Wow, that was intense! #workout

That first set! I give myself 15 seconds for transition / list checking / face drying time. I had to slow down on the jump rope because I kept going north of 170 and I hit 180 more than once. Felt ok though, but that’s definitely when I ease up. I can feel the beginning of dizziness there.


BodyRock – 50 Min Real Time Full Body Workout

  • Two sets of HIIT with a 2min break in between = 49:40
  • (15/50) Repeat cardio: jumprope
  1. Push-up, clean & press, squat & press 40lbs
  2. SA clean & press, squat & press 20lbs
  3. Other side
  4. Squat & arnold press 40lbs
  5. Decline push-up & alt knee touch
  6. Tuck jump burpee
  7. Pull-ups
  8. Side push-up & knee in
  9. Other side
  10. Bent over flies 30lbs
  11. Swings 35lb kettlebell

2min rest Boy did I need this! I hit 180 in the swings, lol. 

  1. Tricep dips w/ switch kicks
  2. Cross push-up Extend alt leg straight to opp side, resting foot on floor, push-up & then same foot to opp elbow
  3. Around the world 20lbs
  4. Sumo squat (with upright rows) 30lbs
  5. Chin-ups
  6. Alt shoulder press 40lbs
  7. Tuck abs 3lbs bet feet
  8. Side lunge with front raise 20lbs
  9. Other side with lateral raise 20lbs
  10. Bicep curls 30lbs
  11. Leg lifts, fast up & down slow 3lbs bet feet


  • (10/50=12min) No jump rope this section.
  1. Mountain climbers
  2. Leg lifts, slow up & down fast 3lbs bet feet
  3. Mat jumps
  4. V-abs, on side, 3lbs bet feet bringing back down to flat & torso facing up between reps
  5. Pike abs on sliders
  6. V-abs other side 3lbs
  7. Heel clicks / Donkey kicks
  8. Crunch, elbows to knees & tap feet to floor
  9. Commandos
  10. Elbow to opp knee, elevated feet
  11. Bike abs
  12. Flutter kicks

(time = 1:04)


  • About 25min

Death By Box Squats! #reps #legs #abs #yoga

Finally a high, over-the-top sort of burn! I’d gone through some of Lisa’s (BodyRock) live workouts & detailed them out, changing things here and there. For the first set I went super heavy.


Warm-up: (10/30×6=4min) jump rope


100 Day Challenge #348lb vest, whole set, except for 15 & 16. I hadn’t realized how many box jumps! Could NOT calm my heart rate down quickly. .Generally I was working heavy enough I had to take a break at every 15-count. Lisa was working on a step bench too, and for once my 13″ elevation is more challenging than the video.

  1. 25 Squat Knee Lift – Left  15lbs, Bicep Curls 20lbs Standing leg on the bench
  2. Other side 
  3. 25 Box Jumps Hadda take a break at 15 & walk down the heart rate! I like to slow down when I break into the 170s.
  4. 25 Jumps Overs (50 Total)
  5. 25 Curtsy Lunge – Left  35lbs kettlebell, held in one hand, & touching down on floor every rep (same arm as lunging leg) On floor
  6. Other side
  7. 25 Box Jumps These things are fucking killer w/ an 8lb vest and 13-inch elevation
  8. 25 Jumps Overs (50 Total)
  9. Lunge back, deep. Then come forward & lift knee – Left 40lbs
  10. Other side
  11. 25 Straddle Box Jumps just to change it up a little & oops hit 179 when I looked @15
  12. 25 Jumps Overs (50 Total)
  13. Bulgarians 30lbs Didn’t do more press-ups. Arms can feel yesterday’s heavy rows & manakers! 
  14. Other side
  15. 25 Box Jumps no vest! for this & next repeat element
  16. 25 Jumps Overs (50 Total)
  17. 25 Lateral Step-Out Squat – Left  30lbs Could put working leg on the bench but meh. Heavier weights better.
  18. Other side
  19. 25 Box Jumps
  20. 25 Jumps Overs (50 Total)
  21. 25 Switch Lunge Squat 1=1 Squat hop, jump back in a lunge & return.


Post Your Time: 50:27!!! Higher elevation & heavier weights.
Lisa – 24.56


100 Day Challenge #33

No vest.

