Core #HIIT with #jumprope & #swings + #yoga

Decided to write my own jumprope & core “recovery routine” because only I can know how little I wanted to actually work and what muscle groups I wanted to avoid taxing. The most slow & lazy jog jumprope was fine for today. It’s about having some daily discipline in my life and, I have to repeat it, a solid reason to take a shower.

I love Fit Body by Julia workouts, but I think this week was the first time I did two back to back, on consecutive days. I finally found something as intense as my old “advanced” Ashtanga workouts (full 3rd and part 4th) series, minus only the sheer terror and life or death focus required for the dreaded tick tocks.

I’d wanted to do more yoga, but I’m going to have to configure myself to fit just in the office & run the little space heater if I wanna do that. Temp is 64 degrees. Once you stop jumping you get cold!

Soundtrack: Rock Out Your Workout playlist on Amazon Prime. I won’t have it after February! Not unless something changes. It was nice and aggressive and I fucking cranked it.



  • (10/50) 2 rounds with 2min rest in between – 50min
  • 1st round – all jumprope
  • 2nd round – jumprope / swings – 35lbs This was the first time I ever did 6, 50-sec sets of swings at that high of a weight!
  1. Elevated feet, knee in to shoulder & then opp arm
  2. Straight abs
  3. Crunches, feet down
  4. Crunches, feet off floor
  5. Oblique crunches, one side / Side Plank Hip drops – 2nd round
  6. Oblique crunches other side / Side Plank Hip drops – 2nd round
  7. Reverse curl on bench, 3lbs
  8. Pendulum on floor, arms out to the side, 5lbs, alt sides
  9. Elevated side plank, bottom leg raise
  10. Other side
  11. Ustrasana
  12. Swimmers, Rumi style


  • About 15min