Right! The only thing to do is get cracking early tomorrow, post haste

First the proofing of content, then the formatting & programming of 7 new buttons. I cut it down from 8 because one was redundant. Gotta zap that off to Anja, but there may be 2 versions as well… Only one of those would be geared toward this potentially awesome opportunity.

I can get sucked down the rabbit hole when doing this type of design so I have to be careful. What I’d thought would be 3 hours ends up being a couple days, most of the day. I’m getting somewhere though!

I’ve also been gathering reference of what they’re doing. Fabulous, painterly prints! I know that I need to schedule some time to pluck some leaves and flowers and draw. I don’t have the set-up to work big. I can only draw as large as will fit in an 8×10 scanner. So I’ll do individual elements, cut clipping paths and then layer in Photoshop.

I have to set a limit on graphic design dithering and surface design planning however, because I’ve gotta get the initial washes down on the last two goddesses. Then they get put away for at least a day. I have to post #s 13 and 14 all over the place too, no more than one per day but it goes to at least five platforms.

What else? More InDesign. I need to know more of what it can do. A lot of what I’d used ten years ago came back immediately, when I started using it again last year. I have learned SO MUCH in the last couple years. I mean my skillset engagement got a freaking electroshock.

Also my knowledge of [what will be revealed when I write that chapter]. Wow! I’ll make SURE I never participate to the extent of passing any of that shit along.