  1. 25 Oblique Hip Dips & Leg Lifts– Left
  2. 25 V Abs – R (3lbs bet feet)
  3. 25 ObliqueDips & Leg Lifts – Right (
  4. 25 V Abs L (3lbs bet feet)
  5. 25 Straight Abs Full range of motion, curling down controlled & bringing elbows to legs
  6. 26 Reverse Curl Twist on bench, lowering legs slightly below
  7. 25 Cross Over – Left
  8. 25 Cross Overs – Right
  9. 25 Tuck Obliques – Left (hanging from pull-up bar)
  10. Other side
  11. 25 (50 Total) Forearm Plank Drop Hips
  12. 26 Plank Opp Arm Elbow Touch (feet elevated)
  13. 26 Elbow Plank Elbow Knee Touch
  14. 25 (50 Total) Russian Twists 10lbs
  15. 25 Crunches, feet on floor This routine is about obliques but I wanted to add some straight abs
  16. 30 Crunches, legs bent & feet off floor

Post Your Time: 27:46
Lisa – 12.46


23min of a super enjoyable adlib

Today’s workout – Cardio + Abs

And another low burn! Didn’t even crack 500 FFS. It’s ok. At least I did something, and I really ought to be less concerned with the number, since you can’t out train a bad diet, which in my case means lots of beer. I followed along with three videos & did one old strength burnout I adapted awhile back from BodyRock.


20 Minute Plyo Burst

30:20  2x 13” elv
1. Straddle box plank hop tricep push-up
2. Tuck jump burpee
3. Bulg hops to SL push-up (switch leg second round)

30:10 3x 13” elv
1. Goblet hold step-up + squat and press 30lbs
2. Rocket up step/down switch Lunge
3. Lateral box jump + 180 squat jump

AMRAP 10 mins 5 reps each 13” elv Made it thru 3 full rounds w/ just 3 bear crawls “over”
1 Clean and press  / box jump 40 Split these moves so I wouldn’t have to be careful w/ weight placement
2 Plyo push-up with clap
3 Slam to switch Lunge and chops (count on the slam) 20
4 Burpee box jump
5 Bear hold commando to bear hold hop

25 Minute Tabata FAT MELTING Bodyweight Workout – Full Body HIIT

Did along with the video & actually enjoyed myself. Skipped the cool down at the end though.


  • 15/50
  1. Flies – 4 full lifts, 4 pulses – 30lbs
  2. Biceps – 4 full lifts, 4 pulses – 30lbs
  3. Shoulder press – 4 full lifts, 4 pulses – 30lbs
  4. Upright row – 4 full lifts, 4 pulses – 30lbs
  5. Squats – 4 full lifts, 4 pulses – 40lbs
  6. Overhead triceps – 4 full lifts, 4 pulses – 20lbs
  7. Front & side lift – 20lbs
  8. Bent over row – 4 full lifts, 4 pulses – 40lbs
  9. Chest press – 4 full lifts, 4 pulses – 40lbs
  10. Wide squats – 4 full lifts, 4 pulses – 40lbs
  11. Around the world – 20lbs
  12. Side plank elevated – lift bottom leg
  13. Other side
  14. Dive bombers

BodyRock Bootcamp | Chris Tye Walker | Week 3 (Abs)

Starts about 1:20min. Really genial instructor. I remembered that he did an ab routine that I really liked, and it was the only one of his guest spots I’d want to revisit. Just occurred to me when I was thinking, What could I do for a fun abs section? Wish I’d kept one of those medicine balls I used to have in NYC.


Jump rope #HIIT & #yoga

That wasn’t pleasant but at least I got some exercise in today.


adapted from: BodyRock – Full Body Skipping Fat Burn HIIT Circuit

  • From list on my own timing, (15/50)=49:40 for 2 sets.
  • Last done 12/17/16 & is further adapted here

