Ha! I burned only 297 doing a workout that says it’s good for 700 calories

Julia has spoiled me! That’s why I didn’t post the supposed burn as part of the routine title, which is how it’s shown on YouTube. I at least expected to hit half way though, not like 42%. Goes to show just how hard I’m working when I actually DO burn north of 700.

I should’ve done one of Julia’s short routines with a more serious yoga. I haven’t done anything approaching a “complete” yoga practice in quite awhile. Oh wells. I added on 35min of the easy stuff & at least cracked 400.

111 average is an indication the whole thing was tedious, lol

7X7 Workout | Strength, Cardio, Booty, Core

Section 1: Warmup + Cardio (50:10)
1) Jumping jacks
2) squat and twist
3) bird-dog
4) glute bridge
5) pendulum lunge + switch
6) side lunge into plank
7) prisoner squat jumping jacks

Section 2: Upper Body AMRAP (7 minutes) 2 rounds + 7 bicep curls
1) bicep curls – 12 reps 30LBS
2) tricep dips – 10 reps
3) army press – 10 reps 20lbs 1st round & 26lbs 2nd
4) SA row – 10 reps 20lbs (too light)

Section 3: Cardio (50:10) +8lb vest
1) jugglers
2) speed skaters
3) 2 plank hops, 1 tuck jump
4) fast feet
5) plank jack w/ shoulder tap
6) toe touch jacks
7) hop over weight 6x, 10 mountain climbers

Section 4: Lower Body (50:10)
1) goblet squats 35lbs
2) squat jumps
3) step up, lunge back (right leg)
4) step up, lunge back (left leg)
5) switch lunges
6) SL Deadlift hip thrust (right leg) 30lbs I did enough hip thrusts yesterday!
7) Other side

Section 5: BURPEES (50:10) No vest. Is too loose and annoying for a burpee set.
1) star burpees
2) plank row burpees 40lbs I can do hammer curls w/ 20lbs in each hand now. Who knew? BTW the last Bodyrock workout I did, forgot to mention that I hadn’t brought my crossfit assist band downstairs so I did full range pull-ups & chin-ups w/ no assist. I’ll have to note how many reps I got for each next time.
3) pike pushup/regular pushup burpees
4) frog burpees
5) tricep burpees
6) 180 degree burpees with tuck jump
7) squat jump pushup burpees

Section 6: Booty Burnout (50:10) With 5lb ankle weights (5lb ea leg)
1) glute kick backs (right leg)
2) glute kick backs (left leg)
3) laying leg lift (right leg)
4) laying leg lift (left leg)
5) squat and leg lift (right leg)
6) squat and leg lift (left leg)
7) elevated plank glute raises

Section 7: Core Burnout (50:10)
1) knee-in sliders
2) side plank (right side)
3) pike sliders
4) side plank (left side)
5) russian twist
6) baby plank walk with sliders

(Time 59:34 burn 297!)


  • 35min
  • Suryas, fundamentals, some twisting, savasana

#neverthelessshepersisted • Today’s #workout (awesome like a hotdog)

I’m dealing with TWO fraudulent, infuriating corporations at the same time! Nevertheless I had a great workout

AT&T is even worse than iPage, because they’re holding my iPhone hostage. I may have gotten through with the AT&T this morning however. My 3rd unlock request failed. Called yesterday (for the umpteenth time) after the 2nd denial. Found out someone there had not gotten my IMEI number into my account, probably when I bought my latest iPhone in February 2015, and therefore the “information didn’t match”, causing their asshole system to throw my request in the trash, yet again. My 2/27 agent said he “couldn’t” put in unlock request #4 from his end, since my account is closed. My 2/28 agent went to a specialist & got permission to initiate, and she put some notes into the request. Who knows if it’ll work? I waited until I was done with my morning work before I checked the unlock portal today, as yesterday I’d been so upset it’d zapped all my energy into oblivion. The frustration and impotent rage sends my adrenalin levels through the fucking roof, and then it takes a long time to calm down, after which I’m often exhausted. Yesterday I fell asleep in the late afternoon for awhile and still went to bed at 9:30.

iPage… the stories are just too long. I only found two other reviews on Google, where I went to get a corporate address for the sake of my Better Business Bureau complaint. The other reviews were both one star, and I added mind. Updated it once already too! Let a picture suffice for today’s summary. Generally, I try to give them three doses of negative exposure each time they irritate me with their ineptness.

