The best feline sidekick, Bodyrock & rest days

Hmmm…. It’s such a cool, gray day after a long time of “relentless” (lol) sunshine. It’s been really nice actually, but an inward day is nice. The only thing is that Henry’s gotten used to over an hour outside. Yesterday he got more than two.

He was crazy frisky this morning while we were having coffee, running around and ambushing me regularly. Then C opened the door & Henry dashed out. He just went to the deck where he stopped and allowed me to scoop and scold. He looked smug, like he’d wanted to prove a point. (He also enjoys racing to the top of the stairs ahead of the humans.)

I definitely have to take him out later, especially as we’ve got a few days of rain forecast. There’s generally some time in the day to get out, but he’ll have less fun if everything’s wet.

I got all happy last night because I discovered that Lisa Marie IS putting out longer videos, on her own YouTube page, just like the old Real Time Challenge. Not sure why BodyRock has always had such clueless customer service. This has remained the same as they’ve grown. You never get the correct information! I was told by one that the only way to take part in the last Bootcamp was to purchase. This was after it’d already started & despite putting my name on the email list like 3x I’d never gotten a notice. Then I found a link to do a subscription trial and sampled 18 out of 19 workouts.

The last time I logged on a chat window popped up & was like “Let us know if you’ve got any questions!” Just for fun I asked if they were ever going to do longer real-time workouts again, like the old RTC. I went back to what I was doing and a few hours later I double checked and the agent never responded, not in three hours. It’s not like I’d asked for the nuclear launch codes!

Then last night I happen to see a suggested workout video in my YouTube and I go to Lisa’s page and find a bunch of current, longer real times! Since she’s the main star and her YouTube is obviously affiliated – the company name comes before hers on her own channel –  you think the people in charge of selling subscriptions and gear would be informed & pass this along, at least when asked. Nope! No matter. I always find the pertinent information myself.

I have a workout detailed out already but I might do it tomorrow & just sit today.

I like to change the rest / transition time to 15-seconds over 10, when working from a long list rather than following a video, however, so my workout will be slightly longer than the video. Gives me time to grab a sip, check the notes & get into place. This is especially good when working with different weights and a jump rope!