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Tried a new channel for part 1 of today’s workout, more tabata. I must have a shorter attention span lately! Or maybe I’m doing more tabata as a bit of a “relief” alongside rep-based sets. I think reps work me a bit better than HIIT, but though I’m thorough I’m also a bit slow-ish, so they tend to take a longer amount of time that’s hard to predict.

Anyway, if you knew how much wine & beer I had yesterday, you’d be really impressed!


Lenula’s Lifting, Leaping Leg Destroyer

Warm-up (@2:30)

Tabata: (20/10 x4) +8lb vest
1. Shuffle, heel grab
2. Donkey +rockstar

Strength: (50/10 2 rounds) +8lb vest
1. Pigeon DL 40lbs
2. Sumo DL 40lbs
3. 1-leg DL (L) 30lbs
4. 1-leg DL (R)
5. DL + Squat 40lbs
6. Hamstring Curls I did reverse plank to knees-in w/ my feet on sliders instead of putting a dumbbell between my feet

QUADS +8lb vest
Tabata: (20/10×4)
1. Box Squat Jumps
2. Jump Lunges L-R

Strength: (50/10 2 rounds) +8lb vest
1. 1-Leg Squat (L) to forward lunge on R
2. 1-Leg Squat (R) to forward lunge on L
3. Lunge + Stork + Kneel (L) 20lbs
4. Lunge + Stork + Kneel (R)
5. Rotational Goblet 30lbs 1st round, 40lbs 2nd
6. Power Squat (Down slow, power up) 40lbs

GLUTES +8lb vest
Tabata: (20/10 x4)
1. Shuffle, heel grab (again… wah ha ha…)
2. Low Squat + Jump

Strength: (50/10 2 rounds)
1. Shuffle Swing 15lbs 1st round, 20lbs 2nd
2. Dragon Lunge 30lbs
3. Glute Bridge or Hip Thrust
4. Open Hip Raises 30lbs
5. Jumping 1-leg Glute Bridge (L) Changed this move to the Bender style hip thrusts from crab since I feel it more in the glutes that way
6. Jumping 1-leg Glute Bridge (R)


This is part of a random challenge Lisa posted without a video on her Facebook. Greyed out moves are ones I skipped since I’d just done a legs set. And I did less than half of it! I’m not sure how I feel about 50 reps either. 25 seems more reasonable. Anyway, after move 8 I was at about 90-min into my routine so I changed to  yoga.

  1. 50 Bench Flys (15lbs x 2)
  2. 50 Hammer Curls (15lbs x 2)
  3. 50 Lunge – Left (30lbs)
  4. 50 Lunge – Right (30lbs)
  5. 50 Bent Over Flys (10lbs x 2)
  6. 50 Bench Tuck Abs (3lbs held in feet)
  7. 50 Chest Press (20lbs x 2)
  8. 50 Arnold Press (15lbs x 2) – 30 reps


  • 45minutes

Insane #reps & #HIIT workout plus #yoga

This routine had about 253 push-ups in it, I shit you not. I’m not exactly sure b/c I forgot to count on one of the timed, HIIT sets.


Skipped the video warm-up. I did the whole routine from a list & wore no weighted vest.

I cut some moves from the insane “burnout” at the end & put them at the beginning, to break that heinous chunk up a bit.

Epic Full Body Blitz #2

¹BURNOUT Juggernaut: (time = 11min)
50 Box Squats 40 

50 Goblet Pulses 35lb kettlebell
50 Twisted Plank Rows 25 per side, bringing other knee in & toward that shoulder 20
50 Dynamic SL Pushups Lifting alt legs, moving fast, shallow range of motion. Elbows in.

15 reps superset 4x About 10min, and I thought, “What have I gotten myself into?”Put this set next b/c my triceps were already tired & needed a break!
1. SL hip thrusts (switch legs each round) Shoulders on bench
2. Full DL to 1/2 DL =1 rep 40lbs

15 reps superset 4x (120 push-ups in the 1st set!) Time = 14min
1. Yoga Tricep push-up
2. Box straddle to tricep push-up on bench Start on bench, hop down, jump back for push-up. After 1st round I thought, “FOUR FUCKING TIMES???”

40:10 3x 5 mins
1 Swings 35lb kettlebell
2 3 switch foot mtn climbers to Arnold press 30 Keep hands on weights for switch lunges, then stand w/ 1 knee lifted for press. Figured out on round 2 to get stabilized in the lunge & then pick up knee while getting arms into position for the press. Smooth flow that way.

