Active #restday, some #ashtanga #yoga & other stuff

I could complain that this wasn’t a workout, but I’ve been feeling the fact that I’ve focused strongly on HIIT the past 3 weeks plus, and not in an entirely good way! Grumpily, I recall saying to a yoga friend, some years back, The pain of no yoga is worse than the pain of yoga. Tones of true chagrin there!

I was already planning to just do yoga, though the specifics had to change once I started and listened to my body. Then, friend K forwarded this picture to me. Someone posted it on Facebook, as depicting the “old days” at Anu’s in Gokulam. He didn’t remember me, though a few friends told him my name. I never hung out there all that much past the first trip, actually, so I wouldn’t have expected him to.

Anu's Internet Cafe, me in 2006.jpg
Winter 2006, waiting for the internet at Anu’s

I was so young and cute! Lol. I had my day as a sex kitten, I did. Gah! Nostalgia.

Anyway here’s today’s yoga deets.


Suryas & fundamentals, 7 handstands, 30min

  • Marichy C & D, Pashasana, Krounchasana – 10 breaths, with vinyasa
  • Shalabhasana – Parsva Dhanurasana – 5  breaths
  • Ustrasana A, B (reverse prayer hands) – 10 breaths
  • Laghu vajrasana – 5 breaths
  • EPRK – however any to get in & 10 (rapid)
  • Kapo B – however many to get in & 5

Back bending intervals, continual, (15/45) 

  1. Standing arch A
  2. Forward bend
  3. Standing arch B
  4. Forward bend
  5. Standing arch C
  6. Uttanasana
  • Abandoned ship here. I’d had 18min of backbending & resting intervals planned but it felt too intense today. I was stretching but I didn’t want to bludgeon myself. Moved onto to Urdhva D to stand
  • 5 drop backs
  • 20 breaths in pashimo & a slow finishing
  • 5min sirsasana, minutes 2&4 in a headstand backbend, as if I were going to drop into Viparita dandasana, but keeping legs straight.
  • child pose – 1min
  • lying twist, 1min per side
  • savasana – 3min