#reps #HIIT & a tiny bit of #yoga


Chaos Workout by Jori

From A to Z, 10 reps or as indicated
Time = 30min. Flew by so fast I couldn’t believe it!! Really enjoyed this low reps set.

  1. Rev. Lunge + OH Press/leg, 40lbs do 1 leg & switch
  2. Butt Kick Burpees
  3. Crunches w/ Straight Legs (30 reps) lie on back, legs straight & perpendicular. Arms straight. Holding 10lbs
  4. Downward Dog Push-ups w/ Alt. SL Glute Raise
  5. Elevated Row w/ Opp. Spider Knee 30 Row 1 arm & the opp knee comes in for a spider (make sure you touch) = 1 rep
  6. Switch lunge to kick
  7. Low Squat 40
  8. Kick Through to Handstand Loved this!
  9. C-sit, alt overhead press 20lbs Too light! 30lbs next time.
  10. Frog Hopper Hip Stacker Jumping Jacks
  11. Knee to Opp Elbows in Decline Plank 2=1
  12. Switch Lunge 2=1
  13. Mountain Climbers (decline 30) 1=1
  14. Negative Push-ups + explode up Get hands to leave the floor
  15. Alt Pistol (5 per leg)
  16. Plank Hip Twisted pistons 2=1 Kind of hopping into an alt, bent leg hip to the floor, hopping back to plank
  17. Quadzillas
  18. Russian Twists 2=1 15lbs
  19. Squat to Star Jump
  20. Pendulum Tricep Dips Use blocks. Jump through to crab dip. Jump back.
  21. Mat Jumps 2=1
  22. V- Ups oblique 3lbs bet feet, 10 each side
  23. Forward Lunges 10/leg 40lbs Stepping back leg forward to tap on every rep.
  24. X-Crunches On back, arms & legs out wide to tuck
  25. Pull-ups (15 reps here cause using the band) Y-Presses As suggested by Julia – “If u have a pull-up bar…”
  26. Zottman Curls 30 Bicep curl up, rotate palms to face down to lower

Part 2: 30-60-90: 30 sec Hardest Exercise, 60 sec Moderate, 90 sec Easiest (31:42)
Did this part w/ the video b/c I wasn’t sure how I’d set my timer for these intervals!

Cardio Set:
30 sec Burpees w/ Push-up
60 sec Jugglers
90 sec Plank Kick Out Right, Kick Out Left, Jump Feet to Hands 180 Tuck Jump (Repeat)

Arms Set:
30 sec Tricep Dips
60 sec Push-ups (Elevated)
90 sec Commandos (can add kick outs L/R)

Legs Set:
30 sec Switch Lunges + Squat
60 sec Squat Jumps 20 Used lighter weights all the way thru & touched them to floor each squat
90 sec Step Ups 30

Core Setwith ankle weights
30 sec V-ups
60 sec Bicycles
90 sec Straight Leg Lifts

Time for these 5 reps sections = 50min

Killer Deadlifts: 2x Through
1. 10 reps Good Mornings 30
2. 10 reps SL DL 30 (Get 2nd leg on 2nd round thru)
3. 10 reps Straight Leg DL 40
4. 10 reps Sumo DL 40

Finisher after 2 rounds: 50 Jump Lunges 1=1

Arm Stripper: 2x Through (10 reps each)
1. SA Kick Back  + Press (Right Arm Kick Back bent over, stand and Left Arm Press OH) 10 tricep hand / 15 OH press hand
2. SA Kick Back + Press (Left Arm Kick Back bent over, stand and Right Arm Press OH) 20
3. One arm Hammer Curl one arm wide Hammer Curl 30lbs 1st round / 26lbs 26lbs 2nd
4. Low Half, Upper Half, Full Curl (bicep 21’s:do 7 reps of each) 26lbs

Finisher after 2 rounds: Chin-ups Reverse Grip Push-ups (15 reps)

Shoulder Cooker: 2x Through (10 reps each)
1 OH Press 40
2 Boat Hold SA Front raise alt 15
3 Sumo Squat Upright Row 30
4 Squat w/ lat Raise (raise while in squat) 20 I should watch myself in a mirror here if possible if I repeat this. Caught myself squatting REALLY shallow, lol.

