So I’ve been playing with an Adobe app, #adobecapture

Home looks like this. I’ve been playing around with the different functions, figuring how they work with the design apps I use most often: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat.


Making shapes & modifying in Photoshop & Illustrator

I made a bunch of patterns. Here’s one from Henry’s bum. Since I’m willing to go sit in the shrubs with my cat, I made use of my time. The palette is so nice! It’d be good for carpeting.

Here’s a few more. You could do it endlessly (or maybe that’s just me).

Was less successful trying to make a brush for Photoshop. It also exports paths to Illustrator, but it’d be way better to make a mark like this traditional media… I used an ink pen with a brush-like tip.

FullSizeRender 5.jpg
Line drawn with Faber Castelli artist pen, SC

I already deleted the Photoshop brush I made with Capture because it didn’t work. I then imported my original photo, dropped out the background & outlined it to make an Illustrator art brush. It’d be better if I’d taken the time to draw the image carefully in Illustrator, but this would do for some effects.

Art brush

So I tried Patterns, Shapes (harder to see using, for me personally) and Brushes. Looks creates color story thumbnails that you can use to apply really meh color effects in Photoshop. I’d much rather access the thumbnails as separate, good quality image files but that appears to be impossible. It’d be cool for very easy mood & color boards!

PS: Yes I have to rename this particular Cloud library from Animate to Capture. I am not that organized about them because I use them for play. I was dabbling in Flash, which turned into Animate mid dabble. Forgot to rename it / make a new one. Non importanto.


Anyway I need to get to the illustration. Gotta ink two goddesses today. Working in traditional media again has been amazing for me, both as an artist & a designer.