#Jumprope and #abs, #reps & some closing #yoga

Hadda go a long time to get a workout in, but it was ok as we have no plans for the evening.


Skipped the video warm-up & did my own, the usual, (10/30×6=4min) jump rope intervals. Then I added it in a bunch more.

Rina’s 1000 Rep Ab Challenge

Sit-Ups/Crunches– 175 reps total, 25 reps/exercise (@ about 10min into video) 

Did this 1st set from a list. I think it’d be good to split these up & do them with light weights bet feet on ankles as ab burn-outs after a HIIT or Tabata.

1. Bent Leg Sit-Ups extending arms overhead on the down & trying to get head through the “window” at the top & get slight upper backbend
2. Sit-Up to 45 degrees Arms out straight, pointing towards feet. Can put feet under something.
3. Frogs Feet together, knees out wide.
4. Sit-up Down to 45 degrees
5. Star Crunches Arms & legs go out wide on the low.
6. Suitcase Sit-Ups
7. Running Rope Pulls SL comes in while arm reaches up 1=1

  • (10/30×6=4min) jump rope intervals
  • Bhujangasana – (10/60)

Started back up with video here.

Pulses-75 Reps total, 25 reps/exercise
1. Side to Side Heel Touch Pulses
2. Crunch Pulses
3. Straight-leg Crunches

Obliques-150 Reps, 25 reps/exercise I actually move faster than the video in this case & had time to type the notes w/in all the sets! If I repeat this routine in part or in full, I’ll do it with just a list & more cardio, possibly some ankle weights.
1. Russian Twists 10lbs
2. Side V-ups (L)
3. Round of Applause C-sit w/ bent knees but feet off floor, arms out wide. Turn to one side & clap hands, back to center & alt 1=1
4. Side V-ups (R)
5. Sit-Up and Twist 10lbs
6. Alt. V-Ups

  • (10/50×5=5min) jump rope intervals Hadda get my heart rate up a bit.

Lower Abs-125 Reps, 25 reps/exercise
1. Flutter Kicks 2=1
2. Reverse Crunches
3. Leg Raises Over Chair
4. Leg Raise + Knee In (L)
5. Leg Raise + Knee In (R)

  • (10/50×5=5min) jump rope intervals

Planks-175 Reps, 25 reps/exercise Arm fully extended for all
1. Reptiles
2. Side Plank Hip Dips (L)
3. Side Plank Hip Dips (R)
4. Side Plank Knee Tuck
5. Other side
6. Plank Toe Taps (26 reps) feet elevated on bench, tapping alt foot to floor. 
7. Forearm Side to Side Hip Drop (26 reps) Knee Tucks

Scrambler-350 Reps, 25 reps/exercise
1. CW Leg Circles (same direction)
2. CCW Leg Circles (same direction)
3. Sit-Ups with Weight Overhead 10lbs
4. 1-Leg Reptiles (L)
5. 1-Leg Reptiles (R)
6.Knee Tucks (On bench)
7. Leg Lowers
8. Scissors 2=1 crossing legs over each other horizontally in boat
9. Leg Circles (circle in)
10. Leg Circles (circle out)
11. Rowing sit-up 10lbs Kind of like a sit-up w/ 1 russian twist at the top
12. Straight Leg Raise, Spread Legs at Bottom

  • (10/30×6=4min) jump rope intervals Just to crack 500, lol

#HIIT #reps and #yoga

That was a solid workout! I took yesterday off, allowing myself a day of mourning for yet another opportunity denied me because I don’t have the right connections.


Warm up (10/30×6=4min) jump rope intervals & Surya Namaskar A, 5x, with handstands – 9:20min

Full Body Lift by Christine Comeau

Legs 8 reps with weighted vest About 16min. Messed up by alternating legs on moves 2 & 3. Realized flow was wrong, but I had to keep for round 2 to be even.
1 Three way lunges (weight on 1 shoulder) 40 forward, side, back
2 Curtsy lunge + leg lift + (set the foot down wide) sumo squat 30 alt 1=1
3 Weighted step up + SL deadlift (standing leg on the step goes back for the SL deadlift) 30 alt 1=1

Legs + arms (50:10 x 1) 6 min, with vest
1 Left lunge pulse + lateral raise 20 (perform lateral raise while lowering, don’t step in)
2 Left SL deadlift + row at the bottom 30
3 Sumo squat + calf raise + hammer curl while in squat 30
4 Jump back, jump forward, box jump + push up
5 Right lunge pulse + front raise (perform front raise while lowering, don’t step in)
6 Right SL deadlift + row 30

