Who the hell knows how long this workout took me? Was fun tho.

Ya, ya I was supposed to do astanga but I felt like I wouldn’t be able to keep my blood out of my feet today, “moving”, in other words.¬†HIIT is much more reliable in its physiological and emotional effects, and sans monitor still I decided to follow along with a Julia routine without previewing. I ended up taking forEVER, stopping after each section to jot down notes. Hey who cares how long it takes me if it’s not in the stats? ūüôā

I’m very pleased Julia got ankle weights because I love using mine. I bought them way back for the constant rehabilitation of my previously impervious knees, which kicked in after about 2.5 years of full 3rd series. I use them mainly for inner & outer thighs & glute work, so they’re a little heavy for me for ab work involving extended legs. Plus I just did some of that yesterday! Definitely pushes me out of my comfort zone.

Holiday Happiness Workout by Jori

Warm-up: 10 reps each
– Jumping Jacks (for Joy)
– Squats (for Presents)
РLunges (Reindeer Pulling Santa’s Sleigh)
– Push-up Rotations (Looking to the Sky waiting for Santa)

Melting Frosty (x 2) 50:10 10 mins with 8lb vest, which I regretted when I got to move 5!
1.Wide Bicep Curl + Press Outs (Twig Arms) 20
2.Bent Over (button) Rows (Jacket/Coat) 40
3.Diagonal Cross Body Front Raises (alt R/L) (Scarf) 20
4.Tricep OH Extensions (Hat blows off) 20
5 ball block squeeze (bet thighs) diamond Push-ups

The Grinch’s Legs (x 2) 10 reps each with 8lb vest
1.Sumo Squats + 4 Sumo Pulses 30
2.Pendulum Lunges Right on Sliders 3 pulses 30 / 20
3.Pendulum Lunges Left on Sliders 3 pulses
4.Deadlifts¬†30/40¬†When I don’t preview a workout I find myself stopping after every set to take notes. I’m especially bad today when I’m still sans monitor.¬†

The Star of David (Tabata Pair: (4 min) 20:10 x 8) with 8lb vest
1.Star Jump Burpee Box Jumps
2.Plank Jack Toe Touch

Santa’s Bowl Full Of Jelly (x 2)
With ankle weights. I think mine are about 4lbs per leg. I think each of the little bags is 1lb & I’ve got 4 of 6 filled.
1.10 Ball Block Passes
2.20 Flutter Kicks
3.10 Side to Side V-ups¬†MAN are these hard w/ 2 ankle weights. I’d started out handicapping by holding a 3lb weight bet feet and that’s a big difference. Then I moved up to a 5lb (sometimes, not always).¬†
4.10 elevated Commandos

The Menorah’s Shine (Tabata Pair: (4 min) 20:10 x 8) No vest
1.Candle Stick Burpee
2.Split low Jack Lunges (1/2 a Jumping Jack into a Rev. Lunge Right, 1/2 Jump Jack into a Rev. Lunge Left)¬†I’m not too good at getting my vest on & off quickly (it’s a cheap one which might be the problem), so I held a 5lb weight in each hand @ my hip crease for these.

Home Alone: Kevin’s Booby Traps (x 2) 50:10 6 mins
1.Agility: In, In, Out, Out (over step, Bosu, Bench, or just on floor like a ladder)
2.High Knees Side to Side Laterally (L-R) to end of Mat with Lunge back touch down hitch kick
3.Big Hurdle: Burpee w/ Push-up and into lunge and pike jump¬†Was really bad at this one! I can barely do the pike jump starting with both legs together. I took off my vest for the 2nd set & since I’d mistakenly alternated the lunge legs 1st time thru kept that. I’m marginally better when it’s the LL back.

