Today’s workout was great

Unfortunately I am lacking those super motivational (for me) stats

My latest Polar crapped out in the middle of group 2 of the first section, and I bet this routine would’ve been a 700 level. I’d been toying with getting a haircut, but I think I need to order a new Polar pronto, and now I’m gonna have to repeat this routine.

[EDIT UPDATE] I looked on Amazon to find out what kind of battery & there is thankfully a link to the help manual on the product page there. I figured out how to get the battery out (not that easy, especially when you can’t see well close-up), so I ordered a new one for $5. I hope this fixes the problem! For me, having a stat readout at the end of every workout somehow compensates for: no studio, no company, no influx outside energy whatsoever. It’s all self-generated, baby, and if having stats is a help then…

Cardio and Strength Mix by Daniela

Warm-up: 6x(10/30)=4min jump rope intervals

Groups 1-3 w/ 8lb weighted vest

Group 1
: 9 mins (80:40 w/ 15sec rests)
1. Clean and press to OH rev lunge, 30:burpee 2 squat jumps
2. Curtsy lunge shoulder press, 30:toe taps
3. LL Lateral step up leg lift, 30: press jacks, 10 Pressing weight up & out in front, alt
4. Ski squat hammer curl, 30: plank hop + narrow tuck and wide tuck

Group 2: 9 mins
1. Plank hop and rev grip row, DL , 30 Should be at least 40: SL lateral hop and star jump
2. Front raise in plank to plank hop tricep kickback, 20 / 180 vertical frog hops
3. LL Bulgarian and y press, 30: LL Bulgarian hop clap under to SL pushup
4. RL lateral step up leg lift, 30: swings, 35

Group 3: 9 mins
1. Alt Fwd lunge and chop, 15:2x jab cross + heel grab
2. Wide DL + close row and sumo squat, 40: squat jump and roundhouse kick
3. RL Bulgarian and bicep curl, 30: RL Bulgarian hop and clap under to SL pushup
4. Rev fly in plank plank hop and Arnold press to OH surrenders, 20: explosive pushup and slam hand on bench

PART 2: EMOM strength 7 minutes, 20lbs + 8lb vest
Man, I started w/ only 10 in each hand! Was glad I did cause w/ 7min no rest I had to drop down to one 10 in the last move, where your arms are held up over your head the whole time.

1. Alt step ups
2. Step up +curtsy lunges
3. Step ups +curtsy lunges+ shoulder press
4. Step ups +curtsy lunges+ shoulder press+ surrender
5. curtsy lunges+ shoulder press+ surrender
6. shoulder press + surrender
7. surrenders

PART 3: EMOM cardio 7 minutes No freaking vest HERE folks!!
1. 10 mtn climbers + pushup
2. 10 mtn climbers + pushup + 2 plank frog hops
3. 10 mtn climbers + pushup + 2 plank frog hops + 2 tuck jumps
4. 10 mtn climbers + pushup + 2 plank frog hops+ 2 tuck jumps +1 quadzilla
5. 2 plank frog hops + 2 tuck jumps + 1 quazilla
6. 2 tuck jumps 1 quadzilla
7. quadzillas

burnout: 3 minutes AMRAP climb the wall:
1. 5 count wall sit
2. 5 wall mtn climbers 2=1
3. 5 L stands leg lifts 2=1
4. 180 squat jump to plank hop 2 rev commandos with hands onto wall

Bench burnout
20 up and over bench
10 bench burpees
10 bench elv pushups
20 bench mtn climbers
10 tuck abs 3lb weight bet feet
10 in and out abs 5lbs ea hand
20 in and out squat jumps On floor
10 clap pushups
10 pistols sl plank hop pushups

2x thru
10 V-ups
10 V-ups
10 V-ups
10 side heel taps
10 straight leg toe taps