If anything, I see myself withdrawing further & further from the world

I don’t have much in common with normal people anymore. Unless you’ve got money you can’t hang and no one really wants to hear your problems, especially when they don’t change. (The move was already almost two years ago so… I remember people offering up all kinds of comforting advice the first year, like “in the PNW it takes about a month for every 10,000 you want to earn”. OK. So eventually I’ll get hired for like $500,000 a year? I’m so sure.)

And then there is the weirdness of Emperor Baby Fists… I have little to no patience for everyone’s shock and dismay. As I like to say, I’d been having 2016 since the middle of 2015. How could this HAPPEN? Guess what, shit happens and life isn’t fair. Back in NYC I’d started going to demonstrations and marches, anti nukes (Indian Point) and anti Monsanto. I didn’t for once consider going to the women’s march in Portland this Saturday. I’ve got no spirit for it. All I want to do is find somewhere amenable to sit and drink beer. That’s it.

Took another rest day yesterday. No reason other than apathy, but it was an NB and I didn’t totally pig out. Two rest days a week is bad endorphin/mood/motivation wise, though on a sheer exercise level, I work out way more intensely way more often than I used to, since I started HIIT toward the end of 2014.

I slept deeply because no alcohol and the darkness of rain. Charlie had already left for work when I got up at 7:30. He’s got a long day… I’ll get some exercise in and then maybe go downtown on the first afternoon bus. Bus 51 was out of service for a good 11 days, but it was running yesterday, and I’ve been losing my mind with just sitting in the house all the time. I could even bring some sketching supplies… It’ll be too wet to draw outside but I could just doodle in a cafe…

The best feline sidekick, Bodyrock & rest days

Hmmm…. It’s such a cool, gray day after a long time of “relentless” (lol) sunshine. It’s been really nice actually, but an inward day is nice. The only thing is that Henry’s gotten used to over an hour outside. Yesterday he got more than two.

He was crazy frisky this morning while we were having coffee, running around and ambushing me regularly. Then C opened the door & Henry dashed out. He just went to the deck where he stopped and allowed me to scoop and scold. He looked smug, like he’d wanted to prove a point. (He also enjoys racing to the top of the stairs ahead of the humans.)

I definitely have to take him out later, especially as we’ve got a few days of rain forecast. There’s generally some time in the day to get out, but he’ll have less fun if everything’s wet.

I got all happy last night because I discovered that Lisa Marie IS putting out longer videos, on her own YouTube page, just like the old Real Time Challenge. Not sure why BodyRock has always had such clueless customer service. This has remained the same as they’ve grown. You never get the correct information! I was told by one that the only way to take part in the last Bootcamp was to purchase. This was after it’d already started & despite putting my name on the email list like 3x I’d never gotten a notice. Then I found a link to do a subscription trial and sampled 18 out of 19 workouts.

The last time I logged on a chat window popped up & was like “Let us know if you’ve got any questions!” Just for fun I asked if they were ever going to do longer real-time workouts again, like the old RTC. I went back to what I was doing and a few hours later I double checked and the agent never responded, not in three hours. It’s not like I’d asked for the nuclear launch codes!

Then last night I happen to see a suggested workout video in my YouTube and I go to Lisa’s page and find a bunch of current, longer real times! Since she’s the main star and her YouTube is obviously affiliated – the company name comes before hers on her own channel –  you think the people in charge of selling subscriptions and gear would be informed & pass this along, at least when asked. Nope! No matter. I always find the pertinent information myself.

I have a workout detailed out already but I might do it tomorrow & just sit today.

I like to change the rest / transition time to 15-seconds over 10, when working from a long list rather than following a video, however, so my workout will be slightly longer than the video. Gives me time to grab a sip, check the notes & get into place. This is especially good when working with different weights and a jump rope!

