Rewatched #Melancholia last night

I love a good end of the world drama, and I liked this much more the second time. First time I watched it was also online, with my friends Jody and Daniel in NYC, when they lived just a block north of me in the East Village. If you’re expecting Hollywood fare this will be a hard movie to get into! We were all sort of dismissive then because we were expecting a more superficial type of entertainment.

Melancholia is slow moving, but very deep and well acted, and it has a powerful ending. That’s when the deeply depressed individual – who had it all and threw it all away – shows how strong she truly is.

The therapist told him that depressive people tend to act more calmly than others under heavy pressure, because they already expect bad things to happen.

There are two halves to the movie.

By splitting the film up into two parts in this way, “Melancholia” explores the themes of loss, destruction, impermanence, and loneliness, first on an intimate scale (“Justine”) and then on a global scale (“Claire”).

I’m familiar with being the only person in a room willing and able to see the ridiculousness and (sometimes) base evil of a situation and actually SAY something. I can relate to Claire. “You don’t need to mourn this world.” Actually the only area where I disagree is I don’t believe that humans are alone in the universe. I’m pretty sure there’s other fuck-ups out there.

Planning my day. Gonna do a little reading. I need to read the entire servitor book & then start conceptualizing my 24/7 helper. What I need is something to inspire me to create art without deadlines or expectations and THEN direct clients to me.

My seat is strong in my daily, morning meditation. So THIS is what all the yoga was for! – a thought that sprang up today, before I returned my attention to the edges of my nostrils.

Julia posted a shorter workout! Of course if it’s rep based and 40min for her it’ll be an hour for me, at least, but that’s ok. A little exercise and a little yoga would be fine for today.