Repeat cardio: Jump rope

  1. Squat 40lbs / Jump Squat
  2. Push-up, clean & press, squat & press, 40lbs
  3. Side to side squat, 40lbs (alt leg stepping out to the side, holding weight in middle)
  4. 180˚ jump squats (touching floor @ bottom)
  5. Heel Click / Donkey Kick
  6. Wood chops, 15 (subbed for side to side swings)
  7. Other side
  8. Alt Pistol Squats
  9. Tricep Push-ups to reverse plank ½ dip, hands on blocks
  10. Bulgarian RL 30lbs
  11. Other side
  • 2min rest
  1. Dips
  2. RL Overhead tricep & stationery lunge, 20
  3. LL Bicep curl pulse & stationery lunge, 20
  4. Plie squat & Y press-swing up, 20 (weights swing down bet legs on the down)
  5. Elevated side plank, lift bottom leg & then bring knee in to top elbow
  6. Other side
  7. Half burpee & hop lunge back alt sides
  8. Deadlift, pulse @ the bottom & swing weights toward back of body on the up 40
  9. Leg lift, table top on up, then swing hips back toward L-sit on the down(Bender style)
  10. Other side
  11. Swings 35lb kettlebell


About 44min

  • Suryas & fundamentals
  • various non vinyasa poses

I managed to work out! #HIIT and #ashtanga #yoga

I’m gonna blog as much as I want today

I think I’m still going to have to take an advil though. I thought I’d work out first & see if I still needed it. Yep. I’m glad I worked up a sweat though cause I really fucking needed the endorphins. I’ve had Henry sequestered with me upstairs so I can keep an eye on him. I took the cone back off after three hours of salve soaking in, but of course he’s licked that area a lot. I followed him around awhile, relentlessly foiling him when he’d lick over the raw areas. I’ll have to see how it looks tomorrow…

He seems to want to stay close. He was parked right in front of my rope zone all through the HIIT.



FullSizeRender 4.jpg

BodyRock – Full Body Skipping Fat Burn HIIT Circuit

  • From list on my own timing, (15/50)=48:40 for 2 sets.

Repeat cardio: Jump rope

  1. Push-up, clean & press, squat & press, 40
  2. Side to side squat, 35 (alt leg stepping out to the side, holding weight in middle)
  3. 180˚ jump squats (touching floor @ bottom)
  4. Elevated push-up & punch out, alt arms
  5. Pull-ups
  6. Wood chops, 15 (subbed for side to side swings)
  7. Other side
  8. Push-ups to reverse plank (or dip), hands on blocks
  9. Push-up & row, lifting opp leg, 15s feet elevated
  10. RL Weights overhead, backward lunge with a press-up, then knee lift, 20
  11. Other leg

    1min rest 

  1. Dips
  2. RL Bicep curl & stationery lunge, 30
  3. LL Hammer curl & stationery lunge, 30
  4. Plie squat & Y press-swing up, 20 (weights swing down bet legs on the down)
  5. Elevated side plank, lift bottom leg & then bring knee in to top elbow
  6. Other side
  7. Half burpee & hop lunge back alt sides
  8. Deadlift, pulse @ the bottom & swing weights toward back of body on the up
  9. Leg lift, table top on up, then swing hips back toward L-sit on the down (Bender style)
  10. Other side
  11. Hanging from pull-up bar, lift straight legs & V out


  • Suryas & fundamentals. Handstands felt really good today.
  • Dandasana & the two paschimos.
  • Finishing to Sirsasana. Savasana.

It’s still ashtanga if I did a couple surya namaskars! LOL. Not really but anyone familiar would recognize it. What I love about combining the bits of Ashtanga after HIIT is that you don’t have to do anything at all extreme in the yoga to still get a good workout. This is not so with the yoga alone!

I needed to “brush up” on my flea comb technique! I found the tip of putting soap in water to dunk the comb in, also that you should wipe the comb after each use in order to avoid redepositing any eggs on kitty. Gonna boil some water before I corner kitty under some bright lights this evening. #party

Today’s workout – Sean

I could’ve taken a rest day and it was really difficult to motivate at all with no monitor. Let’s just hope the new battery does the trick for my Polar! If not I’ll buy another one. If there’s anything I need in life it’s endorphins, and that’s over weed and alcohol 🙂

I tried one of Sean’s workouts from Facebook. I’d prefer it with a breakdown and on YouTube. Previewing is easier there and I like to look and take notes before I do a routine because I don’t lose any time watching and waste time watching all the talkie parts. It was enjoyable though, about half what I’d do for a normal workout but as I have no scoring system at the moment… I put my ankle weights on for the 3rd, abs part and that made things extra challenging.

I suppose I could do another one but I think that given the motivation problem I’ll just say it’s enough I worked up a sweat today. Tomorrow I’ll practice astanga again probably, with a little jump rope before.