Ya I just texted to reschedule #nationallazyday

This was just after eating some ice cream (vegan) in bed at noon on a Wednesday. I’m exhausted. I feel like shit on myriad levels. I finally gave up hope of falling back asleep this morning around 10:30 & popped in me eyeballs. Then I found out it’s #nationallazyday, first from a Dandy Warhols tweet, funny enough.


I’d been planning to get on the 2:34 bus 51, which is the earliest you can catch it downtown after it stops running (weekdays ONLY!) at 9am. I saw on Instagram that Orange Theory has opened in PDX and you can get an introductory week free. Might be good for me to leave The Hill more often and a class or two might be nice. I was also gonna get veggie burgers and fries at the Little Big Burger that’s near there. It’s Wednesday and it’s jam night somewhere else & I don’t have anything super yummy to cook. Plus that’s boring solo. I’m now wishing I had a vegan frozen pizza… Hmmmm…. Oh well I don’t.

I’ve been craving meat lately too, which means I need some dosages of fake meat. Anyway fuck that meeting and pretty much screw everything for today

I had some depressing news yesterday and then very little sleep. The gray of the skies matches my mood, the clothes I’m wearing, my hair. I have something I need to turn in by Friday, but I got a good jump on that. All I need to do is print & proof. I could take another rest day from exercise, though if I’m not leaving at 2:30 now there’s a chance I might work out. Either way is fine. Whatever.


Today I’ll have my 1st interview as an “out” #gray person

No exercise before hand, as planned, because I’d stayed up late watching the silly but highly enjoyable Hot Tub Time Machine 2 and I have a cat, a demanding cat. Naughty little ankle-biter is sleeping on the futon next to me right now.

Instead of working out I was researching, trying to find an interesting but text heavy resume template, preferably in InDesign. I downloaded some stuff but I need to keep thinking about it. Also need to watch a tutorial on it, via Creative Cloud website.

I’ve been using this proletariat resume in Text Edit since I over paid for that mostly useless do-over a couple months into PDX. It’s gotta be scannable bla, bla. I was willing to listen, but now I want to make it pretty again, especially if I’m going to be presenting it with an inside track on a great job. It’s likely a real person will actually read it.

This was after printing my utilitarian & not snazzy at all current version to bring to today’s meeting. It’s more of a design coordination job and seems to be a start-up situation. I’ll know more after the chat.

So I’ll either exercise later or not at all. I’m fine with having a 4-day week. I might want to just work and study and download when I get back. I might want to stop at Blick on the return trip too, and in that case it’ll take over 2 hours. (Appointment is in the NE but close-in.)

Thoughts on over-exercising & #HIIT

Interesting thoughts for a rest day! As per the Batcave, I’m taking a ladies holiday but mainly for reasons of lack of sleep. But also, even though I took a break from skipping yesterday, I ended up working out really hard & my legs were super sore in the evening, to the point where I didn’t want to let Henry walk down the hill because then I’d have to come back up. It’s a good point for a rest day.

I am an over exerciser for sure, but I’m a hell of a lot older than this woman and I never, ever got a back injury that forced me to take three months off, not even getting over adjusted & seriously tweaked out in Miami, October 2012.

Now she says she wouldn’t recommend HIIT five days a week long term. I guess I’m at about two years of a lot of HIIT, but ya… If I’m holding steady things are fine. My back is a lot healthier now. I can tell in the finishing poses. It’s healthier than it was before I got to Miami. I was still dealing with the lingering aftermath of a neck tweak from practicing Ganda Bherundasana angrily.

So what I’m saying is that for me, a lot of regular, 90% exertion level HIIT is better for me physically than intermediate or advanced ashtanga was. (Things might’ve been different if I hadn’t stopped cross-training during the run of ashtanga obsession, but there’s only so much time in a day.)

Got some work done & I got some sun when it wasn’t so hot outside so we’re all good. I’m actually in the office with the AC running too. Was hard to get the screen out & the vent attachment hooked up though. Imma leave this shizz assembled for the next few days that it’s in the 80s.