Your iPage Account Will Not Be Renewed-1.jpg

Cracked 800 on the burn!

Broken Pyramid by Christine Comeau

I decided to just do a Julia workout following along, without any preview at all, pausing where  ever necessary.

Warm up 30:30
1. Walk out pushup
2. Lateral lunge + twist to open
3. High knees
4. Jacks
5. Crab dip + reach back
6. Skaters

Round 1 (14 reps) 13” Elv
1. Lunge: Bulgarian + deadlift (14/leg) 30lbs + 8lb vest

Round 2 (50:10) 13” Elv 10 min +8lb vest
1. Lunge: Lizards
2. Butt: box jump + glute squeeze at the top and bottom
3. Squat: Broad jump + ninja (hands behind head)
4. Push up: Pushup fast knee tuck
5. Kick boxing: 4 plank punches + jump to squat + 4 crosses
6. Shoulders: pike push up + kick up to handstand
7. Bicep: ski squat jump + hammer curl in squat 30lbs
8. Tricep: tricep fall + plank hop in + 180 tuck jump
9. Plank: commando down + elbow to knees + commando up + pike jump in
10. Bench abs: decline tricep push up on bench + hop pike in & back up + toe touches x 2

Round 3 (No rest tabata 20:10 x 6) 6 min 40lbs w/ 8lb vest
1. Lunge: Forward lunge
a. Strict mtn climbers
2. Butt: hip thrusts
a. hip thrust holds

Round 4 (50:10) 9 min + 8lb vest
1. Lunge: curtsy lunge 40lbs
2. Butt: deadlift 40lbs (no longer a challenge but it’s the heaviest I got)
3. Squat: back load box squat 40lbs
4. Push up: push up on weights + t-stand press 20lbs
5. Kick boxing: front kick + elbow + 180 tuck
6. Shoulders: bicep curl + arnold press 30lbs
7. Bicep: narrow to wide bicep curls 30lbs
8. Tricep: weighted plank walk forward + staggered tricep push up 20lbs (failure w/ the staggered push-ups + vest!)
9. Plank: Plank lateral walk x 3 + kickthroughs

Round 5 (12 rep based) + 8lb vest
1. Lunge: Rev lunge 40lbs
2. Butt: sumo deadlifts 40lbs
3. Squat: sumo squat + leg lifts 30lbs

Round 6 (50:10) 6 min
1. Lunge: goblet curtsy up and over and switch 20lbs
2. Butt: lateral box jump + pistol squat+ 180 to switch took off vest just for this move cause of the pistol squats
3. Squat: broad jump + bunny hop back
4. Push ups: SL push up + open to side plank + upper leg lift
5. Kick boxing: 3 hooks + switch kick
6. Shoulders: split lunge snatch 30lbs
7. Bicep: boat hold bicep curl 20lbs
8. Tricep: crab walk forward + flip over to tricep push up + crab walk back + flip over to tricep push up This was harder than you’d think! Liked it tho.

Round 7 (tabata pairs time pyramid 10:10:20:10:30:10:40:10:40:10:30:10:20:10:10:10) 9:20 min +8lb vest
1. Lunge: alt plyo curtsy
2. Butt: dragon lunges 30lbs 1st round then 35lb kettlebell

3. Squat: 3 weighted squat pulses + squat jump
4. Push up: decline pushup + plank hop DL

Seriously cooked at this point! (1:09)

Round 8 (50:10) 7 min +8lb vest
1. Lunge: weighted lateral touchdowns 20lbs
2. Butt: Step up rev and switch Used higher elevation (my hope chest) now that I’m working out downstairs again. Have to measure it.
3. Squat: twerknado + burpee two 20lbs
4. Push up: weighted ups burpees 30lbs
5. Kick boxing: crunch up + 4 weighted crosses 20lbs
6. Shoulders: around the world arms + squat while front raising 20lbs
7. Bicep: rev grip pushups

Round 9 (10 rep) +8lb vest
1. Lunge: fwd lunge to SL DL to rev lunge (5/leg) 30lbs
2. Butt: decline donkey kicks (10/leg)
3. Squat: front load squats 40lbs
4. Push up: push up + side plank press + tricep ext 10lbs
5. Kick boxing: roll back tuck jump cross cross took off vest here & left it off!

