Not to brag, but I can sit in #meditation for 40 minutes

Without changing my legs in padmasana! The foot & calf on top always go numb after about 20min, from the weight of the first foot in pressing on top of the thigh. Of course today it was all avoidance. It is SO DARK.

I made this video when I was still at The Hotel. Thinking about it now, I was actually still way more hopeful then, in lots of ways I won’t detail because then I’d have to move this post to the Batcave.

I just wish Henry would deign to nap with me. He’s in love with the pantry. He’s a Pantry Cat. Spends all of his time in there when not campaigning for food lately.

At least the (what passes for) the campaign has kept me busy on Twitter for hours. Look it’s already the afternoon!

#Tabata and #AMRAP, #menial jobs

Fit Wow I didn’t realize I’d posted my “contemplating the end of it all” post publicly, rather than in the Batcave where it belonged. Oops. I was over wrought…

Dear corporations, If you’d like to keep people in your temporary, no benefits minimum wage jobs, then you might try not advertising them as “part-time” if they are not.

I could’ve just handled 3-days a week.



BTW: I could still feel the last Julia workout I did, on Friday, when I started this. The glutes, baby!

Warm up:2 mins 30:30

  1. Jog in place
  2. Lunge and reach
  3. Walk out to plank
  4. Hanumanasana

Set 1: Cardio 6min (with 8lb vest, these 2 rounds)
Tabata Pair Time Pyramid (20, 30, 40, 50, 50, 40, 30, 20)
1. 8 mountain climbers + 8 high knees
2. up and over bench to half burpee

Cardio AMRAP (6 mins)

  1. 10 toe taps
  2. push-up & knee tuck, both legs
  3. fast feet up (x5)
  4. drop and pop to tuck jump (x5)

Tabata pair (10/20) 8x (4 min) with vest
1. 2 lunge back pulses + switch lunge
2. weighted chair lunges 20lbs

Leg AMRAP (6 min)- low elevation without vest

  1. Stand on bench, hop down
  2. Hands on box SL jump back pushup
  3. SL jump to one side
  4. pistol down and up
  5. lateral box jump
  6. hands down jump back and pushup up for straddle box again, switch legs.

Traditional Tabata (10/20 x8) No vest, these two sets
1. Three way push up (2 cross legs, 2 tricep-hold + jack, 2 single leg pike push up)

Upper Body AMRAP (6 min)

  1. 3 five decline pushups
  2. plank hop down to 5 deadlifts 40lbs
  3. 5 palms out rows 40
  4. 5 clean and presses 40 Really fucking hard, not to mention unsafe, to hold a 10lb weight via thumb joint while doing overhead moves, but I’m not going to be buying that set of adjustable weights now oh welz.
  5. 5 plank hops up onto elv

Tabata burnout  (10/50, 10/20) These 2 sets w/ 8lb vest
1. 50 sec heavy weight alt crusty lunge with triple pulse in lunge 30
• 20 sec plyo curtsy lunges
2. 50 sec heavy weight hip thrusts 30
• 20 sec iso hip thrust pulses
3. 50 sec heavy bulgarians RL 30 Single-leg Bulgarians, with the balance work and the 30lbs, really work my glutes. This lets me know I could really use 60lbs on the steadier, both legs deadlifts.
• 20 sec bulgarian pulse and hops
4. 50 sec heavy bulgarains LL
• 20 sec bulgarian pluse and hops

Booty AMRAP (6 min)

  1. 5 bear crawl hold fire hydrants per leg
  2. press into pike 5 glute raises per leg
  3. hop up and into deep sumo 5 pulses+5 sumo stomps per leg
  4. 5 sumo hops
  5. 5 rev lunge hops/ leg

Tabata pairs with holds (10/20) (do #1/a for 4 rounds, then #2/b for 4 rounds)
Hold boat pose during the 10 sec “rest” No vest for these. The weights placement moves around in the back of my vest & makes it too hard to do abs easily if I’m doing a bunch of sets.
1. 3way V sit abs
a. Hold: boat pose
2. 1 Weighted v-up + 4 russian twists 10lbs
b. Hold: boat pose

Ab AMRAP (6 min)
4 Windshield wipers
4 leg lowers
4 bicycles
4 roll up to navasana (hold 4 counts) on the last roll up flip over to forearm plank
4 commando
4 knee to opp elbow. Jump thru

(Total time 1:19:30)

#lowimpact workout, #yoga

That was better than a plain primary would’ve been anyway, especially in a cool room & with the amount of muscle soreness in the quads today. It was better both in terms of the workout and enjoyment factor. I actually worked up a pretty decent sweat with the low impact.

