Jumprope #intervals & #ashtanga #yoga

Missed my workout yesterday! But at least I went on a lovely walk up to Council Crest Park with Charlie and Rocco, which was really nice & it’s pretty steep in some places, so at least it was an active sort of rest day. When we got home & started cooking. Eating some of my first batch of seitan made me as exhausted as Thanksgiving turkey! Promising! LOL. I’ve found that if I make a conscious effort to get good doses of plant protein, meat cravings go away.

Anyway the temps have dropped and I’m still really stiff through the twists, so I’m trying to keep things moving, by practicing them regularly to the best of my current ability (nothing to show off that’s for sure!) I took one of the new Bender fitness routines, modified and added on. I didn’t really work up a sweat but I got a good workout. I’d have liked to do some abs sets too, but I stopped so I’d get a 50/50 dose of exercise & yoga.

I definitely want to do this workout again.



Week 1, Day 4: Arms & Back Workout

  • (10/30) one interval of skipping before all #d exercises
  • Reps of all #d exercises.
  • Time = 41:33 Jotting notes as you complete each reps set takes a little extra time, but may be worth doing at least once in awhile.
  1. Pull-ups (with strap): reps = 20 (1-10, 11-16, 17-20)
  2. Chin-ups (with strap): reps = 20 (1-12, 13-20)
  3. Seated Curl-R, 15lbs: reps = 12 (1-9, 9-12)
  4. Seated Curl-L: reps = 12 (1-7, 8-12)
  5. Chest Press, arms together, 40lbs, reps = 20 (1-13, 14-20)
  6. Fly pulse, 30lbs reps = 20 reps, in 1 go
  7. Elevated plank, alt spider & knee straight in 20 reps, each side = 1 rep
  8. Overhead tricep, 20lbs = 20 reps (1-15, 16-20)
  9. Lawnmower-Right, = 20lbs  (1-14, 15-20)
  10. Lawnmower-Left
  11. Dips = 20 reps, in 1 go
  12. Reverse Plank Pushup or Reclined Tricep 20lbs = 20 reps straight thru, but only lowering to half way with a hold for most, b/c of the tendon clicking thing.
  13. Lateral Raise, 20lbs = 20lbs  (1-14, 15-20)
  14. Upright rows, 30lbs = 20lbs  (1-12, 13-20)


  • Suryas & fundamentals
  • no vinyasa twisting – SO TIGHT!
  • Paschimo & finishing thru sirsasana C
  • Eka pada sirsasana and about 10 breaths on the rack, quick savasana