6 Min AMRAP  (5 reps each exercise) No vest
1. Broad Jump Forward + Tricep Push-up + 4 Plank jack Shoulder Taps + Bear Crawl Back
2. Oblique Plank Hops w/ 3 OH Swings 15
3. 8 Mt. Climbers (I did mine 1+1=2) + x 2 Lateral hop Plyo Push-Ups (L/R)

Bootyful Legs and Butt Burnout:50:10 2x Stay on one leg for first round then switch for the second round: with ankle weights
1.Donkey kicks (ceiling stomps)
2.Straight leg lifts
3.Fire hydrants
4.Plank kick unders and toe touch
5.Crab toe touch

Some yoga poses

I’ll try to do a serious practice tomorrow. Maybe I should go ahead & order a new monitor from Amazon today, in case the battery doesn’t work on the situation Tues…

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Format Chaos by Christine Comeau

Circuit Training + rep pyramid
Time = 31:00min

This was the 2nd section in the video but I put it first. Weighted vest for all moves!
1. 10 clean and press + squat and press 40
2. 20 burpee tucks (10 with tucks at the bottom, 10 with tuck jumps at the top)
3. 30 sumo squats 40
4. 40 curtsy lunges (20 per leg) 35
5. 50 strict mountain climbers (2=1) tapping toe on the forward beat
6. 50 weighted chair lunges (2=1) 10
7. 40 pendulum lunges (20 per leg) 30
8. 30 narrow squats 40
9. 20 burpee mat jumps Jump back to one side of mat, do jump to the other & jump in
10. 10 clean and press + surrender 20

HIIT (5 mins)
Round #1 (50:10), no vest
1. Bear craw hold to kickthrough burpee Jump back to bear crawl & kick thru to both sides
2. Swings 35
3. dive bomber burpee + box jump
4. Lat hop + drop and pop to 3 squat jumps
5. Tricep burpee + 4 plank jacks

AMRAP (5 minutes)
Only 1 full round & 3 of my swapped out first move

5 reverse curls x3, roll back to halasana & roll forward to low squat ninja jumps with hands behind head
5 weighted surrenders 20
5 burpee tucks
5 weighted squat + standing kickbacks (do both legs)
5 tornado switches (2=1) (plyo curtsy)
5 weighted curtsy (2=1) 30

Tabata Pairs 20:10 8x, 8:20min
no vest

1. Handstand (both legs together) + pistol squat (alt sides)
2.  Jack knife get up (lay flat on your back and lift up into crab toe touch) 1 side at a time

1. plank jack pushup and tuck (in plank)
2.  Scrambles (crouch down jump your hands forward and then jump your feet to your hands 4 forward, 4 back- stay low)

Supersets + 5×5: 5 reps (heavy), 5 sets, 10 reps cardio move
Time = 23:00min

With vest, Time = x
1. Curtsy Lunge 35
2. Bulgarian 30
Cardio move = fast feet on step  Everything 5 per leg

1. Squat slow down 40
2. Sumo squat 35
Cardio move = in/out squat jumps (touching floor)¬†Took my vest off for these after the 1st round! Doing 10 of these so low… Wanted to pick up my time if you know what I mean, lol.

Activation + Add-on (first do the left leg moves 1-8, then do the right leg)
This’d be a great glute burnout, done with ankle weights & alternating legs for each move. It was actually the warm-up in the video but I thought I’d burn more if I stuck it in when hot & consider using weights this time. Nope! Did body weight only & 1 side a time as per instructions, just in the revised location.
1. Fire hydrant
2. Fire hydrant kick
3. Fire hydrant in bear
4. Donkey kick
5. Donkey kick in plank
6. 4 count hold (donkey kick position)
7. Knee in kick back
8. Glute raise rainbow over

EMOM– Abs (4 min)
1. Burpee
2. Lateral plank jumps x 2 (jump back & push up, mat hop to either side)
3. Twisted renegades (bottom of plank) 30
4. 2 switch lunges + wood chopper 15 Holding weight above head when you stand up

Burnout + holds 30:30 (4 min)
with weighted vest
30 sec squat
30 sec squat hold
30 sec left lunge (lateral)
30 sec left lunge hold
30 sec sumo squat
30 sec sumo hold
30 sec right lunge (lateral)
30 sec right lunge hold

Total time 1:46. That’s actually pretty good for me for a video that was 90min long!


  • Up to the 2-hour mark. I’ll do more tomorrow because I’ll need a lighter routine after this!

Evening #HIIT

I looked back in my blog & discovered I’d already taken two rest days this week, so I decided WTF I’ll get out of bed long enough to follow along with the video for this workout. Normally I do some yoga after of course by my only goal was check it off the list & work up enough sweat to necessitate a shower.