Did EPRK last yoga practice, for the first time in awhile, right after Laghu Vajrasana and before my Kapo B. It was really tight & “bad” by astanga standards but I didn’t get any of the “reaction”. I might try getting a hand on a heel sometime soon… It’d be work and I wouldn’t want to lower my elbows all the way to the floor if successful in the bind, not right away. We’ll see.

Hey this isn’t a too bad example and it’s even from last year!

7.14.15 EPRK.jpg


#HIIT with chest & abs burnouts

I really like how Lisa is posting more focused (not to mention longer!) workouts lately. It’s nice to just hammer away at one body part. This set was lunge-alicious. I should probably do a yoga focused workout tomorrow, since I did just a cursory stretch at the end today. Feels like I’m about to get my period. I used to always have the worst practices the last few days before, when PMS-ing, not sleeping as well and feeling generally shittier in all mind & body aspects. All the poses & vinyasa would seem creakier and more painful. First day of my period everything would feel really good again.

I remember having the “practice on your period” discussion with three Parisians in Goa, two women and one man. He was against it, naturally. I told him he could talk to me about it when he started getting his period, in other words, Your opinion is entirely invalid. The ladies both laughed.


Warm-up: jumprope (10/30×6 – 4min)

BodyRock – Full Body Real Time HIIT Workout

  • 15/50, split into 2 sets. Wore my 8lb vest for both sets (not burnout)
  1. Two lateral low jump squats to one side & then return
  2. Lunge back with knee up & SA press up, 20
  3. Other side
  4. Jump lunge  back & press up, one side, 20 Hopping both directions
  5. Other side
  6. SL rocket lunge Step to back lunge & then hop up with a knee lift
  7. Other side
  8. Stationary lunge hops, hands up in the air
  9. Other side
  10. Stationary lunge, holding 8lb weight same side, touch the floor & then reach over other shoulder in stretch Could easily use 10lbs
  11. Other side
  12. Broad jump, half burpee, butt kick, jump 180 turn
  13. Squat & alt leg lift to the side, 30
  14. Side lunge to knee lift & press up, 30
  15. Other side
  16. Forward lunge, then raise front foot to tap it quickly with opp hand
  17. Other side
  18. SL come forward to pike tricep push, come back & do back lunge with the raised leg
  19. Other side
  20. Dive forward tricep (both arms), tuck jump

Break: 1.5min

  1. Tricep push-up to back crouch (bent knees & arms forward)
  2. Rotate abs, 20 Standing upright with arms bent rotate to either side
  3. Slider push-ups, wide, moving only 1 arm out & back in @ the top
  4. Other side
  5. Standing flies, 5lb ea hand, arms shoulder level, reaching out to the front & pulling back
  6. Plank jack, 3pt abs (jump side, center, side, center, back out)
  7. Roll back (to halasana) & tuck jump
  8. Switch Lunge
  9. Squat, lie down, squat & switch lunge
  10. L-shape arms, forward reach, down, 5 or 8lb ea hand
  11. Alt lunge back w/  bicep curl, 30
  12. Deep squat (touching weights to floor) with bicep curl, 30
  13. Walk the plank or high plank to forearm, moving both arms
  14. Alt side plank, with top knee in
  15. Same thing with bottom knee coming in
  16. Around the world, 20
  17. Side plank hip dip, then leg lift
  18. Other side
  19. Center chops, Swing weight down into center & the up & over-ish alt shoulders, 15
  20. Slider pike abs

Chest bonus (15/50=5:15)

  1. Alt Flies, on bench, 30
  2. Both arms fly, 30
  3. Chest press, rotating arms at top so that backs of hands face each other, 40
  4. Weights @ center of chest, press up, 30
  5. Wide push-ups, counting down to 4 to lower & holding for 4 at the bottom
  6. Same thing, but walking alt arms out to the side
  7. Overhead pulls, 30

BodyRock – Ab Bonus

12min – did along with video

Monday Upper Body #HIIT with closing #yoga

Well I wasn’t going to work out today but then I went ahead, manned-up & did what I’d mapped out, plus a little. My first warmup was carrying a 40lb bag of litter up 2-flights of stairs, lol. I’d been ordering a 15lb thing of a particular brand, but then Amazon stopped carrying it Prime, so I had to buy a big bag of his new stuff, but it’s rated highly & hopefully honestly & should last awhile.



