squat jump to plank hop 2 rev commandos with hands onto wall

Bench burnout
20 up and over bench
10 bench burpees
10 bench elv pushups
20 bench mtn climbers
10 tuck abs 3lb weight bet feet
10 in and out abs 5lbs ea hand
20 in and out squat jumps On floor
10 clap pushups
10 pistols sl plank hop pushups

2x thru
10 V-ups
10 V-ups
10 V-ups
10 side heel taps
10 straight leg toe taps

Killer #workout, #reps #amrap #tabata #emom #HIIT & a bit of #yoga


Format Chaos by Christine Comeau

Circuit Training + rep pyramid
Time = 31:00min

This was the 2nd section in the video but I put it first. Weighted vest for all moves!
1. 10 clean and press + squat and press 40
2. 20 burpee tucks (10 with tucks at the bottom, 10 with tuck jumps at the top)
3. 30 sumo squats 40
4. 40 curtsy lunges (20 per leg) 35
5. 50 strict mountain climbers (2=1) tapping toe on the forward beat
6. 50 weighted chair lunges (2=1) 10
7. 40 pendulum lunges (20 per leg) 30
8. 30 narrow squats 40
9. 20 burpee mat jumps Jump back to one side of mat, do jump to the other & jump in
10. 10 clean and press + surrender 20

HIIT (5 mins)
Round #1 (50:10), no vest
1. Bear craw hold to kickthrough burpee Jump back to bear crawl & kick thru to both sides
2. Swings 35
3. dive bomber burpee + box jump
4. Lat hop + drop and pop to 3 squat jumps
5. Tricep burpee + 4 plank jacks

AMRAP (5 minutes)
Only 1 full round & 3 of my swapped out first move

5 reverse curls x3, roll back to halasana & roll forward to low squat ninja jumps with hands behind head
5 weighted surrenders 20
5 burpee tucks
5 weighted squat + standing kickbacks (do both legs)
5 tornado switches (2=1) (plyo curtsy)
5 weighted curtsy (2=1) 30

Tabata Pairs 20:10 8x, 8:20min
no vest

1. Handstand (both legs together) + pistol squat (alt sides)
2.  Jack knife get up (lay flat on your back and lift up into crab toe touch) 1 side at a time

1. plank jack pushup and tuck (in plank)
2.  Scrambles (crouch down jump your hands forward and then jump your feet to your hands 4 forward, 4 back- stay low)

Supersets + 5×5: 5 reps (heavy), 5 sets, 10 reps cardio move
Time = 23:00min

With vest, Time = x
1. Curtsy Lunge 35
2. Bulgarian 30
Cardio move = fast feet on step  Everything 5 per leg

1. Squat slow down 40
2. Sumo squat 35
Cardio move = in/out squat jumps (touching floor) Took my vest off for these after the 1st round! Doing 10 of these so low… Wanted to pick up my time if you know what I mean, lol.

Activation + Add-on (first do the left leg moves 1-8, then do the right leg)
This’d be a great glute burnout, done with ankle weights & alternating legs for each move. It was actually the warm-up in the video but I thought I’d burn more if I stuck it in when hot & consider using weights this time. Nope! Did body weight only & 1 side a time as per instructions, just in the revised location.
1. Fire hydrant
2. Fire hydrant kick
3. Fire hydrant in bear
4. Donkey kick
5. Donkey kick in plank
6. 4 count hold (donkey kick position)
7. Knee in kick back
8. Glute raise rainbow over

EMOM– Abs (4 min)
1. Burpee
2. Lateral plank jumps x 2 (jump back & push up, mat hop to either side)
3. Twisted renegades (bottom of plank) 30
4. 2 switch lunges + wood chopper 15 Holding weight above head when you stand up

Burnout + holds 30:30 (4 min)
with weighted vest
30 sec squat
30 sec squat hold
30 sec left lunge (lateral)
30 sec left lunge hold
30 sec sumo squat
30 sec sumo hold
30 sec right lunge (lateral)
30 sec right lunge hold

Total time 1:46. That’s actually pretty good for me for a video that was 90min long!


  • Up to the 2-hour mark. I’ll do more tomorrow because I’ll need a lighter routine after this!

Awesome #EMOM & #tabata #pyramid routine with some easy #yoga to close

Thank god for motherfucking exercise, is all I’ve gotta say.

