Santa’s Special Treat Workout by Trish King

Got new batteries into my Polar monitor! Turns out the watch & the chest strap have separate batteries that really aren’t that easy to get out, but yay I got it done. And yes I was supposed to do yoga today but ended up working out late, starting 4pm. First I made some banana muffins from scratch and then C and I went cold weather gear & grocery shopping.
I’l be going cross country skiing for the first time ever at some point this winter. I took the bag & put it under the Christmas tree. (His will be a surprise but there’s a gift receipt in there just in case.)
  • With the video. This was a really low burner! At the end of it I was at 344 I think. The Booty set was really good though. It’d have been even better with skipping intervals. The whole routine took a long time to get my heart rate up & then didn’t keep it there, as you can see by the 110 average. I’m tempted to repeat the routine I was doing when the monitor shorted out… But right I keep saying I’m gonna yoga.

30:30 x2
1. Glute hyper extensions
2. SL Bridge L
3. SL bridge R
4. Squat hold

Core cardio: HIIT Pyramid: 50:10, 40:10, 30:10, & 20:10.
1. Burpee and 4 switch kicks
2. Decline spider push up burpee
3. Burpee, t stand , dip and leg lift
4. Decline tricep pushup + plank glute raises Tap floor out to the side & then do glute raise
5. Wall handstand, shoulder tap, squat jump It was much harder than I’d thought it’d be to take one hand off the floor in a wall handstand, but I’d done this before w/ Julia & it wasn’t so bad. I could really feel my shoulders from yesterday tho so maybe that’s why.

50:15 second body squats:10 sec rest. 2x each exercise before moving onto next 25 mins
With 8lb vest
1. Deadlift squat 40
2. Good mornings 40
3. Levitating lunge L
4. SL bridge L
5. Levitating lunge R
6. SL bridge R
7. Sumo squat 40
8. Squat and press 30
9. Butterfly glute bridge 30
10. Froggy push-up tuck jump No vest this one move

Wall work: Reps- do 20 reps of the first move and then move to second, do 20 reps, go back to the first move and do 6 reps, then move to the 3rd move and do 20 reps, go back to second move and do 6 reps, 4th move 20 reps etc
1. Hand stand shoulder taps
2. Wall squat leg lifts
3. Elevated feet plank spiders
4. Wall commandos
5. 90 degree wall handstand / (kept ankle weights on for the 6 reps)
6.Donkey kicks with ankle weights. Did 10 per leg at the end instead of 3, so I had two rounds of 10 each leg

Core 50:25 plank:10 1x (25 seconds of plank between each move)11:20 mins
1. Heavy weight side deadlift L 35lb kettlebell
2. Heavy weight side deadlift R
3. Crunches
4. Pike ab sliders
5. Tuck abs, 3lbs bet feet


About 25min

#interval #pyramid, #tabata & a tiny bit of #yoga

OK I didn’t stick to plan with a yoga based workout. Didn’t get my heart rate up consistently with this one which is unusual for a Julia routine. I think I don’t have heavy enough weights, but holding the two 10s as often as I do hurt both of my hands today. Am I hitting a plateau or is my Polar breaking or both? I mean was I seriously only in fat burning mode for all but 18 minutes?


Functional Full Body Workout by Kristin R

50:10 / 40:10 / 30:10
Broad Jump to Box Jump + Bunny Hops back
Spiderman Pushup up to Alt Superman
Front Raise to OH Squat 20
Pendulum Lunges + Rows (alt wide and narrow rows with fwd and rev lunge) 30
Pike to Shalabhasana Ball Pass to Roll to Extend

Tabata 20:10 x 8
Deadlift to High Pulls 30
Floor Press to Bridge (Close Grip Press and Bridge are simultaneous) 30 8 sets in a row made my hands really hurt!

Tabata 20:10 x 4 for each move
SA (Hand or Forearm) Plank + SA Row 20
Reverse curls 5lbs bet feet Deadbug

50:10 / 40:10 / 30:10
Chest Press + Froggy Legs in and out 40 Hurt both hands holding the two 10s
Bunny Hops Fwd + 2 Heel Taps + Hop Back (tap inner heels with hands – opp hand/foot, hop back)
Kickouts (From plank, kick bottom leg out) x2 + Crab Turn (kickouts x 2, crab turn x1 , kickouts)
Sumo Lateral Shuffle to Surrender (stay low in sumo, shuffle over to end of mat, surrender) 20
Tricep Dips(Hands on Weights) + Alt SA Hammer Curl 20

Tabata 20:10 x8 for each move
Bent Over Wide Rows + Bicep Curl (Palms out) 30
Sumo Squats 40

Tabata 20:10 x 4 for each move
SL Tricep Pushups (Switch legs w each pu)
Alt Pistols Heels propped, no vest for this one.