50:10 3x 9 mins
1. Clean and press drop weight to box jump 40
2. Breakdance push-ups Start in crab & lift 1 leg. Kick it under & push-up
3. Decline SL burpee pistol

30:10 5x 6:40
1. Weighted high knee toe taps 10
2. Surrenders 20

25 reps 4x Time = 10min, only accomplished w/ shallow range of motion but this working is LONG & hard, lol.
1 Discus (switch arms each round) 10 Squat to diagonal swing, using other hand to meet weight
2 Bulgarians (weighted switch legs each round) 30

50:10 3x 6 mins
1. Box jump oblique hop burpees Hop feet outside both shoulders, then center & up to box jump
2. Back load alt Forward lunges 40

50:10 7 mins
1. Plank Knee Cross + Spiderman Pushup (knee to elbow, then do spiderman pushup, switch legs)
2. Twisted Mtn Climbers
3. Quadzilla / Box Jumps 4 wide high knees, rotating squats
4. Forearm pop up to commando down Plank to forearm & pop up if you can – wide feet
5. Decline Shoulder Taps
6. Pistol Rollback SA Burpee No push-up. Put both feet down after the pistol stand. This was pretty damned messy, lol.
7. 3 switch lunges + kick through & handstand

BURNOUT Juggernaut:
50 Decline Pushups Went probably less than half my normal, full range of motion here
50 Box Jumps For once I was HAPPY I’m limited to a mere 13″ elevation!
50 Chest Press 40, dropping to 30lbs for last 20 reps (was getting wobbly)
50 In & Out Squat Jumps no added weight, touched floor every squat
50 Arnold Presses 30
¹ Last 4 moves are at the beginning of the routine

(Time = 1:53)


About 18min

#HIIT #reps & #yoga

Internet up on The Hill was really spotty all day Sunday, so I made sure to preview another workout (as slowly as it had to be) so I could work out entirely from a list. I like to do that anyway, a lot of the times, because I like to listen to music and not be distracted by another pace.

This was a low burner but I didn’t mind for today. Normally I do my own, jump rope warm-up but I’d had enough of that for a bit. On the other hand, the first five sets of this workout, at least, would be really good done another time, w/ like 3min of jump rope before each one.


Upper Body and Burpees by Miranda B

Warmup 30:30 jog arm circles, walk out pushups, down dog glute raises and tucks
runners lunge and twist, rev lunge and knee circles, butt kickers

SET 1: Biceps: 50:10 (hold):10 rest 2x
1. Bicep curls then hold for last 10 seconds 26
2. Wide bicep curls + press out then hold for last 10 seconds 26 While curling down, pause half way & press out & hold a beat. This was holding one 10 and one 3 (by the thumb) in each hand. First round I hadda drop the 3s for the hold-out. Second round I went with 20lbs total.
3. Hammer curls to wide hammer curls to rev grip pushup burpee 30 Palms facing forward on burpee push-up. For hold, stop where ever you are in the burpee. Forgot hold 1st time thru – working from list 🙂

SET 2: Triceps 50:10 (hold): 10 rest 2x
1. Tricep kickbacks hold in position for 10 seconds 20
2. OH extensions 20
3. Tricep push-up burpees For hold, stop where ever you are in the burpee. Was in plank  both times.

SET 3: Shoulders 50:10 (hold):10 rest 2x
1. Arnold press then hold overhead for last 10 seconds 30 Start w/ palms facing you & press up with palms facing out.
2. Front raise to lateral raise then hold in either front or lateral raise for 10 seconds 20 Hold is 1x in either direction.
3. Clean and press to burpee 40 Hold was a squat w/ dumbbells on shoulders for both rounds.

SET 4: Back 50:10 (hold):10 rest 2x
1. Back flys hold in open position for 10 seconds 20 Standing, bent over, slight bend in arms.
2. Back extensions on hold for 10 seconds Swimmers, Rumi style, on belly on floor, feet off floor. Extend arms forward, lifting shoulders, and then pulling elbows back. Hold in this last position.
3. Wide to narrow rows to burpee 30 Row after you jump in, stand bent over, first row elbows close by body. Wide row palms facing back, elbows out wide. Plank holds again.

SET 5: Chest 50:10 (hold):10 rest 2x on bench
1. Chest press hold for 10 seconds at top squeezing chest together 40
2. Chest flies hold for 10 seconds squeezing chest together 30
3. Decline Burpee to wide push-up Hold was jumping & then decline plank.