Round 10 (tabata pairs) 20:10 4x each pair 6 min no vest (feels like the cool down, lol)
1. Lunge: groiners
2. Butt: deadlift + plank hop 40lbs

3. Squat: Quadzilla box jumps
4. Push up: pushup plank hop

5. Kick boxing: 4 weighted uppers + 2 sumo squats + 4 weighted uppers 20lbs
6. Shoulders: clean and press 40lbs

(Total time 1:37)


About 20min

Monday workout, #HIIT and #ashtanga #yoga

So I will be on C’s phone plan. Not sure yet if my number will change and it turns out we’ll have to deal with that Wednesday. He can’t do it early or I may get hit with more fees.

Then and Now

The menial doesn’t even pan out because they’re either incredibly abusive, while expecting an unwarranted “passion” for the job, OR they totally lie about the hours. You agree on what you can do and then you show up and everything’s different. The latter thing was particularly sad for me because now I can never shop there again. I just can’t deal with any corporation on a menial level, no matter how well reputed it might be generally, the minions are never treated well.

Didn’t used to be like that. When I’d expected to have these kinds of shit jobs (while in high school, during and then right after college, since I was stupid enough to go to art school, no matter how good the school and how well I did), they were much, much different. Back then, all of the retail spaces that I encountered employed mostly full-time staff, with benefits that were actually useable. Even the part-time staff had regular hours.

Shit I did so far today

  1. Dealt with phone issue.
  2. Meditation / hermetics: all fucking over the place internally and a lot of Aaaaaarrrrgh!!!! energy in the anahata (heart) chakra.
  3. Moved about 140lbs of equipment from the 2nd floor to the 1st.
  4. Worked out. Did my circuit training downstairs, and then spent 6min putting my stuff away & getting myself ready upstairs for the yoga portion. I was going to do more – the back bending & shit – but I didn’t feel up to that today.

Do these things count as accomplishments? I have to consider them as such. After all, it’s tempting to just lie there like a slug. But no. It’s my anniversary with life on The Hill. I will buck up. I will help cook. I will apply to more jobs I will not be considered for. But first I’ll shower and move the futon to the office.



Warmup: (10/30×6=4min) jump rope

25 Minute Manmaker Burst by Kristin

“No Rest” 1 manmaker at minute interval: (24” Elevation) 60:20 Manmaker in 20-second interval – 13:30 no rest setThis set is INTENSE. I got thru it by using two 15s sometimes, as opposed to two 20s all the way through, and not wearing a vest.

1. Plank Rows 40lbs
2. Burpees
3. Renegade Rows 40lbs
4. Squats to Arnold Press (palms towards face and twist and press at top) 30lbs set + MM
5. ½ Burpee / Box Jumps 13” elevation
6. Burpee + Bicep Curls 30lbs set + MM
7. Elevated Plank Alt Cross Knee (to opp arm) Toe Touches + Tricep Pushup I did 2 cross touches & 1 push-up in between
8. Alt Curtsy Lunges 40lbs
9. Mountain Climbers On floor
10. Manmakers (30lbs set, 40lbs closing MM) Do one more in last, shorter interval

EMOM – finish suggested reps and the rest of the time is your rest period:
1. 10 Alt SA Chest Press + Scissor Leg Cross Crunch 40lbs 2=1 Same leg comes up as hand
2. 10 SL Decline Pushups 1=1
3. Weighted In & Out Squat Jumps 20lbs 2=1
4. 10 Dynamic SL Tricep Pushups
5. 10 DL squats + 10 Box Jumps 40lbs 

Tabata Pairs Finisher! : (8 min)
1 Romanian DL’s 30
Swings 35lb kettlebell

1 Broad Jumps + Clean & Press + Bunny Hop Back 40lbs
2 Clean & Press 40lbs


About 46min

  • Suryas & fundamentals, dandasana, paschimo & purvottanasana
  • no vinyasa, count 5 or 10 depending on how much I felt I needed: marichyasana A-D, pashasana, eka pada sirsa
  • my favorite finishing poses (10/60)

#HIIT #reps and #yoga

That was a solid workout! I took yesterday off, allowing myself a day of mourning for yet another opportunity denied me because I don’t have the right connections.


