Wow I am SERIOUSLY sick

I haven’t been this bad in years, with a respiratory thing, not since like 34/35. I’d been trying to celebrate Christmas like a healthy person but this cold has just gotten worse and worse, approaching flu levels. I waaaaay over did some cannabis oil, trying to sleep last night, and then I just got the horrible dry mouth reaction and no sleep.

I’ve got rock hard sinuses, noxious goo┬áin my chest and now I’ve lost my voice too. I need to just stay in bed for a couple days, drink liquids, (except for wine), and recover. One of the funny things is that one point in the many billion I couldn’t sleep I started planning a pre yoga HIIT, and turned my phone on to make the list. There will be no exercise the next couple days.

Charlie brought some coffee upstairs which is why my eyes are open and I’m blearily, still both high and tired AF, typing this. Poor guy! At least we got to have fun on the Eve. I might see if I can wobble downstairs to get him to make me more of it. And there’s organic OJ in the fridge…