Cooking & rest days

Taking a rest day today so thought I’d write about cooking while I wait for the chicken noodle soup┬áto finishing simmering. Nothing like┬ásoup with homemade stock! Charlie and I are getting pretty good at roasting chickens too, I have to say.

FullSizeRender 2.jpg
The glop on top is the fresh rosemary & garlic rub.

I used the rest of the roasted veggies that we hadn’t eaten, as well as the juice (wine & stock), since we didn’t feel like going to the store today.

I just tasted the stock and it’s ah-MAZ-ing.

I sometimes regret going to the “dark side” and eating meat again. I go from month long vegan experiments to eating antipasto plates at brewpubs, but… I guess right now it’s just easiest to follow the path of least resistance.