Finisher after 2 rounds: 16 Traffic Directors lunges 20

Back Breaker: 2x Through
1. 3 Way Bent Over Rows 5 reps each grip (Wide Grip, Standard, Reverse Grip=1) 40
2. Renegade Rows (2=1) 30 Standing bent over, alt arms pumping fast
3. ManMakers 5 reps 40
4. Y press 10 reps 20lbs 1st round / 30lbs 2nd, fast

Finisher after 2 rounds: Swimmers, Rumi style (20 reps)

Chest Shredder: 2x
1. 3 Way Push-Ups 5 reps each hand position (Wide, Standard, Close = 1 rep)
2. T-Stand Push-ups (5 each side)
3. Chest Press 10 40lbs
4. Chest Fly+ sit up 20lbs

Finisher after 2 rounds: (5 reps Right, 5 reps Left)
Staggered push-up + SA Plank Row + shoulder tap 15lbs (2)

AMRAP: 5 Min Score = 2 full rounds & 3rd round to the 1st skater
5 Squat Jumps
10 Skaters 1=1
5 Burpees
10 Russian Twists 15lbs 2=1
10 Mt. Climbers 2=1

(Total Time = 1:48)


Only 10min, lol. More tomorrow.

#HIIT warm-up & a little freestyle #ashtanga #yoga

That was more than a little clunky & not fun but I got the workout in. I always suffer when I do minimal stretching after a long circuit thing, as per my last workout on Wednesday. I got stiffer during my rest day.


HIIT warm-up

(15/50) with jump rope before every move, time = 32:30

  1. SL forward lunge, side lunge, back lunge, 40
  2. Other side
  3. Tricep Dips & Switch Kick
  4. Alt pistol squat
  5. Curtsy lunge, kick out, 35
  6. Other side
  7. Reclining Tricep 20lb
  8. Warrior Deadlift (right) 40lbs
  9. Warrior Deadlift (left)
  10. V-up abs, 10lbs
  11. Squat / RL Side Kick Press 40
  12. Squat / LL Side Kick Press 40
  13. Kneeling overhead tricep, 20. Holding weights overhead, start sitting on heels. Come to kneeling, squeezing butt & bending arms to drop weights behind head.
  14. Bike abs
  15. Swings 35


About 70min or so.

  • Suryas & fundamentals
  • Marichy C and D, 2nd to Laghu Vajrasana, EPRK and Kapo B
  • 1min on rack
  • Urdhva D, drop backs – 3, ticks – 3
  • Try for 90-second Pinca M I totally fell out of it in clunky, lopsided fashion at the last beep tho, which is not great for coming out of an inverted backbend! LOL
  • Finishing & 2-min savasana

My #meditation practice told me I wanted to do #ashtanga #yoga, not a “workout”

But I got a workout anyways! I like it when that happens. One thing that’s been different about practicing yoga in Portland is that I no longer “need” to do it in a really warm room. The hovel was always at least 85-degrees, year round, and I practiced there exclusively the last few years.


  • Warmup (10/30×10=6:40 jump rope intervals. It’s still cold around here! Made sure to bring the space heater in from the bathroom before I got going too.


  • Suryas & Fundamentals
  • My version of Primary Navasana to handstand exit – kept it away from any wall, in the middle of my small room. 
  • Second thru laghu vajra, EPRK, Kapo B
  • Back bending – urdhva d, 3 drop backs, 3 ticks (time to here 1:32, including warm-up)
  • So I decided to do a Pinca Mayurasana, 10 breaths upright & 10 with a backbend. And I did the ashtanga exit! I hadn’t tried one in years. A bit clunky but still good!
  • Finishing & savasana. I’d set a timer for 5min for my rest but got bored half way through & got up, lol.