50:10 / 40:10 / 30:10
Front Sumo Squat to Arnold Press (hold weights at shoulders, palms facing you, press) 30
Bodyweight Alt Deep Fwd Lunge + Pick weights up & put back down 30
Chest Fly + Alt Star Legs to Sit up (Fly arms out, star legs out, simultaneous movements. Next do sit up with fly, alternate btw stars and sit ups) 20
Stiff Leg Deadlift to Hammer Curl & Shoulder Press Upright Row 30
Plank forearm crawl Fwd and back

Tabata 20:10 x 8 for each move
Discuss (switch arms halfway through, so after 4 rounds)
SA Clean & Press 20 I alternated all the way thru this one bc I’d done extra presses the set before & also left arm is a bit weaker w/ the 20lbs

Tabata 20:10 x 4 for each move
Squats & back lunge L, R 40
Wide Pushups



About 15min. More tomorrow! My body is obviously rebelling

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Pyramid Butt Workout

  • 10-7, I went down rather than up! AND I didn’t finish!!! First time ever but my time just for the 4 rounds was 1:40. 
    • I could still feel soreness in my right delt and there are a lot of push-ups in here. I think I did it with the recent chest press. I like to do 40lbs but I have to hold the two 10s in my right hand and it really hurt my right hand last time. The jiggling creates extra strain in stabilization. I had to drop down. That was the only thing I did different, right to left, involving shoulders so I know that was the culprit. I had the realization as soon as I was doing wide push-ups (similar motion) and the tweak complained.
    • I remember I used to wonder how I was cutting up my right hand during yoga practice. The right shoulder is stiffer… I figured it out real quick when I was clawing left hand down right, binding both hands to the right foot in nataranjasana. I hit a fresh, still sore cut I’d made just the day before. Aha!
  • 4 rounds as per below (10 reps, 9 reps, 8 reps, 7 reps)
  • Ankle weights: thru round 7 for moves 1-3, 8-10
  1. Sumo squats  with leg lifts 30lbs dumbells + 8lb vest & ankle weightsDo sumo & then lift L & R (alt) leg out to the side & squeeze
  2. Bulgarian split squats R and L legs 30lbs dumbells + 8lb vest & ankle weights Run thru all reps on each leg & then switch
  3. Curtsy lunge pulses 30lbs dumbells + 8lb vest & ankle weights
  4. 5 Jugglers + 2 box jump 8lb vest
  5. Pike fast feet for 5 + drop down (belly on floor) + tuck jump bodyweight Hands off the floor & a little arch in the back @ the bottom (like competition burpees)
  6. SL hop in box with weight 15lb dumbbell rounds 10-8, then dropping to 10lbs
  7. Kick through burpees bodyweight 2 push-ups @ the bottom
  8. Elv 90 Degree glute raises  30lbs dumbells + 8lb vest & ankle weights Standing foot on bench. Pike-ish position. Touch toes to floor
  9. Dead lift combo 30lbs dumbells 1st round, then 35lb kettle bell + 8lb vest & ankle weights Reg, feet pointed in, feet pointed out
  10. SL hip thrusts 30lbs dumbells + 8lb vest & ankle weights On floor, from tabletop


  • About 15min. Tomorrow I’ll focus on yoga, that which I am able to do, lol.

Killer #pyramid #intervals & #restorative #yoga

Workout was really like 1:48min total.

I glanced at my watch when getting up from savasana, but I forgot to stop it before taking a shower. I’m thrown off by all this door closing! It’s like I’m in a British art film. I brought the space heater in & warmed the room up just a little before turning it off & doing my pyramid. Then I turned it back on for yoga & back off when I was done. I was picking up the equipment, putting it back in the hall and getting shit I’d need and every time out of the room I’d closed the door to keep the heat in. Then I had to bring the heater into the bathroom and warm up that space. The light by the shower end is connected to a vent, which you need to have here because Portland = damp. In and out, doors closing. Sir Henry is confused. He hates a closed door! He’ll scratch outside and then complain when he’s let in and “shut in”.

You’ll see I had an intense workout cause I’d done about 25min easy yoga after finishing the pyramid, and then I’d cleared the space and gotten the bathroom heat going before taking off my watch to get in the shower, and my average was still 140.

This is good! I’ll be taking a forced, 2-week break from exercise over the holidays… and it’s not because I’m traveling. At the very most I’ll get 2 workouts per week. We’ll see how that goes. I immediately crossed any thoughts to cook off my list.