Warm up (10/30×6=4min) jump rope intervals & Surya Namaskar A, 5x, with handstands – 9:20min

Full Body Lift by Christine Comeau

Legs 8 reps with weighted vest About 16min. Messed up by alternating legs on moves 2 & 3. Realized flow was wrong, but I had to keep for round 2 to be even.
1 Three way lunges (weight on 1 shoulder) 40 forward, side, back
2 Curtsy lunge + leg lift + (set the foot down wide) sumo squat 30 alt 1=1
3 Weighted step up + SL deadlift (standing leg on the step goes back for the SL deadlift) 30 alt 1=1

Legs + arms (50:10 x 1) 6 min, with vest
1 Left lunge pulse + lateral raise 20 (perform lateral raise while lowering, don’t step in)
2 Left SL deadlift + row at the bottom 30
3 Sumo squat + calf raise + hammer curl while in squat 30
4 Jump back, jump forward, box jump + push up
5 Right lunge pulse + front raise (perform front raise while lowering, don’t step in)
6 Right SL deadlift + row 30

Arms (16 reps x2) 12min
1 Chest press  (alternate rounds of 8 wide and 8 narrow) 40
2 Bicep curl to arnold press (8 reps of wide curls and 8 standard) 26
3 Front raise + lateral raise 20, 2=1 so 16 reps

Arms + Core (50:10) 6 min
1 Manmakers 40
2 Decline push up + side jump hop outside 1 shoulder, back, other shoulder, back
3 T stand + press + tricep ext 10 staggered feet, press weight up, tricep, down to other side
4 Commando on floor & Elevated arm step-up (step hands up to the elevation) This move is REALLY hard if your elevation is significantly “in front” of you!
5 Weighted inch worms (back fly at bottom) 20
6 Elevated push up, shoulder taps & knee in to opp elbow I decided to tap both shoulders bet push-ups & added another element

Core (8 reps x4) 12min
1 Weighted Suitcase crunches 2=1 10lbs like a bicycle, clapping weights underneath incoming knee
2 Boat + ”A” frame arms 15lbs 1st round then 10lbs for next 3 rounds. C-sit. Weight comes straight up & to opp sides of floor
3 Drop + pop up to 2 prisoner jacks

Core + Legs (50:10) 6 min
1 Swings Squat slams 35lb kettlebell
2 Alt dragon lunge burpee 40
3 T stand with leg lift (front to back)
4 4 twisted mountain climbers + 3 jump switch lunges
5 Lay on back, roll up to low squat to box jump
6 Halo burpee (one hand on weight in push-up = staggered) with tuck jump in plank

Went with the video from here. Wasn’t sure how to set up my timer for this! 

Full Body Burnout (40:50:60:70:80) 5 min (1:01) two 10lb weights
(add a move every interval to make them into compound moves, each time you add a move the interval gets longer )
1 Plank tricep kick back
2 2 weighted tornado switches (plank tricep ext to 2 weighted tornado switches)
3 Tuck jump, double butt kicker (plank tricep ext to 2 weighted tornado switches to weighted tuck jump and double butt kicker jump)
4 Squat front raise open and lateral lower then lateral raise close to front lower (plank tricep ext to 2 weighted tornado switches to weighted tuck jump to weighted double butt kicker to squat raises)
5 Staggered single leg push ups (plank tricep ext to 2 weighted switches to weighted tuck jump and double butt kicker to squat raises to 2 staggered arm SL push ups)

Booty poppin’ cool down (45:45) 3:45 min
1 Butterfly bridge
2 RL leg lifts in bridge
3 LL leg lifts in bridge
4 Weighted standard bridge 40
5 Bridge hold 40


About 15min

About 60min #circuit #training & 40min #ashtanga #yoga


I actually really loved this routine! Only thing I wasn’t sure of was the amount of biceps sets, just because I’ve got that weakness in my left arm that’s particularly triggered in bicep work. It did get a little bit pissed at me but not too much.

Warmup: (10/30×6=4min) jump rope. I hadn’t done jump rope in a whole day & was ready for more, lol.

Full Body Reps, Tabata, and HIIT #1 by Jamie B

Perform 3 rounds of each strength w/ the different tabata pairs. Then HIIT the 3x.

