Considering that it comes out of #Adobe [updated]

[EDIT UPDATE] OK never mind! I finally heard back on the ticket I posted three days ago and I got my explanation & link. The information is in a place I’d looked, but it’s sort of an incomplete link that can be tricky to copy & paste directly. Anyone who’s tried this with their LinkedIn profile would know what I mean.

A portfolio is something the artist SHARES and SHOWS to ppl right? #AdobePortfolio #review

One of the most BASIC things about an online version is that it’s got to have a shareable link, so that you can embed it in your PDF resume and email responses. Duh. Take a look at the splash page & navigation of my Behance.

behance splash.jpg

Link says “MY ADOBE PORTFOLIO”. You’d think that clicking here would take you to “my” portfolio right? Wrong.

portfolio splash.jpg
This doesn’t look like my portfolio! This looks like another sales pitch.

You have to start scrolling past the GIANT blue header & then the links you really want appear, on the upper right & below “See what’s possible”.

You know what isn’t possible? A shareable link. Also a response from their Twitter team. The best and fastest way to get a customer service response from most corporations is to ask on Twitter. Not with Adobe! They will ignore you.

From the completely unnecessary and redundant splash, you can get to the edit Portfolio page, finally, and then click Preview, but the link is just “”, meaning it only works on the device you’re viewing with because you’re logged into your account.

And why do we even need Portfolio when there’s already Behance? And no, they don’t work all that seamlessly together, as far as updating is concerned. If you’ve got an existing project in Behance and then launch your Portfolio, when you later add to that project you’ve got to update in both places. WHY? There should be settings for that shit Adobe FFS!!! Not all of us work on a project basis. A lot of us have CATEGORIES that need ongoing updating.