Arms (16 reps x2) 12min
1 Chest press  (alternate rounds of 8 wide and 8 narrow) 40
2 Bicep curl to arnold press (8 reps of wide curls and 8 standard) 26
3 Front raise + lateral raise 20, 2=1 so 16 reps

Arms + Core (50:10) 6 min
1 Manmakers 40
2 Decline push up + side jump hop outside 1 shoulder, back, other shoulder, back
3 T stand + press + tricep ext 10 staggered feet, press weight up, tricep, down to other side
4 Commando on floor & Elevated arm step-up (step hands up to the elevation) This move is REALLY hard if your elevation is significantly “in front” of you!
5 Weighted inch worms (back fly at bottom) 20
6 Elevated push up, shoulder taps & knee in to opp elbow I decided to tap both shoulders bet push-ups & added another element

Core (8 reps x4) 12min
1 Weighted Suitcase crunches 2=1 10lbs like a bicycle, clapping weights underneath incoming knee
2 Boat + ”A” frame arms 15lbs 1st round then 10lbs for next 3 rounds. C-sit. Weight comes straight up & to opp sides of floor
3 Drop + pop up to 2 prisoner jacks

Core + Legs (50:10) 6 min
1 Swings Squat slams 35lb kettlebell
2 Alt dragon lunge burpee 40
3 T stand with leg lift (front to back)
4 4 twisted mountain climbers + 3 jump switch lunges
5 Lay on back, roll up to low squat to box jump
6 Halo burpee (one hand on weight in push-up = staggered) with tuck jump in plank

Went with the video from here. Wasn’t sure how to set up my timer for this! 

Full Body Burnout (40:50:60:70:80) 5 min (1:01) two 10lb weights
(add a move every interval to make them into compound moves, each time you add a move the interval gets longer )
1 Plank tricep kick back
2 2 weighted tornado switches (plank tricep ext to 2 weighted tornado switches)
3 Tuck jump, double butt kicker (plank tricep ext to 2 weighted tornado switches to weighted tuck jump and double butt kicker jump)
4 Squat front raise open and lateral lower then lateral raise close to front lower (plank tricep ext to 2 weighted tornado switches to weighted tuck jump to weighted double butt kicker to squat raises)
5 Staggered single leg push ups (plank tricep ext to 2 weighted switches to weighted tuck jump and double butt kicker to squat raises to 2 staggered arm SL push ups)

Booty poppin’ cool down (45:45) 3:45 min
1 Butterfly bridge
2 RL leg lifts in bridge
3 LL leg lifts in bridge
4 Weighted standard bridge 40
5 Bridge hold 40


About 15min

Jump rope #HIIT & #yoga

That wasn’t pleasant but at least I got some exercise in today.


adapted from: BodyRock – Full Body Skipping Fat Burn HIIT Circuit

  • From list on my own timing, (15/50)=49:40 for 2 sets.
  • Last done 12/17/16 & is further adapted here

Repeat cardio: Jump rope

  1. Squat 40lbs / Jump Squat
  2. Push-up, clean & press, squat & press, 40lbs
  3. Side to side squat, 40lbs (alt leg stepping out to the side, holding weight in middle)
  4. 180˚ jump squats (touching floor @ bottom)
  5. Heel Click / Donkey Kick
  6. Wood chops, 15 (subbed for side to side swings)
  7. Other side
  8. Alt Pistol Squats
  9. Tricep Push-ups to reverse plank ½ dip, hands on blocks
  10. Bulgarian RL 30lbs
  11. Other side
  • 2min rest
  1. Dips
  2. RL Overhead tricep & stationery lunge, 20
  3. LL Bicep curl pulse & stationery lunge, 20
  4. Plie squat & Y press-swing up, 20 (weights swing down bet legs on the down)
  5. Elevated side plank, lift bottom leg & then bring knee in to top elbow
  6. Other side
  7. Half burpee & hop lunge back alt sides
  8. Deadlift, pulse @ the bottom & swing weights toward back of body on the up 40
  9. Leg lift, table top on up, then swing hips back toward L-sit on the down(Bender style)
  10. Other side
  11. Swings 35lb kettlebell


About 44min

  • Suryas & fundamentals
  • various non vinyasa poses

Recovery workout, 54min #HIIT & 37min #ashtanga #yoga

I’d thought I’d be downtown cleaning today, but it was just as well I wasn’t needed in. I had a Creative Circle notice to respond to, and I finally got around to updating the links on my interactive resume. I had to draw a portfolio icon and change my first website from my soon-to-be-obsolete iPage website to my space in Adobe Portfolio. I also reduced the buttons from five to four, and swapped out Pinterest (only for working) for Instagram (much more relevant in terms of describing me).