1. R Curtsey Lunge + Wide Bicep Curl (10 reps) 26lbs
2. L Curtsey Lunge + Bicep Curl (10 reps) 26lbs
3. Get-ups (10 reps) 20lbs Start on back, move weight over head & use momentum to come forward to stand, then do a “slam”. This is HARD for me w/ 20lbs, even no vest. It’s got a yogic appeal. I oughta film my rendition some time.
4. Deadlift (15 reps) 40
5. Push-up + Knee Tuck (10 reps) 5 SL push-ups & change

Tabata Pairs (20:10 x8)
Round 1. Box Jump + 2 strict mtn clibers // decline Tricep Burpee
Round 2. Plank Row + pushup // weighted Squat Jumps 30
Round 3. Rocket Lunge + Heel click Stay on one side 2x and then switch // staggered pushup to goblet hold surfer pivot jump 20 I did a 180 jump b/c I hadn’t previewed this far but that’s ok.

HIITx3 (10/50)
1. Bear Hold Donkey Kicks
2. Split lunge snatch to kneel back front kick 20
3. Burpee back flys 20
4. 3 Strict Mountain Climber + SA front raise 20 Changed this to both arm front raise on the 2nd round
5. Weighted X Crunch 20 / 10 / 10 Forgot to grab my 5s for the 1st round so did this move with a 10 in each hand, which made it more of an arms than abs move. Plus there’s a lot of this difficulty in the Get-Ups. Got my 5s before starting round 2!!

(Time for routine = 56min)


  • Suryas & fundamentals, Linda style
  • 1min on the rack
  • (10/30×6=4min) Urdvha D, rest, Urdvha D, rest, Urdvha D, Paschimo
  • Finishing to Sirsasanas, 1min savasana


Today’s workout – Cardio + Abs

And another low burn! Didn’t even crack 500 FFS. It’s ok. At least I did something, and I really ought to be less concerned with the number, since you can’t out train a bad diet, which in my case means lots of beer. I followed along with three videos & did one old strength burnout I adapted awhile back from BodyRock.


20 Minute Plyo Burst

30:20  2x 13” elv
1. Straddle box plank hop tricep push-up
2. Tuck jump burpee
3. Bulg hops to SL push-up (switch leg second round)

30:10 3x 13” elv
1. Goblet hold step-up + squat and press 30lbs
2. Rocket up step/down switch Lunge
3. Lateral box jump + 180 squat jump

AMRAP 10 mins 5 reps each 13” elv Made it thru 3 full rounds w/ just 3 bear crawls “over”
1 Clean and press  / box jump 40 Split these moves so I wouldn’t have to be careful w/ weight placement
2 Plyo push-up with clap
3 Slam to switch Lunge and chops (count on the slam) 20
4 Burpee box jump
5 Bear hold commando to bear hold hop

25 Minute Tabata FAT MELTING Bodyweight Workout – Full Body HIIT

Did along with the video & actually enjoyed myself. Skipped the cool down at the end though.


  • 15/50
  1. Flies – 4 full lifts, 4 pulses – 30lbs
  2. Biceps – 4 full lifts, 4 pulses – 30lbs
  3. Shoulder press – 4 full lifts, 4 pulses – 30lbs
  4. Upright row – 4 full lifts, 4 pulses – 30lbs
  5. Squats – 4 full lifts, 4 pulses – 40lbs
  6. Overhead triceps – 4 full lifts, 4 pulses – 20lbs
  7. Front & side lift – 20lbs
  8. Bent over row – 4 full lifts, 4 pulses – 40lbs
  9. Chest press – 4 full lifts, 4 pulses – 40lbs
  10. Wide squats – 4 full lifts, 4 pulses – 40lbs
  11. Around the world – 20lbs
  12. Side plank elevated – lift bottom leg
  13. Other side
  14. Dive bombers

BodyRock Bootcamp | Chris Tye Walker | Week 3 (Abs)

Starts about 1:20min. Really genial instructor. I remembered that he did an ab routine that I really liked, and it was the only one of his guest spots I’d want to revisit. Just occurred to me when I was thinking, What could I do for a fun abs section? Wish I’d kept one of those medicine balls I used to have in NYC.


Short, late #HIIT workout

I think I’m a little burned out on the HIIT lately. Or I need new shoes, inspiring clothes and workout situations? LOL. That’s not gonna happen. But I do have a friend visiting for 10 days very soon. I’ll probably only get in a few sessions a week max. Maybe two!

Today I got distracted with studying and then killing (I think) a new piece, but I’m getting more adventurous… I’m still going to post it (in lamdod 0f course), even if it sucks.


