Happy International Yoga Day!

Charlie & I are going to go down to Pioneer Square later & take the free Bollywood dance class. That oughta be funny.

Went on a road trip yesterday, which is on Flickr is here.

I’ve been busy celebrating lately, also falling off the vegan bandwagon. I ate fish two days in a row. This has to do with hanging out with omnivores & going to non veg friendly restaurants, meaning if I insisted on eating even just vegetarian I’d feel both deprived & under fed. I guess it’s ok. I had an excellent piece of halibut yesterday, along with the rest of the great meal & a coconut, lime bread pudding & rum sauce.

Got a looooot of exercise. First I did an excellent workout & then that hike… Now we know that Linda needs to be fed first if we’re doing a 4-mile hike. I’d had a Lara bar (small thing of peanuts, dates & sea salt & that’s it) plus 4 slices of melon. We stopped just a bit short of the last lookout cause I was getting dizzy and hangry. I’d been meandering slowly all the way in, looking around, but I practically ran all the way back, huffing and puffing like a solider on charge. All better once parked in front of the restaurant though, Roseanna’s Cafe. After that was a walk on the beach & the drive home.