Cardio 50:10 2x
1. Full release Burpees w/ tuck jump
2. 3 Switch lunges to handstands
3. Mountain climbers
4. Heel click to Donkey kick
5. Box jumps

BURNOUT: Reps EMOM I’m slow & didn’t feel like trying to rush the moves or shorten up my range of motion. Time =  17min

1. 10 rev grip pushup burpees 40 With deadlift, no jump.
2. 10 tricep pushup burpees
3. 8 clean and press burpees 40
4. 8 wide row burpee 30
5. 8 decline wide pushup burpee
6. 10 full release burpees
7. 8 switch lunge handstands
8. 20 mtn climbers 2=1
9. 10 angry donkeys
10. 10 box jump tuck jumps

ABS by Ritter ankle weights
20 bicycles 2=1
10 V-up, 10lbs also in hands
15 Pike abs w/ feet on sliders
10 Feet on bench, tap alt foot out & down, 2=1
10 leg lift to rev crunch

(Time 1:27, tho I lost a couple minutes in the warm-up cause I’d set the timer wrong.)


Just the minimum. I think I’ll do an all yoga tomorrow, with possibly only a jump rope warm-up, if even.

I burned like a MOTHERFUCKER today, #RISD memories

No one is exempt from the arms of evil.

I’m glad I buried the caldron of my second reversal spell yesterday. It’s all snowy on the ground, and it belongs with last year, the past. I feel both smug and protected. Look OUT because Linda’s got her back up. I didn’t die in a battle in 1064 for nothing. I’ve got my sword out & if I think you deserve it I’ll cut your fucking head off.

You don’t want to be on my bad side

I remember running into a professor I’d had freshman year at RISD a couple years after our studio class, on the hills of Providence. He’d been a tough one to win over, and had once sneeringly said I should check out the 19th Century French Academics, because my style was (condescending tones) “so illustrative. He actually did me a favor. I love that school of painting!

When we had our mid semester review I told him what my goals for it were. I might’ve said something along the lines of, “You’ll see,” or “I’m going to get that A”. There were generally only one or two of them available per 30 student foundation class.

A little while later we were in the midst of a two model session and there was a guest artist who’d come to observe and lecture. Studios were 6 or 7 hours long, which is a marathon of a meditative endurance test, but there was a lunch break in the middle. I was having a good day & smoked a joint in my dorm room over break. When I got back I was aware I was generating interest, and I could sometimes be a bit of a ham, drawing in a sort-of dramatic pose while pretending I wasn’t. I felt my professor and the guest stop behind me. They started talking. She was clearly won over and immediately he followed suit. You pussy, I thought, but I knew I’d done my job. At the end of my semester I got my A and a somewhat bemused admission. I didn’t think you could do it, he said, but you did.

After freshman year I discovered I could throw my 92-pounds (at the time) with impunity. Speak up! Fight for what you want. If you don’t get it immediately, lock into the long term torture. You’ll get it. When we bumped into each other later we had a friendly chat and then he regarded me for a moment appraisingly. I wouldn’t want to be on your bad side.

I think this is the 1st time I used the yoga as a warm-up for the workout.

Not like it’s my intention to aim for higher and higher, more over-the-fucking-top burns, I’m just finally feeling better and I think my body was predisposed to burn extra high after the enforced rest. My heart rate was high all through the astanga warm-up.


Warm-up: Suryas & fundamentals, my style of astanga. Time=27:35

This is from DAY 7: Jump for Joy by Daniela, Kristin, and Julia

Combo Moves Pyramid: Do each move for 1 rep, then each part of that move for 2 reps and so on until you reach 8 reps. Each part of each move has 36 reps.

Time = 12:59-2:11, 71min

1. DL + Rev Lunge (both sides) + squat 30 + vest
2. Leg lower with chest fly + crunch toe touch 30 Fly arms & legs go down @ same time. Toe touch is an abs thing, legs in the air, pressing weights up. Pretty challenging doing sit-ups holding 30lbs in the air! LOL. It’s not a lot of weight for the flies but. I did my part 2 of this move a bit different from J.
3. Sumo squat + upright row +hammer curl 30 + vest
4. tricep pushup + plank tuck + to alt plank kickbacks 20
5. SL Pike push-up with Hand on weight (opp leg in air) + Runners Lunge + Row + Knee Drive (2 sided move) 15lbs This 1 move has 72 pike push-ups, lol. But actually that’s the easiest section, if you’re not wearing a vest at least.
6. bunny hop (in place) + box jump+ to clean squat and press vest + 30 Holding weights only for the squat & press 

Jump and Freeze, No rest Tabata by Daniela

Group 1: 20:10 4x per move 8 mins Vest for moves 1-3
1. Squat jumps: squat hold
2. Explosive pushup + back bow: dhanurasana hold
3. Plie squat jumps: plie hold
4. Tricep pushup tuck jump in plank: tricep or plank hold

Group 2: 20:10 3x per move 6:10min
1. Switch lunges: RL lunge hold
2. R side plank dip: side plank hold
3. Chair lunges (fast, from bench): LL lunge hold
4. L side plank dip: side plank hold