FullSizeRender 4.jpg

EMOM Round 1 With weighted vest. Went with 10lbs each hand for this round, which was too light. I don’t have 12lb weights tho.

  1. alternating front lunges
  2. alternating front lunges + bicep curl
  3. alternating front lunges + bicep curl + over head press
  4. alternating front lunges + bicep curl + over head press + alternating single leg deadlift
  5. bicep curl + over head press + alternating single leg deadlift
  6. over head press + alternating single leg deadlift
  7. alternating single leg deadlift

Tabata Pair 1: with time pyramid (10:10, 20:10, 30:10, 40:10, 40:10, 30:10, 20:10, 10:10 =4.5 minutes)

  1. Iron legs: 2 switch lunges, 2 squat jumps, 2 cross ankle jumps
  2. Curtsy lunges 35lbs with kettlebell (I’d do 40 or 50lbs if I had ’em)

EMOM Round 2 With weighted vest. Went with 13lbs each hand, holding two dumbells per hand. Not ideal but it was better work.

  1. hammer curl
  2. hammer curl + Front squat
  3. hammer curl + front squat + military press
  4. hammer curl Front squat + military press + ½ dead lift plank hop
  5. Front squat+ military press + ½ dead lift plank hop
  6. military press + ½ deadlift plank hop
  7. ½ deadlift  plank hop

Tabata Pair 2 with time pyramid (10:10, 20:10, 30:10, 40:10, 40:10, 30:10, 20:10, 10:10 =4.5 minutes)

  1. Wide knee tuck jump burpee (Wide to narrow tuck jump)
  2. Weighted narrow to wide squats 35lbs (50 would be better)

EMOM Round 3 No vest. Went for the 15s, which was challenging!

  1. 10 high knees and drop pop
  2. 10 high knees and drop + push up
  3. 10 high knees and drop + push up + alternating knees in
  4. 10 high knees and drop + push up + alternating knees in + plank rows, 15lbs (too heavy but don’t have 12 pounders)
  5. push up + alternating knees in + plank rows
  6. alternating knees in + plank rows
  7. plank rows

Tabata Pair 3: with time pyramid (10:10, 20:10, 30:10, 40:10, 40:10, 30:10, 20:10, 10:10 =4.5 minutes)

  1. Burpee with switch kick at the top
  2. Crab toe touch

EMOM Round 4 with 6lb vest (I should be adding the other to bars back in to make it 8lbs soon)

  1. in/out box squats
  2. in/out box squats + plank jump back (hands on elevation)
  3. in/out box squats + plank jump back + tricep push up
  4. in/out box squats + plank jump back + tricep push up + wide leg mountain climber x4
  5. plank jump back + tricep push up + wide leg mountain climber x4
  6. tricep push up + wide leg mountain climber x4 Hands to the floor here, which made it harder.
  7. wide leg mountain climber Hands back on the bench!

Tabata Pair 4: with time pyramid (10:10, 20:10, 30:10, 40:10, 40:10, 30:10, 20:10, 10:10 =4.5 minutes)

  1. Prisoner squat jacks
  2. Golbet Squat with weighted oblique crunch + elbow to knee 35lb kettlebell

EMOM Round 5 with weighted vest

  1. broad jump
  2. twerknado (broad becomes a broad jump with weighted 180) 2, 15lb weights. Would be much better w/ 25s but I don’t have 2 of those.
  3. twerknado + SA clean and press
  4. twerknado + alternating SA clean and press to surrender
  5. 180 jump squat  + alternating SA surrender
  6. Alternating SA surrender
  7. Kneel down to heel sit

Tabata Pair 5: with time pyramid (10:10, 20:10, 30:10, 40:10, 40:10, 30:10, 20:10, 10:10 =4.5 minutes)

  1. Wax on/wax off in plank (hands on sliders alternate circles with each hand)
  2. Plank leg circles on sliders



  • About 21min.

Interestingly my Karna Pidasana is SO MUCH BETTER than it was the last time I was trying to do ashtanga at all regularly (a whole series, at least twice a week). I still had the lingering effects of the Ganda Bherundasana tweak (which I obtained via practicing angrily and obsessively when my last NYC teacher traffic cop had decided that 3 regular series assists, three times a week was just too much work to bother with.

I love the ashtanga finishing poses still, and sarvangasana, halasansa & karna p are my core favorites.

I also try to do a 1min urdhva d most days I work out, for the psychological & shoulder stretching benifits.