GOD/S I hate that walk #DoschRd #PDX

It so much reminds me of walking along the sidewalk less, often ditch-lined streets in Anjuna, Goa India. You’re so often treated to that “taking your life in your own hands” feeling. You’ve gotta pay attention! That’s for sure. It’s a very tangible way to practice staying “present”.

Thankfully Charlie alway picks me up later 🙏

Portland often felt like India to me in the first year. I can’t explain how, right now, but it did. I guess it could be summed up as a viscerally transformative feeling.

Google maps says the walk is 22min, but it always takes me closer to 30 that feel like 45. Today I had to pass some roadwork, where the two skinny, windy lanes were reduced to one, with people standing & holding the big orange flags at either end. As I approached from the left I thought, How do I get through this mess? The work was on my side & there didn’t seem to be an easy way through so I trotted to the right side of the street & hustled by.

The burly flag holder at the other end looked at me sympathetically & said, I used to live out on Drummond(?) Road & had to do a walk like this ALL the time. 

I responded with I hate this walk. 

But I survived. On the bus now.