Book recommendation: The Permanent Pain Cure

I kept hardly any books when I moved cross country to Portland. If I kept this, you can bet I found it particularly useful.

IMG_9632.JPGEven people who aren’t OCD Ashtangis and/or HIIT athletes get pain! I have a long history of fixing various tweaks and injuries, and I bought this back in January 2011. I love how you can look up old purchases on Amazon, I’ve gotta say. It’s keeping a no-effort diary of interests. I’m pretty sure it was when my 3rd year of full third series finally started to shred what’d been my impervious knees. (People used to describe me as “indestructible”. For a couple glorious years of expansion it certainly felt that way.)

Impermanence and injury are closely related

Had a rest day yesterday, I got the book out this morning because for the second time within a week and a half, I’ve tweaked out the left side of my neck by sleeping wrong. That’s right. How annoying! I try to be careful not to fall asleep in any overly neck-stretched position, and still… I have to admit, though, I haven’t been very good about practicing my easy-ish yoga as often or thoroughly as I know I should. I can get little minor tweaks in my weaker left arm & just ignore them…

There are specific sets stretches per area of pain, so I looked up neck pain & will try out a set tonight. Some of them I’ve done before, of course, having worked on issues with: shoulder, mid back, both knees. Ashtanga! I remember when I was learning just the beginning of second series and I did a Manju week at Shiva Shala, its lower First Ave location. That was the era of the throbbing right shoulder. I pointed to it before a back bending assist, I think, and let him know I had an injury. And he made a joke! Oh yes, yoga is a cure for everything except that which is caused by the yoga. Then he guffawed merrily. I was completely taken aback, confused and truthfully a bit scandalized. Still in my rose-colored glasses phase. How can you say that??? is what I was thinking. Later on of course I would greatly appreciate that early irreverence.

It’ll still take me probably 20/25 min at first because I have to skim through all the instructions. I’ve picked out 7 moves, but all but 2 of those are 2-sided. And I’ll work out today but I’ll leave the weighted vest out of it for a few days. I don’t need 8lbs of dead weight bouncing around on my shoulders at the moment.

Tomorrow’s the new moon (in Sagittarius I believe) ! I already set up the coffee maker in my bathroom, so when I get up just past 4 I can just hit the start button. There are preparations for the ritual!






#lowimpact workout, #yoga

That was better than a plain primary would’ve been anyway, especially in a cool room & with the amount of muscle soreness in the quads today. It was better both in terms of the workout and enjoyment factor. I actually worked up a pretty decent sweat with the low impact.

Now figuring what to eat for dinner. Hmmm…


40 Min. Silent But Deadly | Low Impact “Quiet” HIIT Workout

I found out about this guy because he did an interview of one of my favorites, Melissa Bender. I’d been thinking about doing one of his routines before, but something in the manner of his delivery was off putting, too “gym dude”. Guess I like workin’ out wid da bitches better in my old age.

Delivery is less annoying when you’re actually doing a workout, along with, rather than trying to prescreen, so that’s what I did today. I needed to warm up, in a gentler way, and then get some easy stretching in.

It was ok. My motivation for low impact was NOT a sleeping baby. I put some of the impact back in, like the jumps in the burpees. I worked up a decent sweat and warmed up! Goal accomplished. It’s good to do an old-fashioned, dorky warm-up and cool-down once in awhile too.


  • Suryas & fundamentals, first 3 poses of primary
  • 5min sirsasana
  • My favorite restorative & finishing poses, savasana

5 of Disks, Page of Disks, 2 of Cups #tarot

I’m not surprised with this reading. I went to bed at 9pm last night & caught up on some needed rest, but I’m feeling restless and a little bored this morning, nothing major but it’s there. I’ll get some work done. Yesterday I’d intended to ink both Kali and Athena and stop there, but instead I got going on the watercolor washes with Kali and didn’t get to my other goddess at all.

My legs are sore, but at least I’m not all peg-legged like I was one day last summer (the day I met Charlie I could hardly walk), when I’d had my first serious introduction to pistol squats. Figures on a day I need some yoga it’s kind of cold, only 55 now. That’s great for sleeping but bad for yoga! It’s only going up to 61 too. I can’t take a rest day either cause of all the retail coming up… I haven’t lost any of that belly roll at all.

