So frustrating. Can’t shed my lower belly fat!!!

I’ve been doing ab exercises like crazy too, during my workouts. I’ve been much better about reasonable portion sizes lately too.

It’s worse than you can tell here. My little “pooch” casts its own shadow.

I took this selfie in the reflection of the dining room window. I’m on the deck, getting the day’s tanning done before it gets too hot. Unfortunately by the time I’m ready to work today the office will be way too hot to work in, but I’m exhausted from approximately 5 hours of sleep over three consecutive evenings anyway. 

It’s too hot to go to bed early, and the sun rises really early, which means Henry starts in around 5. (When your curtain / blind situation is just draped sarongs & there are two fans pointed that direction, there is no light blocking going on.)

I tried getting really drunk pretty much immediately after coming back from yesterday’s hike in the hopes of knocking myself out early. Fail! Oh well.

Writing this on my newly installed WordPress app.

I should try out my selfie stick soon.