Group 3: 20:10 2x per move 4:10min
1. Bridge hops: bridge hold
2. High knees: LL warrior 3 hold
3. Squat jump fall to pushup: bear hold
4. Mtn climbers: RL warrior 3 hold

I was already gonna go past 2 hours so I cut out the last 10min set in the routine. Course I started with a close to half hour warm-up rather than the few minutes in the video. And then I take as long as I like with reps, not going slow, just really full range of motion and rest / note breaks as needed.

cardio AMRAP
10 minutes 8 reps/move
1. Star jumps
2. Yoga pushups Going from a butt-up tricep hold to an up dog
3. Groiners 2=1 Like a mountain climber w/ feet tapping on side of each foot
4. Jugglers
5. High Switch Kicks, 1+1=1 20 Burpee clap under tuck

No impact #HIIT, #reps and #yoga

Well I’m pretty sure I over did it yet again, but in defense of my own stupidity I have no other outlets. I should really start keeping track of the times I leave the house, further than walking Henry around the yard! A trip to the food co-op is now exciting, and a trip to Whole Foods is SUPER exciting. That’s how pathetically restricted my life is. It’d be idyllic here, if I had an income, a small car and a downtown studio. I have none of these things. And in spite of my exercising I have a constant, soft pooch in my lower belly, but like I’ve said before, when I’m not working out I’m completely inactive.

I’ve got Henry and Charlie though. Both are snuggly.

I do think I’m going to pretend shop for a studio, just to torture myself.


DAY 6: Silent Night Full Body Sculpt

Wore my ankle weights for it. Got the idea from a comment on the YouTube page.

Warm Up: 30:30
1. March in place arm circles
2. Down dog cobra
3. Fire hydrants R
4. Leg lifts R
5. Fire hydrants L
6. Leg lifts L

Each set is HIIT at 50:10

Set 1 1x 4 minutes
1. RL Fwd Lunge + Pass under + Alt SA Bent Arm Raise while in lunge 25
2. RL Curtsy lunge + SL DL 30
3. LL Fwd Lunge + Pass under + Alt SA Bent Arm Raise while in lunge
4. LL Curtsy Lunge + SL DL

Rep based moves:
1. 8 bear crawl hold ceiling stomp + Fire Hydrant / per leg (fluid movement)
2. 8 Plie Squat & Upright Chest Press (squat & press elbows together, come up and press OH) 20
3. 8/leg Slider Rev Lunges 30
4. 8 (2) slider mtn climbers 1 jack pushup

Set 2 2x 8 minutes
1. Swings 35 / elevated feet knee in & opp arm
2. RL Slider Side Lunge with weight touchdown, stand and press out and OH
3. Swings 35 / elevated feet knee in & opp arm
4. LL Slider Side Lunge with Weight touchdown, stand and press out and OH

Repeat rep moves

Set 3 1x 4 minutes
1. Heavy squat 3 pulses 40
2. Plie hold ankle taps with single weight 15
3. Heavy Squat 3 pulses
4. Plie hold ankle taps with single weight

Repeat rep moves Took my vest off for the push-up move starting this set. Stupid vest is SO hard to get back on w/out tangling tho. Have to pause the video every time.

Set 4 2x 8 minutes
30 for all. Loved this set, especially with ankle weights & vest (which brings total extra weight load to about 50lbs)
1. Lateral RL Step up Rev Lunge
2. RL Bosu staggered Squat to Lateral Leg Lift
3. Back Load Lateral LL Step up Rev Lunge
4. LL Bosu staggered Squat to Lateral Leg Lift

Repeat rep moves

Set 5 1 x 4 minutes on bench, 30 for all
1. Heavy Hip Thrust
2. Pullover + narrow chest press
3. Heavy Hip Thrust
4. Pullover + narrow chest press

Repeat rep moves

Set 6 2x 8 minutes
Left vest off here as I was getting sick tired.
1 RL Curtsy + SA swing 20
2 RL Bulgarian weight to toe + SA clean and press 20 first set, both sides, then I hadda drop to 15 for the 2nd round
3 LL Curtsy + SA swing
4 LL Bulgarian + SA clean and press

Abs slider burn and cool/s
20 mtn climber sliders 2=1
15 plank slider jacks
10 tuck abs
5 T stand toe touches/leg
10 hamstring heel pulls
15 wide mtn climber 2=1
20 alt plank kickunders 1=1

(Time = 1:24. I took lots of breaks!)


Only 7min

#Pyramid of a kajillion pushups & #yoga



DAY 1: 12 days of Christmas Pyramid by Christine C

  • Did this routine from the list as it was only 12 moves in one long pyramid.