Also had another session on a watercolor I’m calling “Cricket in the Snow”. It’s going to stay pretty light… I will probably do one more session and then call it done.




  • 15/50 w/ 2min rest between sets = 54min

* Cardio: skipping

  1. Squat jumps 10lbs
  2. Dead lift, squat, alt lunges 40lbs
  3. Star jumps
  4. Lunge forward with SA press,up, 20lbs
  5. Other side
  6. Wide leg frogger , keep feet just outside mat & jump forward & back
  7. Surfer Burpees
  8. Tricep dips, with switch kick I could REALLY feel yesterday’s tricep superset here!
  9. Step up, kick backs R 30lbs
  10. Other side
  11. Squat & press, push-up, tuck jump 40lbs
  12. Kettlebell swings 35lbs

* Cardio: quadzilla / knee-in low lunge & switch lunge alt. Discovered I don’t really love quadzillas enough for six 50-sec intervals. Maybe having 3 cardios here & adding jugglers would be good.

  1. Half burpee with upright row 30lbs
  2. C-sit tuck & press, 20lbs (3lbs bet feet)
  3. Clean & press 40lbs, 4 squat pulses
  4. 4 Ski abs , 1 push-up jack
  5. 4 Wide leg mountain climbers /  Kick out & forward
  6. Elevated push-ups – lifting alternate leg up
  7. Pendulum lunge 40lbs 
  8. Other side
  9. Front & side raise 20lbs
  10. Alt pistol down, roll back, push-up, tuck jump
  11. Jack knife, pike press abs – 10lbs in hands, 3lbs bet feet
  12. Right angle shoulder tap feet on wall, butt over shoulders This is a good way to get stronger for handstand shoulder taps I think. My butt wags way side to side. I’ll have to film it for a laugh. Felt much more stable though.


(15/30) back bending intervals

  1. Anjenayasana R
  2. Hanuman upright, R
  3. Hanuman, back leg bent (strap) R
  4. Anjenayasana L
  5. Hanuman upright, L
  6. Hanuman upright, L
  7. Standing Arch A
  8. Forward Bend
  9. Standing Arch B
  10. Forward Bend
  11. Standing Arch C
  12. Uttana
  13. Standing Arch C
  14. Seated Moving Twist (rest)
  15. Standing Arch D
  16. Uttana
  17. Standing Arch D
  18. Seated Moving Twist (rest)
  19. Urdhva D, A
  20. rest
  21. Urdhva D, B
  22. rest
  23. Urdhva D, C
  24. rest
  • Urdhva D to stand
  • Drop Backs – 3
  • Ticks Handstand, dropping to the floor in backbend – 3
  • Ashtanga finishing to sirsasanas, lying twist, very quick savasana

Saturday workout, #tabata #reps and #yoga

I SO didn’t wanna do it, especially when I realized how many reps sets were in here. Hadn’t gotten around to previewing! But I did it.


Warmup: (10/30×6=4min) jump rope

No rest Tabata 20:10 8x 16 mins

1. SA Clean and Press 20
2. SA Swings 20

1. Plank Renegade Rows 15 ea hand 4min in plank, I made it! (Then took a break to sit down & type this, lol,)
2. Crossbody Mtn climbers

1 Handstand Shoulder Taps This was hard! But I’d been thinking I needed to work on handstand shoulder taps more (to build strength & balance for walking my freestanding handstand in the future)
2 Wall commandos hands on wall

1. DL Squats 40 Liked this combo a lot. Good flow.
2. Box jumps

Full Body Circuit:

Circuit 1: 4x 5 reps
1. Twisted Renegades This was REALLY hard 4 me, trying to keep good form while twisting + DL + Bicep Curl
2. 1/2 Ninja heel click + Box Jump
3. SL decline Pushup to Pistol I alternated legs & also alternated which one I started with, so I got an even # of pistols each leg.

