I burned like a MOTHERFUCKER today, #RISD memories

No one is exempt from the arms of evil.

I’m glad I buried the caldron of my second reversal spell yesterday. It’s all snowy on the ground, and it belongs with last year, the past. I feel both smug and protected. Look OUT because Linda’s got her back up. I didn’t die in a battle in 1064 for nothing. I’ve got my sword out & if I think you deserve it I’ll cut your fucking head off.

You don’t want to be on my bad side

I remember running into a professor I’d had freshman year at RISD a couple years after our studio class, on the hills of Providence. He’d been a tough one to win over, and had once sneeringly said I should check out the 19th Century French Academics, because my style was (condescending tones) “so illustrative. He actually did me a favor. I love that school of painting!

When we had our mid semester review I told him what my goals for it were. I might’ve said something along the lines of, “You’ll see,” or “I’m going to get that A”. There were generally only one or two of them available per 30 student foundation class.

A little while later we were in the midst of a two model session and there was a guest artist who’d come to observe and lecture. Studios were 6 or 7 hours long, which is a marathon of a meditative endurance test, but there was a lunch break in the middle. I was having a good day & smoked a joint in my dorm room over break. When I got back I was aware I was generating interest, and I could sometimes be a bit of a ham, drawing in a sort-of dramatic pose while pretending I wasn’t. I felt my professor and the guest stop behind me. They started talking. She was clearly won over and immediately he followed suit. You pussy, I thought, but I knew I’d done my job. At the end of my semester I got my A and a somewhat bemused admission. I didn’t think you could do it, he said, but you did.

After freshman year I discovered I could throw my 92-pounds (at the time) with impunity. Speak up! Fight for what you want. If you don’t get it immediately, lock into the long term torture. You’ll get it. When we bumped into each other later we had a friendly chat and then he regarded me for a moment appraisingly. I wouldn’t want to be on your bad side.

I think this is the 1st time I used the yoga as a warm-up for the workout.

Not like it’s my intention to aim for higher and higher, more over-the-fucking-top burns, I’m just finally feeling better and I think my body was predisposed to burn extra high after the enforced rest. My heart rate was high all through the astanga warm-up.


Warm-up: Suryas & fundamentals, my style of astanga. Time=27:35

This is from DAY 7: Jump for Joy by Daniela, Kristin, and Julia

Combo Moves Pyramid: Do each move for 1 rep, then each part of that move for 2 reps and so on until you reach 8 reps. Each part of each move has 36 reps.

Time = 12:59-2:11, 71min

1. DL + Rev Lunge (both sides) + squat 30 + vest
2. Leg lower with chest fly + crunch toe touch 30 Fly arms & legs go down @ same time. Toe touch is an abs thing, legs in the air, pressing weights up. Pretty challenging doing sit-ups holding 30lbs in the air! LOL. It’s not a lot of weight for the flies but. I did my part 2 of this move a bit different from J.
3. Sumo squat + upright row +hammer curl 30 + vest
4. tricep pushup + plank tuck + to alt plank kickbacks 20
5. SL Pike push-up with Hand on weight (opp leg in air) + Runners Lunge + Row + Knee Drive (2 sided move) 15lbs This 1 move has 72 pike push-ups, lol. But actually that’s the easiest section, if you’re not wearing a vest at least.
6. bunny hop (in place) + box jump+ to clean squat and press vest + 30 Holding weights only for the squat & press 

Jump and Freeze, No rest Tabata by Daniela

Group 1: 20:10 4x per move 8 mins Vest for moves 1-3
1. Squat jumps: squat hold
2. Explosive pushup + back bow: dhanurasana hold
3. Plie squat jumps: plie hold
4. Tricep pushup tuck jump in plank: tricep or plank hold

Group 2: 20:10 3x per move 6:10min
1. Switch lunges: RL lunge hold
2. R side plank dip: side plank hold
3. Chair lunges (fast, from bench): LL lunge hold
4. L side plank dip: side plank hold

Group 3: 20:10 2x per move 4:10min
1. Bridge hops: bridge hold
2. High knees: LL warrior 3 hold
3. Squat jump fall to pushup: bear hold
4. Mtn climbers: RL warrior 3 hold

I was already gonna go past 2 hours so I cut out the last 10min set in the routine. Course I started with a close to half hour warm-up rather than the few minutes in the video. And then I take as long as I like with reps, not going slow, just really full range of motion and rest / note breaks as needed.

cardio AMRAP
10 minutes 8 reps/move
1. Star jumps
2. Yoga pushups Going from a butt-up tricep hold to an up dog
3. Groiners 2=1 Like a mountain climber w/ feet tapping on side of each foot
4. Jugglers
5. High Switch Kicks, 1+1=1 20 Burpee clap under tuck