Warmup: Jump rope, 10/30×5 = 3:20min

BodyRock – Back Biceps & Triceps Workout

Lisa does swings all the way through but there’s no way I could handle that many rounds with my kettlebell, so I picked out more repeated elements to rotate & added in some wild cards.

  • I did it with a list & added 5-seconds to the transition / rest times, for scrolling & such. Also split up the HIIT in half & added a 1.5min rest in the middle.
  • 2 rounds (15/50)=47min
  1. Swings (35lb kettlebell)
  2. SA bicep curl, 15 r11
  3. Mat Jumps
  4. SA bicep curl, 15
  5. Pike Jumps
  6. Bicep curls, 30, 11
  7. Swings 27
  8. Hammer Curl-Bicep-Out 20 Hammer curl up, rotate palms out to face ceiling, rotate arms out
  9. Mat Jumps
  10. Hammer Curl-Bicep-Out
  11. Pike Jumps
  12. Pull-ups (from a pull-up bar with crossfit assist band)
  13. Swings
  14. Pull-ups
  15. Mat Jumps
  16. SA Row, 20
  17. Handstand
  18. SA Row
  19. SA Row, Palm Facing Forward, 20
  20. Swings
  21. SA Row, Palm Facing Forward

Rest: 1.5min

  1. Mat Jumps
  2. SA Plank Fly, feet elevated, 10
  3. Handstand
  4. SA Plank Fly
  5. Swings
  6. Seated Fly, 20
  7. Squat Jumps
  8. Seated Wide Row, 20
  9. Squat, bum touching bench, 30
  10. Tricep Kick-Backs, 20
  11. Upright Row 20
  12. Tricep Kick-Backs
  13. Squat Jumps
  14. Tricep Palm Up Kick-Backs, 20
  15. Squat
  16. Tricep Palm Up Kick-Backs
  17. Upright Row
  18. Fly, on bench, 30
  19. Squat Jumps
  20. Fly, on bench, 30
  21. Squat


  • with video, 49:57 (10/50) 6 or 7lb dumbells would be perfect for all the way thru
  1. Kneeling, 1-leg forward fly, 10
  2. Switch legs & do wide arm row, 10
  3. Kneeling, Elbows out in T shape, reach up & forward @ an angle, 10
  4. Punch alt arms up & out, 10 / 16
  5. Palms toward the ceiling kickbacks, 10 / 16
  6. Rope pulls, 10
  7. Pull backs, 10
  8. Pull aparts, shoulder level, 10
  9. Floor punch & pulls 16



  • About 26min

Upper body #HIIT, some #abs and a tiny bit of #yoga

In deference to my neck tweak I didn’t wear my vest today. And in deference to the micro moon I didn’t do a (real) yoga practice. Bit of a low burn… Not sure if I was psyching myself out to be low energy because of the moon, but I got one in. So far I haven’t gotten in a workout on Wednesday afternoons, when I get back to the hill, because I’d rather eat! You never know though.


Warmup (10/30×10=6:40min jump rope intervals

BodyRock – Upper Body & Cardio

Did the whole thing 15/50 instead of doing shorter working intervals from move 40 on, as per video. 2 sets with a 1.5min break in between

Set 1

  1. Jumping jacks
  2. Superman burpee tuck jump
  3. Bicep curl to 70% up, 26
  4. Pike push-up, jump feet out to reg push-up
  5. Bicep curl, 26
  6. Half burpee (no push-up) & tuck jump
  7. Hammer curl, 30
  8. In & out squat jumps, touching floor w/ fingertips
  9. Hammer curl
  10. High knees
  11. Upright row, 20
  12. Jump squat & hop to back lunge, alt legs
  13. Upright row 26
  14. Inner foot tap, jog (like a half juggler)
  15. Front raises, 20
  16. Skaters (lateral hops)
  17. Front raises
  18. Side duck (under imaginary bar) and tuck
  19. Overhead tri 20 Must’ve messed up here but I had 3 front raises in a row so I stuck this in. There’s more triceps later but mine could use extra love so…
  20. Front flies 20 (Slightly bent arms. Bring weights forward, palms facing up, to about shoulder level)
  21. Switch kick (Start in deep lunge w/ hands on floor. Switch lunge & come up & kick.)
  22. Front flies 26
  23. Broad jump forward & bunny hop back
  24. Side raises, 20