HIIT Ladder + Tabata: Full Body Cardio Muscle Builder

  • With a couple added moves. Done from the list, with weighted vest.
  • Super annoying cause my battery was real low so I plugged it in b4 starting. Then I got mixed up with the moves & had to stop twice. Then my phone wouldn’t connect with the charge again & I kept getting low memory messages. Plugged it into the laptop for the tabata & that worked.

1x Part One (10/50), 17min

  1. Tuck Jump Burpees I omitted 180 turn. I like to connect elbows w/ thighs & it’s better to go straight on for tuck jumps in that case
  2. Diagonal Squat Jump Walk
  3. Side Jump Lunges
  4. Three Wide Mountain Climbers/One Jump Lunge
  5. Falling Lunge R (L on the way back down) Step out to the side & smoothly drop into lunge. Lift knee & hop on return
  6. Triceps 180 Burpee/Plank Jump (hop in-out-in)
  7. Plie Squat Jumps
  8. Broad jump forward, bunny hop back Three Wide Mountain Climbers/One Jump Up This move was written in twice but wasn’t done twice, so I decided to just add in a move I like & keep the 9-count.
  9. Plank Jump/Dive Bomber/Wide Tuck Feet wide for all.
    (Now Go Backwards Till You Get To The First Exercise)

1x Part Two (20/10)
Squat Jumps Narrow & Wide
Three Jump Lunges/Three Plyo Jumps

1x Part Three (20/10)
Star Burpees
Ski Jumps Narrow squat jumping side to side, swinging arms as if you’ve got poles

1x Part Four (10/50) 17min
OK I have a shitty weighted vest & now it’s all stretched out. I’m not handy with sewing & I don’t have $ for repairs so I can’t do all this fancy “turn it upside down & stitch it tighter in various ways” that all the YouTube trainers do.

It ends up around my freaking shoulders EVERY SINGLE TIME I jump back into plank for anything. I took it off for the descent back to move 1 on this set. Fuck it.

  1. Narrow Squat Jump/Tuck Jump/Star Jump
  2. Push Up Bear Crawl Get in crawl. Take a step forward w/ 1 hand & leg, push-up. Go forward as far as you can & then back up.
  3. Curtsy Jump Up R
  4. Curtsy Jump Up L
  5. Push Up Touch Back Reach back & touch alt foot.
  6. Diamond Burpees Diamond push-up, diamond jump.
  7. Bunny Hops Moving foward & then backward.
  8. Heel Click Standing & w/ hands on floor/Pike Press/Push Up
  9. Straight Abs I just added a move to keep this set the same length as the first one.
    (Now Go Backwards Till You Get To The First Exercise)

Jump rope #HIIT & #yoga

That wasn’t pleasant but at least I got some exercise in today.


adapted from: BodyRock – Full Body Skipping Fat Burn HIIT Circuit

  • From list on my own timing, (15/50)=49:40 for 2 sets.
  • Last done 12/17/16 & is further adapted here

Repeat cardio: Jump rope

  1. Squat 40lbs / Jump Squat
  2. Push-up, clean & press, squat & press, 40lbs
  3. Side to side squat, 40lbs (alt leg stepping out to the side, holding weight in middle)
  4. 180˚ jump squats (touching floor @ bottom)
  5. Heel Click / Donkey Kick
  6. Wood chops, 15 (subbed for side to side swings)
  7. Other side
  8. Alt Pistol Squats
  9. Tricep Push-ups to reverse plank ½ dip, hands on blocks
  10. Bulgarian RL 30lbs
  11. Other side
  • 2min rest
  1. Dips
  2. RL Overhead tricep & stationery lunge, 20
  3. LL Bicep curl pulse & stationery lunge, 20
  4. Plie squat & Y press-swing up, 20 (weights swing down bet legs on the down)
  5. Elevated side plank, lift bottom leg & then bring knee in to top elbow
  6. Other side
  7. Half burpee & hop lunge back alt sides
  8. Deadlift, pulse @ the bottom & swing weights toward back of body on the up 40
  9. Leg lift, table top on up, then swing hips back toward L-sit on the down(Bender style)
  10. Other side
  11. Swings 35lb kettlebell


About 44min

  • Suryas & fundamentals
  • various non vinyasa poses

#reps #HIIT & a tiny bit of #yoga


Chaos Workout by Jori

From A to Z, 10 reps or as indicated
Time = 30min. Flew by so fast I couldn’t believe it!! Really enjoyed this low reps set.