No Equipment Thanksgiving Workout by Christine Comeau

Let’s get cooking warmup 40:40
1. Downward dog + step forward to lunge + open arms
2. Slow body weight squat + hands to floor and jump out or walk out to plank
3. 4 jacks + 8 jog in place
4. Plank + 4 swimmer arms + stand and 4 toe touches

AMRAP Appetizer (4 min)
1. (crow pose hold- 5 counts pop out to 5 pike pushups
2. 5 Scorpion hip dips on each side then plank hop pike jump
3. 5 roll back 2 star jumps
4. 5 prisoner jacks- keep those wings up)

pyramid: (40:10: 50:10, 60:10, 70:10, 80:10, 80:10, 70:10, 60:10, 50:10, 40:10) 12 min
1. Sumo squat hold x4 + 4 Sumo stomp+ 4 sumo hops
2. 3 Flying mountain climbers + SL tricep pushup+ kick through
3. Pistol squat 3 sec pause + kick
4. 3 bunny hops forward + drop and pop + tuck
5. Iron Quadzilla- classic quadzilla + two switch lunges and criss cross
6. alt plyo curtsy + 4 mountain climber
7. Alt¬†Pistol Squat¬†My knees don’t much like ninjas so I changed this move
8. Broad jump forward + 2 switch lunges + bunny hop back
9. donkey kicks up and over
10. Rocket squats (3 steps down explode up)

no rest tabata (20:10 x 4) 8 min Harder than I’d suspected! Glad I started off sans vest ūüôā¬†
1. Dive bombers (hold move = downward dog glute raise)
2. Froggy push up burpee + wide leg tuck jump (hold move = froggy hold- hold in back position)
3. 2 tricep push ups + 4 tricep hold jacks (hold move = plank)
4. Inchworm hops + explosive push up (hold move = midway push up position)

The ‚Äúsides‚ÄĚ (rep based)
10 oblique hop burpees
8 side plank with bottom and top knee in (2=1)
6 side plank + reach under + leg raise (2=1)
4 animal flow kickthroughs + knee to elbow in crab (2=1)
2 oblique V ups/side (2=1)

Going for seconds (50:10, each move x2) 18 min
1. Tricep fall + 2 tricep hold plank jack + angry donkey up
2. Up/down Commando plank + SL plank hop in and out
3. Reverse lunge 4 pulses + kick up to handstand, switch
4. Knee pulls x 3 + 3 tuck jump (wide + narrow + pike)
5. Elevator jack burpee (down for 4 then jump back to push up, jump to low squat and jack back up)
6. Y- plank walkouts (inchworm to plank and walk your hands as far forward as you can)
7. Diamond push up + downward dog glute raises + Diamond jump at top
8. A-alt plyo curtsly + 2 spiderman push-ups
9. Y-Wide burpees

Dessert finisher (x3)
25 mountain climbers (narrow/wide/cross)2=1
20 switch lunge (tornados/lateral lunge jumps/std) 1=1
15 plank hop to squat (narrow/sumo/ski)
10 push ups (std/tricep/dive bomber)
5 burpees (std/tricep/diamond)

Today’s workout #HIIT #Tabata #AMRAP #yoga


Warmup: (5:20) (10/30×5 jump rope with 2min slow surya As)¬†I love doing my own warmup & cool down.

Set 1: Do Each set HIIT at 60/30:20 1x (Each set is 9min so about 30min this part)

1. Squat & press 40 / Frogger
2. Elv commando (plank walk) and knee tucks / decline burpees
3. Lat step up leg lift RL 30 / lateral box jumps RL
4. Lateral step up LL /lat box jumps LL
5. Knees in press up 20, C-sit. Single weight @ sternum. Press up & knee tuck; down & legs go out / cannonball burpees Just do burpee tuck jump next time

Set 2:
1. SA row RL 20 in lunge / squat slams 20
2. SA row LL  / squat slams 
3.  Pike push-ups / matt jumps
4. Front load side steps curtsy each side 30 Stay low / Lateral jump to star jumps
5. Dips w alt leg lifts / Russian kicks