On the first day of Christmas fitness my fitness friends gave to me:
• 1 plank hold (30 sec) (Elbow)

On the second day of Christmas fitness my fitness friends gave to me:
• 2  Quadzillas
• 1 plank hold (30 sec) (High)

On the third day of Christmas fitness my fitness friends gave to me:
• 3 jack pushup burpee star jump
• 2  quadzillas
• 1 plank hold (30 sec) (tricep hold)

On the fourth day of Christmas fitness my fitness friends gave to me:
• 4  angry donkey + heel clicks
• 3 jack pushup burpee star jump
• 2  quadzillas
• 1 plank hold (30 sec) RA staggered arm

On the fifth day of Christmas fitness my fitness friends gave to me
• 5 froggy push up + frog jump for height
• 4  angry donkey + heel clicks
• 3 jack pushup burpee star jump
• 2  quadzillas
• 1 plank hold (30 sec) LA staggered arm

On the sixth day of Christmas fitness my fitness friends gave to me
• 6 switch lunge to handstand
• 5 froggy push up + frog jump for height
• 4  angry donkey + heel clicks
• 3 jack pushup burpee star jump
• 2  quadzillas
• 1 plank hold (30 sec) SL plank

On the seventh day of Christmas fitness my fitness friends gave to me
• 7 (3) mtn climbers to SL tricep pushup
• 6 switch lunge to handstand
• 5 froggy push up + frog jump for height
• 4  angry donkey + heel clicks
• 3 jack pushup burpee star jumps
• 2  quadzillas
• 1 plank hold (30 sec) SL plank

On the eighth day of Christmas fitness my fitness friends gave to me
• 8 animal flow kick through landing on the outside foot
• 7 (3) mtn climbers to SL tricep pushup
• 6 switch lunge to handstand I’m not used to using a leading leg to jump into handstand & it was messing me up, particularly on the left leg back. So I started taking my vest off for this move in this round.
• 5 froggy push up + frog jump for height
• 4  angry donkey + heel clicks
• 3 jack pushup burpee star jump
• 2  quadzillas
• 1 plank hold (30 sec) SA plank

On the ninth day of Christmas fitness my fitness friends gave to me
• 9 pistol roll back pistol up tuck jump no vest
• 8 animal flow kick through
• 7 (3) mtn climbers to SL tricep pushup
• 6 switch lunge to handstand no vest
• 5 froggy push up + frog jump for height
• 4  angry donkey + heel clicks
• 3 jack pushup burpee star jump
• 2  quadzillas
• 1 plank hold (30 sec) SA plank

On the tenth day of Christmas fitness my fitness friends gave me
• 10 lunge back touch down kick (5/leg) kick with opp leg from lunging
• 9 pistol roll back pistol up tuck jump no vest
• 8 animal flow kick through
• 7 (3) mtn climbers to SL tricep pushup
• 6 switch lunge to handstand no vest
• 5 froggy push up + frog jump for height
• 4  angry donkey + heel clicks
• 3 jack pushup burpee star jump
• 2  quadzillas
• 1 plank hold (30 sec) bear crawl hold My quads started burning 5 seconds into this hold!!!

No vest for the last 2 rounds. This routine is a fuck of a lot of push-ups, lol.

On the Eleventh day of Christmas fitness my fitness friends gave to me:
• 11 oblique burpees (1=1) Jump back & push up & then diamond jumps
• 10 lunge back touch down kick (5/leg)
• 9 pistol roll back pistol up tuck jump
• 8 animal flow kick through
• 7 (3) mtn climbers to SL tricep pushup
• 6 switch lunge to handstand
• 5 froggy push up + frog jump for height
• 4  angry donkey + heel clicks
• 3 jack pushup burpee star jump
• 2  quadzillas
• 1 plank hold (30 sec) elbow plank

On the twelfth day of Christmas fitness my fitness friends gave to me:
• 12 Iron Quadzillas Like regular but adding a jump up & cross legs both sides
• 11 oblique burpees (1=1)
• 10 lunge back touch down kick (5/leg)
• 9 pistol roll back pistol up tuck jump
• 8 animal flow kick through
• 7 (3) mtn climbers to SL tricep pushup
• 6 switch lunge to handstand
• 5 froggy push up + frog jump for height
• 4  angry donkey + heel clicks
• 3 jack pushup burpee star jump
• 2  quadzillas
• 1 plank hold (30 sec) pushup hold

(Time = 1:10)


  • About 28min

Who the hell knows how long this workout took me? Was fun tho.