Speaking of which, if I’m going to be suffering through the standing and pacing so much I might actually spring for a real haircut for the first time since early April, 2015. I’ll go to Bishops, which is a barbershop type place that friend Susan told me about. I could also use a 3rd work shirt for summer. Of the two banker-blue, striped styles I have one is just a little bit too fitted and substantial a fabric for hot days in a no AC environment.

FullSizeRender 3.jpg

Card 1, within: 5 of Disks

Introduction: The 5 of Pentacles can point to a time when life is feeling less than secure. The important thing to remember is that there is always help available when we need it, from forces both seen and unseen. You may feel alone. Yup. Even if a relationship is going well, if that is the ONLY person you interact with on a regular basis… Perhaps I should finally call a friend or something.

General: In general, the 5 of Pentacles points to a feeling of being left out in the cold, as though everyone else in the world has everything and you are the only one that is suffering.

Work: Work can be either burdensome or non-existent when this card appears, and you may be feeling stuck. Know that you do not have to stay in a situation that is not healthy or workable for you, have faith in yourself and the universe that changes are possible. That’s what I was going with when I left NYC.

Heaven is in the breast (heart chakra). Eternity is now. Look for the answer within. Find peace within. Not like I have other options anyway.

The Five of Pentacles is a Tarot Card that appears when economic times get bad. It shows up when we are losing faith in a relationship, an institution or just in ourselves. It is a card that illustrates us lacking faith in tough times.

Card 2, without: Page of Disks

Last seen in the same 2nd, “environment” position on May 31. Pentacles are the Tarot deck’s symbol of wealth, but they also represent the material plane of existence – all possessions and the practical approach to having things around.

Introduction: The Page of Pentacles can be a card about boredom, in some ways. This Page’s strength is unconditional love both for self and others, and non judgment. Assuming strength in your self, others and in situations. Project into the world calm thoughts that support rather than hinder what you want from life.

The Page of Pentacles, like the pages of all the suits, is a card of new beginnings, of inspiration and the initial stages of a creative project or venture. Pentacles correspond to the alchemical element of earth, and in this sense the coin that the Page holds may symbolize the beginnings of sensual awareness not only in terms of money and its value but also in terms of a growing awareness of the importance of health and other material needs.

Card 3, advice: 2 of Cups

Last seen on June 2nd in the 1st position.

Introduction: The 2 of Cups often refers to romantic partnership, but that is not its only connotation. It can speak of balance, friendship, joy, and sharing.

General: In general this is a card that says that things are likely to be going well. You should be feeling more than usually loved, cared for, and content.

Love: This card represents true love, balanced partnership, commitment, and all of the things that most of us hope for in regard to love and relationship. However, this does not mean that you can just do or say “whatever” and that your love/relationship will last; it only means that the underpinnings, the real, solid, potential for true love and affection is there.

When this card appears in the future position, a good outcome is almost guaranteed. The Two of Cups is a card that allows you to peer into where the subtlest energies between you and another person are going. This card’s appearance in the future position signals that those energies are about to become amplified into full-fledged infatuation, partnership or a deep commitment between you and this other person.

Knight of Disks, Page of Swords, 7 of Wands #tarot & other stuff

  • Maybe I’m obsessed with the Amber Heard / Johnny Depp mess because it’s a reminder that things are not always what they’re cracked up to be. Just got up for coffee time downstairs in the kitchen, and this is the first thing I read about, since I’m not clicking on Facebook at the moment.
  • Somehow I tweaked my lower right back  while doing that freaking low impact routine yesterday. I really felt it when I was trying to walk Henry, with the rest of the gang, around 8pm. Took two advil before bed. Whatever I do today, the suryas & fundamentals have to precede it. It does feel a lot better than it did in the evening thankfully. I like to work out around the hottest part of the day, when it’s best to be downstairs anyway.
  • I’ve been drawing & painting for a couple hours already, but just put away those supplies. Time to take off the board, scan, post & update all over the place.


Card 1, within: Knight of Disks

Same card & placement as May 27, five days ago.

On a quest for what is physical.

Do not dwell on the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment. – Buddha

Keywords: Don’t look outside for the answer to the problem, look inside to find peace. You already have everything you are looking for. Look in your own home. Do not have doubt in yourself, you are made for this and already have all the tools. Take the middle path, use just what you need, no more or less.

Introduction: The Knight of Pentacles points to messages, often with regard to money and finance. You are likely to finally receive news that you’ve been waiting on, and this news is likely to be good. This Knight is a very practical card. The news in question is unlikely to be that you’ve won the lottery.