Set 3:
1. RL curtsy lunges 35 / skaters for height
2. LL curtsy lunges 35 / skaters for distance
3. Leg lift chest press 40 / wide V-leg crunch pulses Hurt my right hand holding the two 10s at once again. Maybe I will get myself a replacement 20 for Xmas.
4. Clean and press 40 / burpee hop over weight
5. Sumo squat+ deadlift 35 /sumo hops

Tabata pairs: 20:10 8x
Time = 28min

1. Slider mtn climbers and shoulder taps tapping opp shoulder from knee-in
2. Bicycle abs Can keep legs straight to make it harder (vest off this move)
10 box jumps switch lunges Box & hop down & switch lunge ea side

1 Slider around the world legs
2 Ab leg circles (vest off this move) Kept legs together & straight. A little too easy. Ankle weights next time?
10 box jump star jumps

1. Slider pike
2. V ups (2 straight & 2 to 1-side for obliques w 3/lbs bet feet)
10 box jump pike jump

1. Slider plank jack push-ups
2. Tuck abs (No vest this move) Spreading legs on the out & down part
10 box jump plank jacks¬†Jump back to plank and jack the legs out & back in.¬†Was wondering why this set of box jumps seemed easier & then realized I’d forgotten to put vest back on ūüôā

Burnout: 5 min AMRAP
Score: 2 full rounds, 15 swings & 10 D lunges

15 swings 35
10 dragon lunges 1=1 Alt deadlift lunges, swinging weight down & around the outside of the front leg
5 pull-ups / 5 chin-ups

(Total time 1:14)


About 25min

#Tabata and #AMRAP, #menial jobs

Fit Wow I didn’t realize I’d posted my “contemplating the end of it all” post publicly, rather than in the Batcave where it belonged. Oops. I was over wrought…

Dear corporations, If you’d like to keep people in your temporary, no benefits minimum wage jobs, then you might try not advertising them as “part-time” if they are not.

I could’ve just handled 3-days a week.



BTW: I could still feel the last Julia workout I did, on Friday, when I started this. The glutes, baby!

Warm up:2 mins 30:30

  1. Jog in place
  2. Lunge and reach
  3. Walk out to plank
  4. Hanumanasana

Set 1: Cardio 6min (with 8lb vest, these 2 rounds)
Tabata Pair Time Pyramid (20, 30, 40, 50, 50, 40, 30, 20)
1. 8 mountain climbers + 8 high knees
2. up and over bench to half burpee

Cardio AMRAP (6 mins)

  1. 10 toe taps
  2. push-up & knee tuck, both legs
  3. fast feet up (x5)
  4. drop and pop to tuck jump (x5)

Tabata pair (10/20) 8x (4 min) with vest
1. 2 lunge back pulses + switch lunge
2. weighted chair lunges 20lbs

Leg AMRAP (6 min)- low elevation without vest

  1. Stand on bench, hop down
  2. Hands on box SL jump back pushup
  3. SL jump to one side
  4. pistol down and up
  5. lateral box jump
  6. hands down jump back and pushup up for straddle box again, switch legs.

Traditional Tabata (10/20 x8) No vest, these two sets
1. Three way push up (2 cross legs, 2 tricep-hold + jack, 2 single leg pike push up)

Upper Body AMRAP (6 min)

  1. 3 five decline pushups
  2. plank hop down to 5 deadlifts 40lbs
  3. 5 palms out rows 40
  4. 5 clean and presses 40¬†Really fucking hard, not to mention unsafe, to hold a 10lb weight via thumb joint while doing overhead moves, but I’m not going to be buying that set of adjustable weights now oh welz.
  5. 5 plank hops up onto elv

Tabata burnout  (10/50, 10/20) These 2 sets w/ 8lb vest
1. 50 sec heavy weight alt crusty lunge with triple pulse in lunge 30
‚Äʬ†20 sec plyo curtsy lunges
2. 50 sec heavy weight hip thrusts 30
‚Äʬ†20 sec iso hip thrust pulses
3. 50 sec heavy bulgarians RL 30 Single-leg Bulgarians, with the balance work and the 30lbs, really work my glutes. This lets me know I could really use 60lbs on the steadier, both legs deadlifts.
‚Äʬ†20 sec bulgarian pulse and hops
4. 50 sec heavy bulgarains LL
‚Äʬ†20 sec bulgarian pluse and hops