Ya, ya I was supposed to do astanga but I felt like I wouldn’t be able to keep my blood out of my feet today, “moving”, in other words. HIIT is much more reliable in its physiological and emotional effects, and sans monitor still I decided to follow along with a Julia routine without previewing. I ended up taking forEVER, stopping after each section to jot down notes. Hey who cares how long it takes me if it’s not in the stats? 🙂

I’m very pleased Julia got ankle weights because I love using mine. I bought them way back for the constant rehabilitation of my previously impervious knees, which kicked in after about 2.5 years of full 3rd series. I use them mainly for inner & outer thighs & glute work, so they’re a little heavy for me for ab work involving extended legs. Plus I just did some of that yesterday! Definitely pushes me out of my comfort zone.

Holiday Happiness Workout by Jori

Warm-up: 10 reps each
– Jumping Jacks (for Joy)
– Squats (for Presents)
– Lunges (Reindeer Pulling Santa’s Sleigh)
– Push-up Rotations (Looking to the Sky waiting for Santa)

Melting Frosty (x 2) 50:10 10 mins with 8lb vest, which I regretted when I got to move 5!
1.Wide Bicep Curl + Press Outs (Twig Arms) 20
2.Bent Over (button) Rows (Jacket/Coat) 40
3.Diagonal Cross Body Front Raises (alt R/L) (Scarf) 20
4.Tricep OH Extensions (Hat blows off) 20
ball block squeeze (bet thighs) diamond Push-ups

The Grinch’s Legs (x 2) 10 reps each with 8lb vest
1.Sumo Squats + 4 Sumo Pulses 30
2.Pendulum Lunges Right on Sliders 3 pulses 30 / 20
3.Pendulum Lunges Left on Sliders 3 pulses
4.Deadlifts 30/40 When I don’t preview a workout I find myself stopping after every set to take notes. I’m especially bad today when I’m still sans monitor. 

The Star of David (Tabata Pair: (4 min) 20:10 x 8) with 8lb vest
1.Star Jump Burpee Box Jumps
2.Plank Jack Toe Touch

Santa’s Bowl Full Of Jelly (x 2)
With ankle weights. I think mine are about 4lbs per leg. I think each of the little bags is 1lb & I’ve got 4 of 6 filled.
1.10 Ball Block Passes
2.20 Flutter Kicks
3.10 Side to Side V-ups MAN are these hard w/ 2 ankle weights. I’d started out handicapping by holding a 3lb weight bet feet and that’s a big difference. Then I moved up to a 5lb (sometimes, not always). 
4.10 elevated Commandos

The Menorah’s Shine (Tabata Pair: (4 min) 20:10 x 8) No vest
1.Candle Stick Burpee
2.Split low Jack Lunges (1/2 a Jumping Jack into a Rev. Lunge Right, 1/2 Jump Jack into a Rev. Lunge Left) I’m not too good at getting my vest on & off quickly (it’s a cheap one which might be the problem), so I held a 5lb weight in each hand @ my hip crease for these.

Home Alone: Kevin’s Booby Traps (x 2) 50:10 6 mins
1.Agility: In, In, Out, Out (over step, Bosu, Bench, or just on floor like a ladder)
2.High Knees Side to Side Laterally (L-R) to end of Mat with Lunge back touch down hitch kick
3.Big Hurdle: Burpee w/ Push-up and into lunge and pike jump Was really bad at this one! I can barely do the pike jump starting with both legs together. I took off my vest for the 2nd set & since I’d mistakenly alternated the lunge legs 1st time thru kept that. I’m marginally better when it’s the LL back.

6 Min AMRAP  (5 reps each exercise) No vest
1. Broad Jump Forward + Tricep Push-up + 4 Plank jack Shoulder Taps + Bear Crawl Back
2. Oblique Plank Hops w/ 3 OH Swings 15
3. 8 Mt. Climbers (I did mine 1+1=2) + x 2 Lateral hop Plyo Push-Ups (L/R)

Bootyful Legs and Butt Burnout:50:10 2x Stay on one leg for first round then switch for the second round: with ankle weights
1.Donkey kicks (ceiling stomps)
2.Straight leg lifts
3.Fire hydrants
4.Plank kick unders and toe touch
5.Crab toe touch

Some yoga poses

I’ll try to do a serious practice tomorrow. Maybe I should go ahead & order a new monitor from Amazon today, in case the battery doesn’t work on the situation Tues…

Killer #workout, #reps #amrap #tabata #emom #HIIT & a bit of #yoga


Format Chaos by Christine Comeau

Circuit Training + rep pyramid
Time = 31:00min

This was the 2nd section in the video but I put it first. Weighted vest for all moves!
1. 10 clean and press + squat and press 40
2. 20 burpee tucks (10 with tucks at the bottom, 10 with tuck jumps at the top)
3. 30 sumo squats 40
4. 40 curtsy lunges (20 per leg) 35
5. 50 strict mountain climbers (2=1) tapping toe on the forward beat
6. 50 weighted chair lunges (2=1) 10
7. 40 pendulum lunges (20 per leg) 30
8. 30 narrow squats 40
9. 20 burpee mat jumps Jump back to one side of mat, do jump to the other & jump in
10. 10 clean and press + surrender 20

