Woke up with a start from my drug-induced nap

And half the day’s over. Excellent! And it only took 1 tablet

I guess I don’t have mono but that weird, nervous churning feeling in my upper abdomen, spleen area, reminds me of my bout, long ago. It was the first day of eighth grade. My sister and I both got ready in same bathroom, each perched on one side of the counter. I was applying my blue sparkly eye shadow (I’m that old), when I sort of crumpled, slid to the floor and passed out. You could call that sudden onset! My sister accused me of always being “so dramatic”. My dad had to come in and pick me up off the floor and deposit me on my bed. There was a moment I scared the fuck out of everyone by being unable to respond. Soon after I had the worst sore throat you could imagine, like strep at mach 10. I needed help getting from the car into the doctor’s office later as well, but by then I could speak.

It was a rager of a case & I missed a full month of school. My throat felt like that last night. It’s hard to get any liquids down when it’s that painful to swallow.

Maybe I’ll have to go back to vegetarian again and see if that helps my immune system as much as it did in my late 30s. I still think vegan is the only ethical way, but it’s just too damn hard when you’re this isolated and poor. I’m lucky to have a roof over my head and food to eat. When I’m buying my own groceries again then I can be pickier.

Woke up with another cold

Last one was early October. My immune system has gotten weak again! No surprise. Social isolation and sadness generally isn’t good for immunity. Also I’m eating animals again and not in a very┬áhealthy balance. There’s been a lot of bread and cheese…

When I first went merely vegetarian I ate way too much dairy but my immunity bumped itself up triple fold. I went from having a cold every 2-3 months to maybe 1 per year. I was constantly amazed at the difference. It was easy to get a constant mix of vegetables living and working in NYC though. There are all those delis around! Le sigh.

I also haven’t been good about taking vitamins. It’s my lack of schedule. In NYC I kept a set of all my supplements on my work desk, and since I had an actual professional job (the type which do not seem to exist in PDX) I was always looking for ways to use up my desk time. When you’re not at work, taking the time to open up five different jars or so and swallow all those different things seems like a pain in the ass. When you’re in your cubicle it’s a different story, lol.

Maybe the most important supplement I used to take was an organic turmeric blend. That shit is a wonder drug. I’d take 1 per day normally, but when coworkers were sick and/or I could feel my system working to protect itself, I’d take up to 4.

I’m still hoping to work out later but I’ll have to see. I was also thinking to go downtown to Blick maybe. I need some softer pencil leads.

If you can sit without asana, you don’t need the asana #meditation

Other forms of physical exercise are much more efficient and far less damaging to your joints!

I’m not exercising this week but I’m meditating daily, 22 minutes in the morning. Of course with a head cold you’re obliged to break your seat occasionally for coughing, sneezing and nose blowing. Still… I’d like to do a second, 18 minute evening sit but so far no.

I’ll get in two workouts this week anyway, Friday and Saturday. (Hopefully I’m not scheduled again until next week, but I’m not in the system yet so… Will find out during my shift.)