I gave myself a 2-3min break between sets, lol.

  1. pyramid 50:10 (2x) – 20min Wore 8lb vest.
  2. 40:10 (2x) – 16:40m No vest.
  3. 30:10 (2x) – 13:20m With vest through this & the rest of the sets.
  4. 20:10 (2x) – 10m
  5. 10:10 (2x) – 6:40m1. SA 1-2 burpee tuck jumps Using alt arms, jump back to plank & butt kick. Jump in & come up & tuck jump.
    2. Alt Curtsy lunge plank jack push-ups  2 10lb
    3. Switch lunge (weight pass through)
    4. Push up toe taps -t stand 
    5. Pendulum lunges + hops RL 2 15lb These are SO FREAKING HARD holding 30lbs & wearing a vest. And I’m just 8lbs! That’s enough with all the push-ups.
    6. Pendulum lunges + hops LL
    7. Lizard hops Kind of like a staggered, continuous nakrasana with 8 extra pounds on your shoulders.
    8. Manmakers 2 15lb
    9. In and out squat jumps 5 + star jumps (2)
    10. Cross/cross/upper front kick tuck jump

Total time – 1:16:50


About 25min restorative, with a 3min savasana. I really needed it! Normally I do like 1min.

Awesome #EMOM & #tabata #pyramid routine with some easy #yoga to close

Thank god for motherfucking exercise, is all I’ve gotta say.

FullSizeRender 4.jpg

EMOM Round 1 With weighted vest. Went with 10lbs each hand for this round, which was too light. I don’t have 12lb weights tho.

  1. alternating front lunges
  2. alternating front lunges + bicep curl
  3. alternating front lunges + bicep curl + over head press
  4. alternating front lunges + bicep curl + over head press + alternating single leg deadlift
  5. bicep curl + over head press + alternating single leg deadlift
  6. over head press + alternating single leg deadlift
  7. alternating single leg deadlift

Tabata Pair 1: with time pyramid (10:10, 20:10, 30:10, 40:10, 40:10, 30:10, 20:10, 10:10 =4.5 minutes)

  1. Iron legs: 2 switch lunges, 2 squat jumps, 2 cross ankle jumps
  2. Curtsy lunges 35lbs with kettlebell (I’d do 40 or 50lbs if I had ’em)

EMOM Round 2 With weighted vest. Went with 13lbs each hand, holding two dumbells per hand. Not ideal but it was better work.

  1. hammer curl
  2. hammer curl + Front squat
  3. hammer curl + front squat + military press
  4. hammer curl Front squat + military press + ½ dead lift plank hop
  5. Front squat+ military press + ½ dead lift plank hop
  6. military press + ½ deadlift plank hop
  7. ½ deadlift  plank hop

Tabata Pair 2 with time pyramid (10:10, 20:10, 30:10, 40:10, 40:10, 30:10, 20:10, 10:10 =4.5 minutes)

  1. Wide knee tuck jump burpee (Wide to narrow tuck jump)
  2. Weighted narrow to wide squats 35lbs (50 would be better)

EMOM Round 3 No vest. Went for the 15s, which was challenging!

  1. 10 high knees and drop pop
  2. 10 high knees and drop + push up
  3. 10 high knees and drop + push up + alternating knees in
  4. 10 high knees and drop + push up + alternating knees in + plank rows, 15lbs (too heavy but don’t have 12 pounders)
  5. push up + alternating knees in + plank rows
  6. alternating knees in + plank rows
  7. plank rows

Tabata Pair 3: with time pyramid (10:10, 20:10, 30:10, 40:10, 40:10, 30:10, 20:10, 10:10 =4.5 minutes)

  1. Burpee with switch kick at the top
  2. Crab toe touch

EMOM Round 4 with 6lb vest (I should be adding the other to bars back in to make it 8lbs soon)

  1. in/out box squats
  2. in/out box squats + plank jump back (hands on elevation)
  3. in/out box squats + plank jump back + tricep push up
  4. in/out box squats + plank jump back + tricep push up + wide leg mountain climber x4
  5. plank jump back + tricep push up + wide leg mountain climber x4
  6. tricep push up + wide leg mountain climber x4 Hands to the floor here, which made it harder.
  7. wide leg mountain climber Hands back on the bench!