Now figuring what to eat for dinner. Hmmm…


40 Min. Silent But Deadly | Low Impact “Quiet” HIIT Workout

I found out about this guy because he did an interview of one of my favorites, Melissa Bender. I’d been thinking about doing one of his routines before, but something in the manner of his delivery was off putting, too “gym dude”. Guess I like workin’ out wid da bitches better in my old age.

Delivery is less annoying when you’re actually doing a workout, along with, rather than trying to prescreen, so that’s what I did today. I needed to warm up, in a gentler way, and then get some easy stretching in.

It was ok. My motivation for low impact was NOT a sleeping baby. I put some of the impact back in, like the jumps in the burpees. I worked up a decent sweat and warmed up! Goal accomplished. It’s good to do an old-fashioned, dorky warm-up and cool-down once in awhile too.


  • Suryas & fundamentals, first 3 poses of primary
  • 5min sirsasana
  • My favorite restorative & finishing poses, savasana

A little #ashtanga beginning, a #wod & #interval #yoga

ashtanga, WOD style, yoga intervals


Not the best burn ever, certainly, but I needed the physical therapy. I wasn’t sure I was going to do the jumpy workout after the yoga introduction, but my heart rate was so low I knew I needed to stir the pot a bit, and was glad I did.


  • Suryas & fundamentals, time = 29:58. With the hand standy stuff at the wall & the 3-part hanuman, my style.

  • Wore my new cross trainers for my WOD workout. Is this really crossfit style? I dunno. The trainer thinks so anyway. Link is here.
Saucony, $60

Notice they are NOT Nike, adidas or Under Armour.

I part – body weight exercises
2 rounds, time = 26min (3:16-3:32)

1. Burpee with push up – 20 Wide arms, chest touching floor
2. LEFT leg jump, RIGHT leg kick – 20
3. Broad jump, back + squat jump – 20 Plyo jump forward, hands to floor, plank. Push backward to low squat & then jump up
4. RIGHT leg jump, LEFT leg kick – 20
5. Plank ALT pigeon crunch – 20 Plank. Pull knee in while turning knee out to the side & crunching

II part – with equipment, correction part
1 rounds time = 11min (3:32-3:43)

1. LEFT leg side raise – This is the standing up in a forward bend leg raise she likes
2. ALT renegade row – 50, 20lbs
3. RIGHT leg side raise – 50
4. Torso and leg raise – 20 Swimmer. On belly, feet off ground. Reach arms forward & pull back fast, lifting shoulders slightly
5. Swings – 50 20lbs

(15/30) yoga intervals, 27min set

  1. Dandasana
  2. Hanuman A
  3. Hanuman B
  4. Purvottanasana
  5. Marichy A (R)
  6. Marichy A (L)
  7. Marichy B (R)
  8. Marichy B (L)
  9. Ardha Matseyen (R)
  10. Ardha Matseyen (L)
  11. Marichy D (R)
  12. Marichy D (L)
  13. Hanuman (R)
  14. Hanuman (L)
  15. Anjenay (R)
  16. Anjenay (L)
  17. Ustrasa A
  18. Ustrasa B
  19. Rest
  20. Kapo hang
  21. Rest
  22. Kapo B
  23. Rest
  24. Urdhva D 1
  25. Rest
  26. Urdhva D 2
  27. Rest
  28. Urdhva D 3
  29. Paschimo
  30. Sarvanga
  31. Hala
  32. Karna Pida
  33. Eka Pada Sirsa (R)
  34. Eka Pada Sirsa (L)
  35. Yoganidra (R)
  36. Yoganidra (L)