General: The Knight tells us to pay attention to the mundane and normal parts of our lives. A wise man once said,  “Take care of the little things, and the big things will all fall into place.” The Knight of  Pentacles asks you to look at how you are handling your affairs, and is a grounding influence.

Work: Now is not the time to suggest an overthrow of the traditional ways of doing things. You must work within existing systems and accomplish what people expect you to accomplish. If you are looking for work this can be a good omen that the position you need is forthcoming, but warns that in interviews, etc., that you will need to come across as dependable and even-keeled, as they are unlikely to be looking for mavericks now.

Card 2, without: Page of Swords

The Page of Swords is a messenger bringing you challenges. He suggests that an opportunity for growth may come your way in the guise of a problem or dilemma. These challenges may not be your favorites. In fact, you probably will want to say “Thanks…but no thanks.”

The Page of Swords asks you to embrace these difficult situations. Think of them as trials designed to test your mettle. If you accept and prevail, you will become stronger and more resilient. In meeting these challenges, you are encouraged to use the tools of the Swords suit – honest, reason, integrity and fortitude.

The Page of Swords can also stand for a child or young-at-heart adult whose interactions with you involve truthfulness, ethical behavior, discouragement or matters of the mind. This relationship is likely to be troubled or difficult in keeping with the challenges of the Swords suit.

Sometimes the Page of Swords implies that your entire situation is one suffused with the spirit of learning, discovery, and mental activities of all kinds. At such times, use your mind and enjoy the delights of the intellect.

Keywords: Good luck, prosperity, potent and auspicious power. Brainstorming, inventing, imagination, an open mind.

Card 3, advice: 7 of Wands

Last seen May 20th, as card 2.

Introduction: When the 7 of Wands appears, you are likely to find that in any sort of competitive situation, that you come out on top. Things should be going very well, you should be feeling good, and projects should be moving right along. You may still have regular moments of self-doubt, unfortunately, but now is time to feel the fear, and do it anyway.

General: Don’t hesitate to make where you stand clear to people. Your thinking is clear, and you are likely to help someone out by spelling things out for them. This card can indicate that a change is coming – a positive change – in your personal or business life. This card also points toward being independent and thinking for yourself.

Work: If you’ve ever wanted to be self-employed, now is the time to give this a great deal of thought and to do your homework. You have the wherewithal to make your own business work, IF you are willing to put in the time and effort it will take to make it happen. Be logical, however. If you can start your business while still employed elsewhere, it makes sense to do so.


Low impact workout #reps, #plank, easy #yoga

When you’re feeling bunion-y from a retail shift & your sneakers are almost five years old? Low impact! It was a pretty good workout too, in spite of that. Course skipping would’ve made it better, but I need to deal the best I can with circumstances. Now to shower & get back to art!


Better Booty Workout: Glutes, Hamstrings, Thighs, Legs

  • 1 round, time = 21:00
  1. Front Squat 40lbs (Would do 50 or more if I had the weights. Was lusting over these earlier.)
  2. Mountain Climber 1min
  3. Lunge Kick (right) 30lbs
  4. Lunge Kick (left)
  5. Hip Thrust Frogger 40lbs Jump back to plank & forward, grab weights & stand
  6. Bulgarian Split Squat (right) 35lbs 35lbs is heavy on one leg for me so I did 6&7 as two sets of 10/10
  7. Bulgarian Split Squat (left)
  8. Romanian Deadlift 40lbs
  9. Hip Thrust (right) tabletop
  10. Hip Thrust (left)

Extended Plank Workout: Core Workout for Love Handles, Abs and Back

  • (10/30) 8min round
  • 2 rounds
  1. Plank forearms, hands clasped
  2. Side Plank-Right Extended arm
  3. Star Side Plank-Right Top arm up, top leg raised. Stationary
  4. Reverse Plank
  5. Side Plank-Left
  6. Star Side Plank-Left
  7. Reverse Plank Lift-Right Foot pointed. Stationary.
  8. Reverse Plank Lift-Left
  9. Supergirl-Right
  10. Supergirl-Left
  11. Oblique Hold-Right
  12. Oblique Hold-Left


  • Suryas & fundamentals 23:20
  • Standing arches & wall backbends, (15/30) 13:30
  • Finishing 13:03

40-minute #meditation • Mothers Day

Considering how grossly & unsustainably over populated human beings are, those of us who choose not to breed should be rewarded in some ways, with a holiday being the least of it.