Tabata Pair 4: with time pyramid (10:10, 20:10, 30:10, 40:10, 40:10, 30:10, 20:10, 10:10 =4.5 minutes)

  1. Prisoner squat jacks
  2. Golbet Squat with weighted oblique crunch + elbow to knee 35lb kettlebell

EMOM Round 5 with weighted vest

  1. broad jump
  2. twerknado (broad becomes a broad jump with weighted 180) 2, 15lb weights. Would be much better w/ 25s but I don’t have 2 of those.
  3. twerknado + SA clean and press
  4. twerknado + alternating SA clean and press to surrender
  5. 180 jump squat  + alternating SA surrender
  6. Alternating SA surrender
  7. Kneel down to heel sit

Tabata Pair 5: with time pyramid (10:10, 20:10, 30:10, 40:10, 40:10, 30:10, 20:10, 10:10 =4.5 minutes)

  1. Wax on/wax off in plank (hands on sliders alternate circles with each hand)
  2. Plank leg circles on sliders



  • About 21min.

Interestingly my Karna Pidasana is SO MUCH BETTER than it was the last time I was trying to do ashtanga at all regularly (a whole series, at least twice a week). I still had the lingering effects of the Ganda Bherundasana tweak (which I obtained via practicing angrily and obsessively when my last NYC teacher traffic cop had decided that 3 regular series assists, three times a week was just too much work to bother with.

I love the ashtanga finishing poses still, and sarvangasana, halasansa & karna p are my core favorites.

I also try to do a 1min urdhva d most days I work out, for the psychological & shoulder stretching benifits.

Planks, Pyramids, and Abs Oh My! by Jori

This is an excellent workout but it really didn’t make me feel better. I’m in a loooong and dark run of the sads and I can’t see things changing any time soon, if ever. I do pat myself on the back for getting out of bed and doing it though. For one thing, I get way more headaches if I don’t exercise, and a steady diet of ibuprofren really isn’t going to help. I already had 400mg today. It’d be nice to cap it there.

I did the opening plank & HIIT portion from the video and the rest mostly from my list. If there’s one thing I’ve got it’s time and I may as well do my reps more slowly if that seems to be what works best for my body.

FullSizeRender 3.jpg

Plank it till you make it:3 Total Rounds Each 4 min (12 min total) shared from AXFIT

Round #1
1. Plank Hold on Elbows (1 min)
2. Plank Walk Laterally on Elbows the length of your Mat, low inchworm to low squat, power jump up, low inchworm back down to elbow plank, walk over to other side of mat, then walk back to the other side and repeat (jumping at only one side of the mat) (2 min)
3. Side to Side Lateral Mogul low squat jumps (1 min)

Round #2
1. Elbow Plank Jacks (1 min)
2. Plank Walk on Elbows forward up to the top of the Mat + x 2 Chest to Mat Burpees then plank walk back down the mat in reverse (backwards), then back up the mat again , x 2 Chest to Mat Burpees at the top of the mat (2 min)
3. Power Switch Jump Lunges (1 min) stay low

Round #3
1. High Plank Hops over the Mat (1 min)
2. Plank Suicides (Commandoes) start on elbows alt R/L with each up/down + alt shoulder taps and alt toe taps in up position. (2 min)
3. Side to Side Lateral Mogul low squat jumps and on one side do a power switch lung R/L (1 min)

Pyramid: 2 Exercises paired together, one rep of A, then one rep of B. Then 2 reps of A, followed by 2 reps of B……all the way to 5 and 5.

A. Elevated Manmakers. 30lbs Push-up & row, push-up & row other side. Jump forward. Clean & press. Switched to list right here after the 2x for each round! I wanted to use 15lbs each hand on the manmakers & touch tip of nose to floor each push-up, going slow & controlled. I also like to jot notes as I go!
B. Straight Arm Kickbacks, 20lbs Palms facing up toward ceiling. Love this move.

A. DL Rainbow Right 40lbs ankle weights for this & next set √ Your legs feel SO LIGHT when you take ’em off
B. OH Press w/ RL Knee Lift + Leg Extension 20lbs

A. DL Rainbows Left
B. OH Press w/ LL Knee Lift + Leg Extension

A.Assisted Pull-up Should start this one next time with no or lighter assist (thinner band)
B. Kneeling Clean + Press, 40lbs

A. Reverse Lunge Right on Slider + Hammer Curl 30lbs
B. Assisted Chin-up Did first 2 with no band. I have to find where I put my lighter bands when I moved the last time.

A. Reverse Lunge Left on Slider + Bicep Curl 30lbs
B. OH Tricep Extension 20lbs

A. Right Figure 4 Squat Hold w/ Front Raise 20lbs
B. Narrow Squat & bent over Fly 20lbs

A. Left Figure 4 Squat Hold w/ Lateral Raise 20lbs
B. Sandbag (or DB)1/2 Burpee Upright Row 20lbs Way too light for the rows. I’d have gone to 12-13 if I had fucking adjustable weights god damnit. Didn’t wanna jump to 15s here.