Booty AMRAP (6 min)

  1. 5 bear crawl hold fire hydrants per leg
  2. press into pike 5 glute raises per leg
  3. hop up and into deep sumo 5 pulses+5 sumo stomps per leg
  4. 5 sumo hops
  5. 5 rev lunge hops/ leg

Tabata pairs with holds (10/20) (do #1/a for 4 rounds, then #2/b for 4 rounds)
Hold boat pose during the 10 sec ‚Äúrest‚Ä̬†No vest for these. The weights placement moves around in the back of my vest & makes it too hard to do abs easily if I’m doing a bunch of sets.
1. 3way V sit abs
a. Hold: boat pose
2. 1 Weighted v-up + 4 russian twists 10lbs
b. Hold: boat pose

Ab AMRAP (6 min)
4 Windshield wipers
4 leg lowers
4 bicycles
4 roll up to navasana (hold 4 counts) on the last roll up flip over to forearm plank
4 commando
4 knee to opp elbow. Jump thru

(Total time 1:19:30)

2000 subs=4000 sec of Happiness by Daniela



(10/50 Р20min set) with 8lb vest

Pair 1:

  1. Step-up to rev lunge and lateral raise (switch legs 2nd round) 10lbs
  2. 3 squat jacks to plank jack pushup

Pair 2:

  1. SL deadlift to row+ knee up bi curl + press (switch legs 2nd round) 15lbs
  2. 5 squat pulses to 180 jump

Pair 3:

  1. Skull crusher with butterfly bridge (hips lifted off the ground, knees out) 20lbs
  2. Tricep pushup burpee with 3 second hold in catarunga

Pair 4:

  1. Sumo squat to wide deadlift, 40‚ąö Bit of a strain holding / bracing a 10lb weight with right thumb but soon I may have the adjustables.
  2. 4 tornado switch lunges (hopping curtsy lunge, L-R-L-R) + 4 oblique plank hops

Pair 5:

  1. Clean and press to curtsy lunge 40
  2. 4 switch lunges to 3 lizard hops

Part 2: Cardio circuit¬†10min, 10 moves 30 sec each no rest 2x through. This was a really tough, 10m set! Especially with a vest. I don’t know how J does 12lbs.¬†

  1. squat jacks
  2. squat jumps
  3. toe touch jacks
  4. mtn climbers
  5. yoga pushups
  6. groiners
  7. squat pulses
  8. touchdowns
  9. high knee toe taps (star jumps)
  10. elbow plank holds

Part 3: 10 minute strength AMRAP: Start with 1 rep of each move, then 2, then 3 and so on until 10 minutes are up. No¬†vest. I’m SO SLOW on manmakers I got further behind every set. I finished 4 rounds minus one double rep of move 5.

  • holding 30lbs
  1. Squat
  2. Manmaker¬†This be my nemesis move. I’m not sure why, since neither rows nor tricep push-ups alone are weak with me.
  3. Surrenders
  4. Rev lunge with hammer curl 
  5. SL deadlift with upright row 

Part 4: 10 minute Bulgarian madness, 5 moves (10/50), Do all 5 moves on one leg then repeat on the other leg. With 8lb vest.

  1. Bulgarians 20
  2. Bulgarian DL 20 OMG this move is SO MUCH HARDER on my weaker left glute. I was glad I started with that leg cause I knew it’d be the more painful
  3. Bulgarian pulses
  4. Bulgarian hop to SL pushup
  5. Bulgarian holds

Part 5: Upper body 5 moves (10/50) 2x 10 mins No vest!! I was really glad about that when I got to move 4. SUPER TOUGH without extra weight on your shoulders

  1. SA and SL rows using elv 20
  2. SA and SL rows using elv (20
  3. Tricep pulse pushup
  4. Pushup to rev commando onto elv
  5. Black fly burpee 2 10s

Part 6: 5 min cardio burnout, 5 moves 60 sec each No vest.