Set 2

  1. Punch kicks, kicking forward & moving fast, like jogging
  2. Side raises 20
  3. Skaters
  4. Shoulder press, 30
  5. Switch lunge
  6. Shoulder press
  7. Mat jumps, fast as possible
  8. Standing flies (arms slightly bent, held out in front of chest & moving out wide) 16
  9. Pogo RL (Lunge back, touching floor & rocket jump up)
  10. Standing flies
  11. Pogo LL
  12. Tricep kickbacks w/ pulse 20
  13. Feet together jump squats, saying low
  14. Tricep kickbacks
  15. Wide leg jump squats
  16. Bicep curl, bottom to half way up, 20
  17. Bicep curl, top to half way down, 20
  18. Full bicep curl, 20
  19. Lateral raise, 20
  20. U press (Arms bent at 90-deg. Elbows shoulder level. Go from straight out in front to up in a U) 10
  21. Arms bent 90-deg again, hands up, elbows pressed together. Move elbows out to the side & back in, 10
  22. Same angle, elbows in front of shoulders, hands up. Punch alt hands up, 10
  23. Overhead triceps, 20
  24. Around the world, 20



Went to Lisa’s YouTube page to pick out a quick ab bonus I hadn’t done yet. Closed with about 15min easy yoga. Karna pidasana was better today!

53min Booty-centric #HIIT and 50min #ashtanga #yoga

A witch has gotta keep her force field up

Got ‘er done early today, thank f-ing gods. I can take a rest day tomorrow if I like, or I can do a very short HIIT and more yoga. Urdhva D and drop backs would be nice. I’d like to repeat this routine, minus the abs maybe because the heart rate drops too much before you get to the stretching.


warm-up: jump rope intervals (10/30×5=3:20)

BodyRock – Leg & Thigh Workout & Ab Bonus

  • (15/50) 34:40min, wearing vest
    with list
  1. Squat jacks, touching floor w/ fingertips
  2. Squat w/ alt curtsy, 40
  3. Jump squat, turn to the side & do lunge hop, alt
  4. Deep sumo squat, 30
  5. Squat & diamond jump (clicking heels together)
  6. RL lunge back & kick out to the side, 35lb kettle bell in left hand
  7. Other side
  8. Jump squat & back lunge, alt legs
  9. Goblet squat & press up, 30
  10. Jump squat & lunge back RL
  11. On bench, lunge back & then lift knee RL, 20
  12. Jump squat & lunge back LL
  13. On bench, lunge back & then lift knee LL, 20
  14. High knees
  15. Side lunge & then lift knee, 30
  16. Other side

  17. Low jacks
  18. Jump squat & opp knee lift, twisting elbow to knee
  19. Deep plie squat, rotating knees in & back out 30
  20. Deep plie squat, shifting weight in steady line over 1 foot then the other 20
  21. Low lunge, picking up front foot in a hop, touching hands underneath
  22. Other side
  23. Low, narrow squat. Staying low, step out to one side & bring other foot in. 20
  24. SL half squat, lifting other leg out to the side & squeezing
  25. Other side
  26. Narrow squat & squeeze up, 40
  27. Plie squat pulse, 30
  28. Deadlift, 40
  29. Squat with SA press up & turn (almost woodchop) 20
  30. Other side
  31. Plie pulse, lifting alt heels & then both
  32. Wide leg deadlift, 40


  • 10/50=10min, no vest
  1. Hold 1 weight, come up from the floor & lift opp leg, 5
  2. Other side
  3. Up & over abs, 10lbs. Feet off floor. Come up to C-sit & extend arms up & back, lifting legs.
  4. Sitting on heels woodchopper, 10
  5. Other side
  6. C-sit, feet off floor, knees bent, SA press up & across over opp shoulder (other fingertips on floor for balance, 10
  7. Other side
  8. Pendulum, 5
  9. Hands under bum. Pull knees in & extend legs out, shoulders off floor, 5lbs bet feet
  10. Straight abs




  • Suryas & fundamentals
  • Rack 1min
  • Finishing to Sirsasanas (my 4-part style)
  • Savasana 1min