HIIT Cardio: 50/10 (with weighted vest)

  1. Angry Donkey Wall Kicks x 3 (land in low squat) + Squat Jump x 1
  2. Squat Jump x 3 + Push Ups x 3
  3. Pike up “V” Abs x 2 + Lift body in “L” sit off of DB’s (L-sit for 3 counts was absolutely no problem for me & I was wearing my vest, but I think that’s bc of my yoga background. You need good hamstring flexibility for this.)
  4. Dynamic Squat Touchdowns x 3 + Chest to Floor Burpee Tuck Jump x 1
  5. Switch Lunges x 3 +  SL Spiderman Push Up x 1
  6. 10 Mtn Climbers + 3 Wide Leg Frogger Tuck Jump Hop Over DB or Mat

Abs: Repeat 2x

  1. Elbow Plank Mat Hops R/L (20 reps)
  2. Crunch Up Twist Right + Crunch Up Twist Left (20 reps) Really slow with full range of motion here so I paused the video the 1st time through & did 2nd round of the abs from list.
  3. Elbow Plank – Jack Legs (20 rep)
  4. Bicycle Abs (20 reps) (1=1)
  5. Tuck Jumps (standing) 20 reps
  6.  Crab Toe Touch Right Side Only (20 reps) These moves would probably be better done alternating bc you’d be forced to bring your balance back to the middle between every rep.
  7. Crab Toe Touch Left Side Only (20 reps)
  8. Bicep Curl in “V” Sit (20 reps) 20lbs
  9. Weighted Windshield Wipers: wt. between feet, wt. in right arm, feet go to left side, arm goes right to side, both come up to the center, repeat. (20 reps) 1st round 3lbs bet feet & 10lbs in hand & 10 reps per side. 2nd round 5lbs bet feet & same bet hands & 20 reps per side
  10. Weighted Windshield Wipers: wt. between feet, wt. in left arm, feet go to right, arm goes to left (20 reps)*I did 10 reps

(1:35, rounding down)

Easy Yoga

I guess it was about 14-15min, depending on how long it took for me to get my fugly sneakers off & rearrange the space.

#Pyramid style #Tabata #workout, plus #yoga

I’m really not doing well these days and I see no light at the end of the tunnel, but I got back out of bed this afternoon to exercise, which is like my prescription. And at least this way I’ll take a shower today, and change out of the clothes I slept in.

Metabolism Blast: Booty, Arms and More

Note to self: This is one you want to repeat sometime. The details look really confusing at first glance, so rather than previewing & jotting notes I just did the workout along with the video. That works (for me doing Julia’s workouts) for anything that’s not rep counts!

Wore my weighted vest for all but the warmup & yoga stretch / cool down.



Round 1: Set 1 Tabata 20:10 2x (8 intervals) 4 mins
Round 2: Sets 1 &2 Tabata 20:10 2x each (16 intervals) 8 mins
Round 3: Sets 1, 2, & 3 Tabata 20:10 2x each (24 intervals) 12 mins
Round 4: Sets 1, 2, 3, & 4 Tabata 20:10 2x each (32 intervals) 16 mins
Round 5: Sets 2, 3, & 4 Tabata 20:10 2x each (24 intervals) 12 mins
Round 6: Sets 3 &4 Tabata 20:10 2x each ( 16 intervals) 8 mins
Round 7: Set 4 Tabata 20:10 2x (8 intervals) 4 mins

Warm up:

  1. Walk out pushups walk back 5
  2. Heisman hops 20
  3. Skaters 15
  4. Ab hammer kicks 20

Set 1 

  1. Burpee high knee toe taps 8
  2. Bulgarians Elv push-up, 30lbs
  3. Step up lunge back switch
  4. Plyo jump forward & backward, squat & hammer curl to shoulder press, 30lbs Box jump squat and press

Set 2

  1. Chair pose SL arms overhead This ends up being an alt, 1/2 pistol squat, which is really awesome.
  2. Bear hold + explosive hops
  3. Curtsy deadlift plank hop, 30lbs
  4. Squat tricep catch inchworm back/jump

Set 3 

  1. Froggy push-ups
  2. Weighted broad jump rev lunges 180 hop, 15lbs
  3. Plank hop alt T stands
  4. SL roll back mat hop 1/2 burpee

Set 4 sliders LOVE how so many YouTube trainers are incorporating slider work lately

  1. Slider lunge SA row, 20lbs
  2. Slider lunge SA row
  3. Back fly slider burpee, 2 10lbs
  4. Pike, knee tuck, jack legs on sliders