This day hasn’t started off very well

And it’s the one year anniversary of my move to The Hill. No, I still don’t have a driver’s license, because I also don’t have the title for the junker and thus nothing to learn on. I also never got a bike. It’s dicey around Dosch Road though, even for experienced, competitive (and young!) bikers. I live with two of them.

The joy of dealing with cell phone providers…

Wading through the AT&T website and service line makes you want to scream (I did, several times, scaring the dog) and bash your head into a wall (not yet but the day is young). My contract ends on the 20th and I could not let it renew and get locked into another 1½-2 year contract. I can’t afford it! I’m getting charged an extra $31 in fuck-you fees… I might be on C’s plan, but we don’t know for sure cause he can’t get through to Verizon.

The My AT&T website wouldn’t let me change my address, and of course there is NO button or link to “terminate my account”. I got a “need some help?” message which informed me I should go to chat, which of course was “busy” as in “not functioning at all” with a little banner informing you of such. So helpful!

In contemplating the potential of life without a smartphone I realized I wouldn’t have a camera! There’d be no Instagram in that case. Hrrrm… IG is fun cause even bad at social media, middle-aged types like myself will get noticed. Thinking of the artistic self promotion here. The thing is, I’ve never gotten a solid lead in that way.

I’m just trying to type it out before I sit for meditation. It’s going to be a fun one.

Fucking hell I wish that last job opportunity had been real.

Fuck, fuck, fuck. Oh well.

I worked steadily in NYC. I want everyone to remember that, myself included. Not that I want to dwell on it, but ok I’m rambling.

Santa’s Special Treat Workout by Trish King

Got new batteries into my Polar monitor! Turns out the watch & the chest strap have separate batteries that really aren’t that easy to get out, but yay I got it done. And yes I was supposed to do yoga today but ended up working out late, starting 4pm. First I made some banana muffins from scratch and then C and I went cold weather gear & grocery shopping.
I’l be going cross country skiing for the first time ever at some point this winter. I took the bag & put it under the Christmas tree. (His will be a surprise but there’s a gift receipt in there just in case.)
  • With the video. This was a really low burner! At the end of it I was at 344 I think. The Booty set was really good though. It’d have been even better with skipping intervals. The whole routine took a long time to get my heart rate up & then didn’t keep it there, as you can see by the 110 average. I’m tempted to repeat the routine I was doing when the monitor shorted out… But right I keep saying I’m gonna yoga.

30:30 x2
1. Glute hyper extensions
2. SL Bridge L
3. SL bridge R
4. Squat hold

Core cardio: HIIT Pyramid: 50:10, 40:10, 30:10, & 20:10.
1. Burpee and 4 switch kicks
2. Decline spider push up burpee
3. Burpee, t stand , dip and leg lift
4. Decline tricep pushup + plank glute raises Tap floor out to the side & then do glute raise
5. Wall handstand, shoulder tap, squat jump It was much harder than I’d thought it’d be to take one hand off the floor in a wall handstand, but I’d done this before w/ Julia & it wasn’t so bad. I could really feel my shoulders from yesterday tho so maybe that’s why.

50:15 second body squats:10 sec rest. 2x each exercise before moving onto next 25 mins
With 8lb vest
1. Deadlift squat 40
2. Good mornings 40
3. Levitating lunge L
4. SL bridge L
5. Levitating lunge R
6. SL bridge R
7. Sumo squat 40
8. Squat and press 30
9. Butterfly glute bridge 30
10. Froggy push-up tuck jump No vest this one move

Wall work: Reps- do 20 reps of the first move and then move to second, do 20 reps, go back to the first move and do 6 reps, then move to the 3rd move and do 20 reps, go back to second move and do 6 reps, 4th move 20 reps etc
1. Hand stand shoulder taps
2. Wall squat leg lifts
3. Elevated feet plank spiders
4. Wall commandos
5. 90 degree wall handstand / (kept ankle weights on for the 6 reps)
6.Donkey kicks with ankle weights. Did 10 per leg at the end instead of 3, so I had two rounds of 10 each leg

Core 50:25 plank:10 1x (25 seconds of plank between each move)11:20 mins
1. Heavy weight side deadlift L 35lb kettlebell
2. Heavy weight side deadlift R
3. Crunches
4. Pike ab sliders
5. Tuck abs, 3lbs bet feet


About 25min

Enjoying Friday morning in downtown #pdx

First stop was Blick, to stock up on art supplies. Last time I was there I discovered some new brands & tools. Eclipse & circle templates! Iridescent water colors! So exciting. Then I went through some paint & brush inventory at home & did some price comparisons on the website, making a rough shopping list via my online cart. I’m such a Virgo rising / Pisces sun & moon sometimes! Organized creativity…

I just spent the weeks salary, lol, but with membership discounts & a coupon I went from like $144 to $110. I will use it! I used those ellipses the day after I got them.

The crazy thing is I’m using watercolor paper I bought at RISD for this project. It’s archival D’Arches that’s why. 

I still have a few tubes of watercolor paint that are student grade. If I make anymore illustration money I’ll throw them out, cause it’d be nice if my work lasted decades without fading off. Water colors are delicate.

After that I walked south again for a vegan breakfast at Petunia’s, biscuits & gravy again. I’d debated Prasad or Little Big Burger, but I had the time… More than I thought!

My retail job actually cost me money today! Never mind the art supplies, I wouldn’t have spent $5 on the bus or $14 on breakfast if I hadn’t been scheduled 1-6, but they called & said “Neva mind” . Such is the life of an associate. I don’t have to feel bad about it if I ever need to call in sick anyway right?

I was gonna head to Powell’s after this, to look at tarot cards from a research perspective. Charlie ordered 2 or 3 (can’t remember) more decks with a B&N gift card. He’s getting a bit interested too, but I want to look at the deck he might pick as his own, just for the artwork…

Oh what the hell, I can go and take a look at the “dark” one, Deviant Moon. I’ve been downloading images… Might start with XV The Devil. I haven’t yet seen the level of violence I have in mind for that card. I’m picturing something very Caravaggio.

It could be a 3-year project, 78 themed images. Am I assuming I’ll survive (with ever increasing vision help) that long?