Circuit 2: 3x 8 reps
1 Broad Jump + clean and press Bunny hops back 40
2 Groiners x 2 + plank jack push-up+ Tricep Kickbacks 20
3 Lateral Step up and leg lift (8 Reps) 20 + Rocket Step ups (8 Reps =1) Changed to laterals both sides & then rocket both sides to speed things up.

Circuit 3: Complex (5 reps of each move – 5x through)

1. Pull-ups Front Squat
2. Chin-ups Back Squat Alternated the 1st two to finish all 5 rounds first cause the pull-up bar is in my bedroom door, not the office.
3. RDL 40 Combined rounds 4 & 5 & just did 10 reps per move.
4. Sumo DL 40
5. Sumo Squats 40
6. Shoulder Presses 40 / 30 Changed to lower weight & Arnold Press rounds 2-5

(Time = 1:26)


About 10min

Wednesday workout #reps & #pyramid

Just for fun I decided to try filming but I’m headless for like 3/4s of it, lol. And it’s real time so not sure if I’ll bother to condense it. (If I do post I’ll update with a link here later.)

When I used to post my sort of artsy, fast speed summaries I’d inevitably get someone commenting on YouTube on how annoying that is & that I need to do real time, but see, I’m not advertising myself as a trainer. Most of the time I’m following along with or adapting workouts. Even when I’m not, the intention isn’t to instruct but merely to share, like show & tell.


Warmup: (10/30×6=4min) jump rope

Combo Move Pyramids : 1-5 reps

  1. Burpee, frog plank hop, angry donkey, jump squat
  2. Groiners, spider push up, kick through, plank jacks shoulder tap 2=1 the kick-throughs – step forward
  3. Roll back, tricep push up, plank tuck jump, tuck jump For tricep roll-back repeats, just come up to stand until u get to the last 1 b4 tri push-up
  4. Reverse lunge kick front 2=1 (finish reps on each leg b4 switching), in and out squat, 2 switch lunges, skaters 2=1
  5. Pistol squat, 1 leg burpee, Lunge back touch down rocket up (I alternated legs instead of going to 5 on the first side & switching.)
  6. 10 Jugglers, 10 speed skaters 1=1, 10 standing mountain climbers 1=1, 10 mountain climbers 2=1, 10 Squat Jacks – pyramid to 50

Burn out: Reps AMRAP 10 minutes I was on rep 8 on the 2nd move when the timer went off, and I decided to just complete the round.
10 pike push-up to pike jumps
10 diamond push-ups to diamond jumps
10 tricep dips crab toe touches 10 on one side & 10 on the other
10 T-stand dips toe touches/side

Ab Bonus 2x

  1. 25 leg raises
  2. 20 flutter kicks
  3. 15 dips per side
  4. 10 V-ups
  5. 5 sit-ups arms behind head

(Time = 1:32)

Didn’t stretch at all today. I thought it was going to be jam night at the other guy’s house & ran downstairs to ask C if he wanted to have a beer with me before he left. So, shower time after I post this.

#HIIT warm-up & a little freestyle #ashtanga #yoga

That was more than a little clunky & not fun but I got the workout in. I always suffer when I do minimal stretching after a long circuit thing, as per my last workout on Wednesday. I got stiffer during my rest day.


HIIT warm-up

(15/50) with jump rope before every move, time = 32:30

  1. SL forward lunge, side lunge, back lunge, 40
  2. Other side
  3. Tricep Dips & Switch Kick
  4. Alt pistol squat
  5. Curtsy lunge, kick out, 35
  6. Other side
  7. Reclining Tricep 20lb
  8. Warrior Deadlift (right) 40lbs
  9. Warrior Deadlift (left)
  10. V-up abs, 10lbs
  11. Squat / RL Side Kick Press 40
  12. Squat / LL Side Kick Press 40
  13. Kneeling overhead tricep, 20. Holding weights overhead, start sitting on heels. Come to kneeling, squeezing butt & bending arms to drop weights behind head.
  14. Bike abs
  15. Swings 35


About 70min or so.

  • Suryas & fundamentals
  • Marichy C and D, 2nd to Laghu Vajrasana, EPRK and Kapo B
  • 1min on rack
  • Urdhva D, drop backs – 3, ticks – 3
  • Try for 90-second Pinca M I totally fell out of it in clunky, lopsided fashion at the last beep tho, which is not great for coming out of an inverted backbend! LOL
  • Finishing & 2-min savasana