HIIT (5 mins)
Round #1 (50:10), no vest
1. Bear craw hold to kickthrough burpee Jump back to bear crawl & kick thru to both sides
2. Swings 35
3. dive bomber burpee + box jump
4. Lat hop + drop and pop to 3 squat jumps
5. Tricep burpee + 4 plank jacks

AMRAP (5 minutes)
Only 1 full round & 3 of my swapped out first move

5 reverse curls x3, roll back to halasana & roll forward to low squat ninja jumps with hands behind head
5 weighted surrenders 20
5 burpee tucks
5 weighted squat + standing kickbacks (do both legs)
5 tornado switches (2=1) (plyo curtsy)
5 weighted curtsy (2=1) 30

Tabata Pairs 20:10 8x, 8:20min
no vest

1. Handstand (both legs together) + pistol squat (alt sides)
2.  Jack knife get up (lay flat on your back and lift up into crab toe touch) 1 side at a time

1. plank jack pushup and tuck (in plank)
2.  Scrambles (crouch down jump your hands forward and then jump your feet to your hands 4 forward, 4 back- stay low)

Supersets + 5×5: 5 reps (heavy), 5 sets, 10 reps cardio move
Time = 23:00min

With vest, Time = x
1. Curtsy Lunge 35
2. Bulgarian 30
Cardio move = fast feet on step  Everything 5 per leg

1. Squat slow down 40
2. Sumo squat 35
Cardio move = in/out squat jumps (touching floor) Took my vest off for these after the 1st round! Doing 10 of these so low… Wanted to pick up my time if you know what I mean, lol.

Activation + Add-on (first do the left leg moves 1-8, then do the right leg)
This’d be a great glute burnout, done with ankle weights & alternating legs for each move. It was actually the warm-up in the video but I thought I’d burn more if I stuck it in when hot & consider using weights this time. Nope! Did body weight only & 1 side a time as per instructions, just in the revised location.
1. Fire hydrant
2. Fire hydrant kick
3. Fire hydrant in bear
4. Donkey kick
5. Donkey kick in plank
6. 4 count hold (donkey kick position)
7. Knee in kick back
8. Glute raise rainbow over

EMOM– Abs (4 min)
1. Burpee
2. Lateral plank jumps x 2 (jump back & push up, mat hop to either side)
3. Twisted renegades (bottom of plank) 30
4. 2 switch lunges + wood chopper 15 Holding weight above head when you stand up

Burnout + holds 30:30 (4 min)
with weighted vest
30 sec squat
30 sec squat hold
30 sec left lunge (lateral)
30 sec left lunge hold
30 sec sumo squat
30 sec sumo hold
30 sec right lunge (lateral)
30 sec right lunge hold

Total time 1:46. That’s actually pretty good for me for a video that was 90min long!


  • Up to the 2-hour mark. I’ll do more tomorrow because I’ll need a lighter routine after this!

Evening #HIIT

I looked back in my blog & discovered I’d already taken two rest days this week, so I decided WTF I’ll get out of bed long enough to follow along with the video for this workout. Normally I do some yoga after of course by my only goal was check it off the list & work up enough sweat to necessitate a shower.


No Equipment Thanksgiving Workout by Christine Comeau

Let’s get cooking warmup 40:40
1. Downward dog + step forward to lunge + open arms
2. Slow body weight squat + hands to floor and jump out or walk out to plank
3. 4 jacks + 8 jog in place
4. Plank + 4 swimmer arms + stand and 4 toe touches

AMRAP Appetizer (4 min)
1. (crow pose hold- 5 counts pop out to 5 pike pushups
2. 5 Scorpion hip dips on each side then plank hop pike jump
3. 5 roll back 2 star jumps
4. 5 prisoner jacks- keep those wings up)

pyramid: (40:10: 50:10, 60:10, 70:10, 80:10, 80:10, 70:10, 60:10, 50:10, 40:10) 12 min
1. Sumo squat hold x4 + 4 Sumo stomp+ 4 sumo hops
2. 3 Flying mountain climbers + SL tricep pushup+ kick through
3. Pistol squat 3 sec pause + kick
4. 3 bunny hops forward + drop and pop + tuck
5. Iron Quadzilla- classic quadzilla + two switch lunges and criss cross
6. alt plyo curtsy + 4 mountain climber
7. Alt Pistol Squat My knees don’t much like ninjas so I changed this move
8. Broad jump forward + 2 switch lunges + bunny hop back
9. donkey kicks up and over
10. Rocket squats (3 steps down explode up)

no rest tabata (20:10 x 4) 8 min Harder than I’d suspected! Glad I started off sans vest 🙂 
1. Dive bombers (hold move = downward dog glute raise)
2. Froggy push up burpee + wide leg tuck jump (hold move = froggy hold- hold in back position)
3. 2 tricep push ups + 4 tricep hold jacks (hold move = plank)
4. Inchworm hops + explosive push up (hold move = midway push up position)