  1. Rev. Lunge + OH Press/leg, 40lbs do 1 leg & switch
  2. Butt Kick Burpees
  3. Crunches w/ Straight Legs (30 reps) lie on back, legs straight & perpendicular. Arms straight. Holding 10lbs
  4. Downward Dog Push-ups w/ Alt. SL Glute Raise
  5. Elevated Row w/ Opp. Spider Knee 30 Row 1 arm & the opp knee comes in for a spider (make sure you touch) = 1 rep
  6. Switch lunge to kick
  7. Low Squat 40
  8. Kick Through to Handstand Loved this!
  9. C-sit, alt overhead press 20lbs Too light! 30lbs next time.
  10. Frog Hopper Hip Stacker Jumping Jacks
  11. Knee to Opp Elbows in Decline Plank 2=1
  12. Switch Lunge 2=1
  13. Mountain Climbers (decline 30) 1=1
  14. Negative Push-ups + explode up Get hands to leave the floor
  15. Alt Pistol (5 per leg)
  16. Plank Hip Twisted pistons 2=1 Kind of hopping into an alt, bent leg hip to the floor, hopping back to plank
  17. Quadzillas
  18. Russian Twists 2=1 15lbs
  19. Squat to Star Jump
  20. Pendulum Tricep Dips Use blocks. Jump through to crab dip. Jump back.
  21. Mat Jumps 2=1
  22. V- Ups oblique 3lbs bet feet, 10 each side
  23. Forward Lunges 10/leg 40lbs Stepping back leg forward to tap on every rep.
  24. X-Crunches On back, arms & legs out wide to tuck
  25. Pull-ups (15 reps here cause using the band) Y-Presses As suggested by Julia – “If u have a pull-up bar…”
  26. Zottman Curls 30 Bicep curl up, rotate palms to face down to lower

Part 2: 30-60-90: 30 sec Hardest Exercise, 60 sec Moderate, 90 sec Easiest (31:42)
Did this part w/ the video b/c I wasn’t sure how I’d set my timer for these intervals!

Cardio Set:
30 sec Burpees w/ Push-up
60 sec Jugglers
90 sec Plank Kick Out Right, Kick Out Left, Jump Feet to Hands 180 Tuck Jump (Repeat)

Arms Set:
30 sec Tricep Dips
60 sec Push-ups (Elevated)
90 sec Commandos (can add kick outs L/R)

Legs Set:
30 sec Switch Lunges + Squat
60 sec Squat Jumps 20 Used lighter weights all the way thru & touched them to floor each squat
90 sec Step Ups 30

Core Setwith ankle weights
30 sec V-ups
60 sec Bicycles
90 sec Straight Leg Lifts

Time for these 5 reps sections = 50min

Killer Deadlifts: 2x Through
1. 10 reps Good Mornings 30
2. 10 reps SL DL 30 (Get 2nd leg on 2nd round thru)
3. 10 reps Straight Leg DL 40
4. 10 reps Sumo DL 40

Finisher after 2 rounds: 50 Jump Lunges 1=1

Arm Stripper: 2x Through (10 reps each)
1. SA Kick Back  + Press (Right Arm Kick Back bent over, stand and Left Arm Press OH) 10 tricep hand / 15 OH press hand
2. SA Kick Back + Press (Left Arm Kick Back bent over, stand and Right Arm Press OH) 20
3. One arm Hammer Curl one arm wide Hammer Curl 30lbs 1st round / 26lbs 26lbs 2nd
4. Low Half, Upper Half, Full Curl (bicep 21’s:do 7 reps of each) 26lbs

Finisher after 2 rounds: Chin-ups Reverse Grip Push-ups (15 reps)

Shoulder Cooker: 2x Through (10 reps each)
1 OH Press 40
2 Boat Hold SA Front raise alt 15
3 Sumo Squat Upright Row 30
4 Squat w/ lat Raise (raise while in squat) 20 I should watch myself in a mirror here if possible if I repeat this. Caught myself squatting REALLY shallow, lol.