  1. 3 switch foot mtn climbers
  2. vertical frog hop to plank hop
  3. flying leg pushup
  4. elbow plank jacks
  5. high knees

Part 7: 2 min burpee finisher No vest.

Diamond pushup to a box jump, then 2 diamond pushups to 2 box jumps and so on until 2 minutes are up. 4 rounds and 2 diamond push-ups.

Total time: 1:26:58 #IDGAF but I hit pause after every set because:

  1. One thing I’m rich in is free time and
  2. I like to jot notes


About 18min


#HIIT #AMRAP (3min intervals on my!) and #yoga

Started to preview this one & then just did it along w/ the video, with several additional pauses to take my notes (& also for more recovery) along the way. I’d gotten sidetracked in a carpet design I’m working on & therefore didn’t have time for both a length preview and the execution. My output wasn’t overly high but I was low energy. No vest for the HIIT and then I only wore it at the beginning of the AMRAP. Three minute sets were killer! It’s great to challenge your body in different ways though.

FullSizeRender 3.jpg

  • Body Transformation Builder by Kristin R
  • (10/50)¬†x1 (18 min)
    13‚ÄĚ elv¬†Finally checked to see how high my elevation is. It’s one of Charlie’s work benches. I do have a higher elevation for some things (not jumping! I’m not a great jumper & wouldn’t trust my ability to clear it) but it’s downstairs so won’t be using it for awhile.
  1. Box Squats + Press 40lbs, touching butt to bench on the squat
  2. Oblique Side Bend + Opposite arm Hammer Curl 30lbs Standing. Bend to the side & touch weight to foot. Return to standing & hammer curl opp arm. Alt.
  3. Deadlift plank hops 40lbs
  4. Y-Press + Lat Leg Raise (Single/opp leg raise, Single/opp leg raise, Double Y) 20lbs
  5. Tricep Pushup x 2 to Down Dog Toe Touches x 2 (opp hand to opp foot)
  6. Renegade Rows in Plank with knee in (turn out at top of row w/ knee in) 20lbs
  7. Angry Donkey + Squat Jacks x3
  8. Ninja Tuck + Switch Lunge Toe Touch x2
  9. Sumo stomps (4 low) + same Side Knee Crunch x2
  10. Alt Front Lunge + Bi Curl + Warrior 3 (press up on SL into Glute Raise) 2 5lbs¬†If I do this routine again I think I’ll change this move to be just an alt warrior 3 with front raise.
  11. OH Press + Tricep Ext with Alt Reverse Lunge 2, 10lbs
  12. RDL to Fly/curl in + Goodmorning 2, 10lbs
  13. Strict Mountain Climbers x 4 + Crossbody Mtn Climber x4
  14. Around the World Arms in ISO Squat w Alt Stepback ¬Ĺ lunge2, 10lbs
  15. T-Press Up, Dip x2 to Plank tap out x 2 to opposite side T-Dip x2, repeat 10lbs
  16. Increasing Squat Jumps 3 + Jumping jacks x4
  17. Opposite Hand to Foot (Plie & Lateral Raise + hand to opp foot) 2, 10lbs
  18. Negative Pushups & Knee Drives 4 count down to floor + Press up knee drives x2



(AMRAP Pyramid: 3Min/2Min/1min) (30 min)

1. Sumo Squat + Lateral Leg Raise & SA Hammer Curl, 2, 15lbs This was HEAVY for 3min! Switched to 13lbs for the 2min round & back to 15lbs for the 1min round
2. Alt Lateral Lunge touchdown + SA Fly(bring 1 weight to foot & other arm does SA Fly) 2, 8lbs for 3min & 2min rounds, 10lbs for the 1min round
3. Bent over Row, Squat, Deadlift, 15lbs¬†Made it to here w/ my 8lb vest on & took it off when I heard “Manmaker”. Also hit pause to make this note & take a break
4. Manmakers 2, 15lb weights Paused here too on 2min round. Now I knew what was coming! Two minutes of plank.
5. Bear Crawl Plank Hop x2 / Oblique Plank Hops x2 / Cross Crunch x2



About 25min. I did the marichys, with eka pada sirsa in the middle of ’em, no vinyasa. Felt good.