I’ll be going to work, where I’ll be on my feet all day (minus my half hour, unpaid break that is). I end up limping by the end. I’ve never had foot problems, and I used to make close to six figures before I left NYC. I was therefore able to afford Danskos, but even wearing those, after hours on my feet the bones in my left foot cramp and I feel bunion-y, for the first time ever, on the right.

Humans are not made just to stand and work

Workers in lower status jobs are far more likely to be required to stand for long periods. Workers in higher status jobs are much less likely to be required to stand for long periods without access to a chair.

• Individuals spending most of the day on their feet every working day are at greater risk of health problems including varicose veins, poor circulation and swelling in the feet and legs, foot problems, joint damage, heart and circulatory problems and pregnancy difficulties.

• A Hazards survey of UK union health and safety officers found widespread problems from standing at work. Unions representing shopworkers, teachers, library staff, production line workers, bank workers, warehouse staff, museum workers, school supervisors, train drivers, printers, hospitality and casino workers and engineers all reported standing-related health problems experienced by their members.

“The proportion of workers standing at least 75 per cent of their working day is 30-40 per cent in Scandinavia and 50-70 per cent in north America.”

I was almost 2 dispirited 2 sit today, but I did it anyway #meditation #poetry

I record notes with voice memo in the post sit savasana that’s necessary to let blood flow restore itself in the topmost leg and calf, though the more often you sit the less pronounced this transition.

Meditation is a mostly passive activity which requires the utmost in active will to maintain the discipline. After all, it’s not going to change anything. This is what I was thinking before I commenced this morning. When I first learned meditation – during a course called Yoga, Meditation & Mysticism, taken the summer between sophomore & junior year at RISD – it seemed to almost magically revamp me internally. It was a six week course during which time I kept the promise to do 40-minutes of easy yoga and a traditional 20-minute sit daily. The effects became obvious in my level of focus the next year at school, and the positive effects lasted the full year even though I’d mostly stopped meditating. But then I was young and hopeful. I was a star student at (supposedly) the best art school in the country.

This morning I asked the tarot if I would ever earn a living wage again. I got the 9 of cups reversed. Facade’s interpretation was really negative, but I just googled it and got this. I think I’ll stop there. I like this interpretation.

Introduction: The 9 of Cups, whether reversed or upright, is one of the most uplifting and pleasant cards to receive in a reading. Known often as the “wish card” it can mean that what you are hoping for or dreaming about most is very likely to be yours. The reversal says that the wishes for you will go even deeper; these are not superficial wishes that are at play now. That’s a good thing.

General: The reversed 9 of Cups is a signal that things are looking up. Make a point to really stop and think about what it is that you want in your life. You may be pleasantly surprised by how quickly it can come about. Dream.

Work: When you pull the reversed 9, it can signify that you will soon be finding, and feeling, deep fulfillment in your work. There is a lot more loyalty to you there than you would expect. If you’re looking for work, this means that you are going to find something much more suitable, much sooner than you would expect. You will feel drawn to the position. Follow your gut, and take it.

I might well start practicing more yoga asana again, if only because physical activity is important and I really need to spend some money on new cross trainers but really shouldn’t and thus don’t want to.

I finally broke down and got a 6-month subscription to the Vegan Cuts beauty box. I’d been wanting it since last winter. Once a month, for a little while, I’ll be getting a “surprise” delivery. This will mean a lot even if it’s frivolous. The other thing I’m wondering about is a Kindle unlimited. I should read more. I find video less satisfying these days, unless we’re talking vegan activism on YouTube. I need to find out if all titles are featured in the program or if it’s just a curated selection. This is important. My reading interests are highly selective. I just finished Reasons to Stay Alive and now I want to read The Humane Economy: How Innovators and Enlightened Consumers Are Transforming the Lives of Animals.

So anyway… ya… my right knee has been a bit achy lately as has the outer edge of the same foot, in bunion territory. Also the HIIT has been seeming a bit pointless. I don’t have access to heavier weights which I could use to build more strength & muscle mass. It feels a bit like treading water. We’ll see… I just don’t want to get attached to asana as physical and some twisted kind of moral validation again. It really helps that I haven’t been a part of “the scene” for years, but even if I practice a little too semi-regularly, the beast reawakens. I don’t want it.

No workout today, as far as the physical exercise thing goes. It’ll be a psychological endurance test instead.