Finisher after 2 rounds: 16 Traffic Directors lunges 20

Back Breaker: 2x Through
1. 3 Way Bent Over Rows 5 reps each grip (Wide Grip, Standard, Reverse Grip=1) 40
2. Renegade Rows (2=1) 30 Standing bent over, alt arms pumping fast
3. ManMakers 5 reps 40
4. Y press 10 reps 20lbs 1st round / 30lbs 2nd, fast

Finisher after 2 rounds: Swimmers, Rumi style (20 reps)

Chest Shredder: 2x
1. 3 Way Push-Ups 5 reps each hand position (Wide, Standard, Close = 1 rep)
2. T-Stand Push-ups (5 each side)
3. Chest Press 10 40lbs
4. Chest Fly+ sit up 20lbs

Finisher after 2 rounds: (5 reps Right, 5 reps Left)
Staggered push-up + SA Plank Row + shoulder tap 15lbs (2)

AMRAP: 5 Min Score = 2 full rounds & 3rd round to the 1st skater
5 Squat Jumps
10 Skaters 1=1
5 Burpees
10 Russian Twists 15lbs 2=1
10 Mt. Climbers 2=1

(Total Time = 1:48)


Only 10min, lol. More tomorrow.

Recovery workout, 54min #HIIT & 37min #ashtanga #yoga

I’d thought I’d be downtown cleaning today, but it was just as well I wasn’t needed in. I had a Creative Circle notice to respond to, and I finally got around to updating the links on my interactive resume. I had to draw a portfolio icon and change my first website from my soon-to-be-obsolete iPage website to my space in Adobe Portfolio. I also reduced the buttons from five to four, and swapped out Pinterest (only for working) for Instagram (much more relevant in terms of describing me).

Also had another session on a watercolor I’m calling “Cricket in the Snow”. It’s going to stay pretty light… I will probably do one more session and then call it done.




  • 15/50 w/ 2min rest between sets = 54min

* Cardio: skipping

  1. Squat jumps 10lbs
  2. Dead lift, squat, alt lunges 40lbs
  3. Star jumps
  4. Lunge forward with SA press,up, 20lbs
  5. Other side
  6. Wide leg frogger , keep feet just outside mat & jump forward & back
  7. Surfer Burpees
  8. Tricep dips, with switch kick I could REALLY feel yesterday’s tricep superset here!
  9. Step up, kick backs R 30lbs
  10. Other side
  11. Squat & press, push-up, tuck jump 40lbs
  12. Kettlebell swings 35lbs

* Cardio: quadzilla / knee-in low lunge & switch lunge alt. Discovered I don’t really love quadzillas enough for six 50-sec intervals. Maybe having 3 cardios here & adding jugglers would be good.

  1. Half burpee with upright row 30lbs
  2. C-sit tuck & press, 20lbs (3lbs bet feet)
  3. Clean & press 40lbs, 4 squat pulses
  4. 4 Ski abs , 1 push-up jack
  5. 4 Wide leg mountain climbers /  Kick out & forward
  6. Elevated push-ups – lifting alternate leg up
  7. Pendulum lunge 40lbs 
  8. Other side
  9. Front & side raise 20lbs
  10. Alt pistol down, roll back, push-up, tuck jump
  11. Jack knife, pike press abs – 10lbs in hands, 3lbs bet feet
  12. Right angle shoulder tap feet on wall, butt over shoulders This is a good way to get stronger for handstand shoulder taps I think. My butt wags way side to side. I’ll have to film it for a laugh. Felt much more stable though.


(15/30) back bending intervals

  1. Anjenayasana R
  2. Hanuman upright, R
  3. Hanuman, back leg bent (strap) R
  4. Anjenayasana L
  5. Hanuman upright, L
  6. Hanuman upright, L
  7. Standing Arch A
  8. Forward Bend
  9. Standing Arch B
  10. Forward Bend
  11. Standing Arch C
  12. Uttana
  13. Standing Arch C
  14. Seated Moving Twist (rest)
  15. Standing Arch D
  16. Uttana
  17. Standing Arch D
  18. Seated Moving Twist (rest)
  19. Urdhva D, A
  20. rest
  21. Urdhva D, B
  22. rest
  23. Urdhva D, C
  24. rest
  • Urdhva D to stand
  • Drop Backs – 3
  • Ticks Handstand, dropping to the floor in backbend – 3
  • Ashtanga finishing to sirsasanas, lying twist, very quick savasana