The “sides” (rep based)
10 oblique hop burpees
8 side plank with bottom and top knee in (2=1)
6 side plank + reach under + leg raise (2=1)
4 animal flow kickthroughs + knee to elbow in crab (2=1)
2 oblique V ups/side (2=1)

Going for seconds (50:10, each move x2) 18 min
1. Tricep fall + 2 tricep hold plank jack + angry donkey up
2. Up/down Commando plank + SL plank hop in and out
3. Reverse lunge 4 pulses + kick up to handstand, switch
4. Knee pulls x 3 + 3 tuck jump (wide + narrow + pike)
5. Elevator jack burpee (down for 4 then jump back to push up, jump to low squat and jack back up)
6. Y- plank walkouts (inchworm to plank and walk your hands as far forward as you can)
7. Diamond push up + downward dog glute raises + Diamond jump at top
8. A-alt plyo curtsly + 2 spiderman push-ups
9. Y-Wide burpees

Dessert finisher (x3)
25 mountain climbers (narrow/wide/cross)2=1
20 switch lunge (tornados/lateral lunge jumps/std) 1=1
15 plank hop to squat (narrow/sumo/ski)
10 push ups (std/tricep/dive bomber)
5 burpees (std/tricep/diamond)

60min #HIIT & #reps and 30min #yoga

Killed myself a little today! And I almost decided to take a rest day but then I’d posted on stupid FB that I was going to work out like a mofo so that is what I did. I’m feeling anxious today, though more about my personal prospects than the national. It was a nervy, distracted sit this morning, and now look I’ve missed the daylight hours for getting out of the house, which in my case if I’m solo means walking around in the yard, 99% of the time. It’s a good yard anyway.

Perhaps I’ll find some way to get ahead in the disaster that is the USA? Who knows.


Strength Builder and Calorie Burner

Warm up 30:30, Towel reaches, Curtsy Lunge and twist, Jog in place arm circles, Leg circle to lunge back and knee pull, Walk out back bow, Swimmer arms

50:10 2x, 13” elv (I only have 1, non adjustable elevation)
1. Curtsy lunges up and over (switch legs second round) 15
2. Fast feet up and over
3. Straddle box jump burpee
4. In and out abs 3lbs bet feet
5. Bulgarian to SL pushup switches 30

50:10 13” elv
1. Decline burpees
2. Chair lunges 20
3. Lateral box jump to ½ pistol
4. Rocket lunges (switch legs second round) no weight
5. Decline tricep pushup + 3 knee tucks + glute raise Could just barely keep going the entire interval, both rounds

50:10 2x (No bosu) Took off vest for this set.
1. Slider mtn climbers
2. Repeater knees on block (provided a little bit of balance work anyway)
3. 360 toe taps
4. alt OH curtsy lunges with pushup between 10lb dumbbells
5. pistol burpee (SL pushup, pick up and pistol up and down)

All of the above with video.

From list, this section

  • 1x 2x I made an executive “fuck that” decision at the idea of two rounds of this! That’d just take me waaaay too long, lol. I’m still really slow on reps but I’d rather 1) go as heavy as I’ve got the strength & equipment for and 2) focus on form over time.
  • No vest
  • Time = 17min

20 Swings 35
18 step ups, each leg 20
16 staggered pushup tuck over using yoga block for hand elevation
14 chin-ups vertical pull throughs + plank hop 180 Don’t have a heavy enough weight for pull-throughs!
12 dips crab toe touches 6/6 hands on bench
10 pull-ups burpee rev grip rows
8 rotating deadlift and tuck jump over 30
6 clean and press 40
4 burpee clean and presses 40

50:10 2x (1:01)
1. chest press leg raise 40
2. pushup switch arm knee tap Didn’t like this move & changed it to mat jumps for 2nd round
3. bicurl front press 30
4. high kettlebell swings 20
5. burpee flys 20

No Equip Pyramid burnout
10 burpee triangle plank hop + hitch kick
9 3 bicycle abs + 3 SL lifts
8 quadzilla squat jumps
7 roll back burpee star jumps
6 lunge back touchdown kicks per leg
5 dive bombers
4 broad jumps bunny hop back
3 doubled up tricep burpees
2 explosive pushup back extensions
1 crow pose – count to 20

Time 1:26


About 30min – made sure to get some LBH in there!