Kickboxing and Strength by Jamie B #awesome and glorious, relaxing #yoga


So awesome I’m going to put it in my iCal for next Saturday. I did it along w/ the video, no vest. The intervals are so complex I’d rather not bother finding an app that can program a whole set & then figuring out how to do so. Maybe next weekend I’ll wear my vest.

Kickboxing and Strength

Each set 2x: =7 mins 40 sec
Cardio: 30:30– (30secs slow controlled movements, 30sec fast) you will have 10 seconds then move onto strength
-Strength moves: 50:5, 50:5, 40:10

Set 1:
1. Kickboxing burpee: 2 punches in plank to front kicks
2. curl with alt stepping lunge, 20lbs
3. + Y-raise at standing position
4. Isolated: W-raise hold (halfway between Y-raise and low wide bicep curl) in reverse lunge hold (switch legs 2nd round)

SET 2:
1. Uppercut (single R, single L, double R, double L, single R…. etc)**
2. Sumo stomp (low sumo squat hold, raise one leg up with bent knee, stomp down, repeat on other side), single 20lb weight
3. + T arm twist (hold arms in T arm position with palms forward, stomp one foot while twisting arms to have palms facing posterior), 3lbs
4. Iso: Low sumo hold with posterior T arm hold, 3lbs

SET 3:
1. Front kick R, hook L, step R foot forward to do Front kick L, hook R, step right foot back to repeat, etc.**
2. Split Squat (R for entire first round, L for second), 30lbs
3. +Side upright row (pull weights up on side of body- movement similar to pulling up pants) ((Time with raising up))
4. Iso: Split squat hold with side upright row hold

SET 4:
1. Side jab R x2 (moving body laterally to right) + L cross punch, repeat on other side**
2. SL Deadlift with posterior leg planted. While in DL bent over position, do SL kickback with foot flexed (strong push with heel) (RL entire first round, L next)
3. + Bent over knee drop (split stance squat, lower down into knee drop
4. Iso: Hold in halfway up position from knee drop

1. R jab L jab sprawl
2. Triceps Push-up on weights
3. + Pop up and reverse grip tricep pushdown (elbows bent, palms forward, press hands down to palms posterior) 2, 5lb weights
4. Iso: Chataranga hold These are KILLER! I had to pop up quickly 2x in each of these 40-second holds. It’s where they come in the set list, partly, and that amount of time seems looooong, lol.

SET 6:
1. Punch Downs (weights in fighter stance, punch down R arm to left foot, repeat on opposite side) 2, 5lb weights
2. Alt low squat toe touch (front- heel tap, side- toe tap, back- toe tap) 2, 5lb weights
3. + Hangman tricep extension (arms in lower scarecrow position, extend arms straight out, palms facing posterior) 2, 5lb weights
4. Iso: Low squat with tricep extension hold 2, 3lb weights

SET 7:
1. Side lunge to side kick R, side lunge to side kick L (kick with heel, foot flexed)**
2. Side step up with lateral leg raise (RL first round, L next) 2, 10lb weights
3. + High Front Bicep Curl (raise arms up straight, palms up, curl up toward either side of neck) 2, 5lb weights
4. Iso: Lateral leg raise hold with full curl hold 2, 5lb weights

** Cardio Burnout 50:10 2x
1. Speedbag lateral hopping back and forth This 1st move was really hard right after all the arm work! Next time I might either put this move last in the set and/or give myself a 2min break before starting the cardio burnout.
2. Low squat shuffle + crosses and side kick on either end
3. uppercut elbow roundhouse
4. rollback cross cross tuck jump

I might be tempted to do Jamie’s additional sets, if I was in the mood for a super long workout, but I can’t really understand the language without Julie’s demo, so I didn’t include them in the “for future consideration” notes. It’s not as if there’s a shortage of workouts on YouTube, particularly on my new favorite channel! #Fit Body by Julia



About 30min easy, timed poses.