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That felt good today! And sometimes it’s better to have a time limit (a lunch date in this case), so you don’t dither endlessly.


Agility Tabata + Posterior ChainAgility Tabata + Posterior Chain

Warmup (10/30×6=4min) jump rope intervals

Tabata Pair Workout excellent cardio set!

  • Was gonna do this w/ a list & timer initially, but in previewing the first few sets I decided it was too “dancey” for me to remember, so I did it with the video. I’d put 30 seconds for the rest between intervals though…
  • With 8lb vest

    1. Mini Suicide Shuffles
    2. Heel Clicks From standing & with hands on floor

    1. In/Out Fast Feet x4+ plank shoulder taps X4 + heel click
    2. Butt kick lateral hops x3, SL (outside leg)forward and back hop x4

    1. Falling off a log + 2 side heel clicks + 3 bunny hops back Kind of like a forward, crossing one leg over the other forward skip x4. Stop with one foot raised & do 2 kicks out to the side. Alt which leg starts.
    2. 1-2-3’s Sideways shuffle lifting inner knee (like Insanity move)

    1. Hit-the floors
    2. Fencing Shuffle Forward and back, 180 and Switch

    1. In/Out quick squats
    2. Shuffle, Drop and Pop

    1. Cross Hops (L)
    2. Cross Hops (R)

    1. 2 Plank Jacks, 2 Toe Taps
    2. 2 Froggers, 2 Low Cross Jacks

    1. 4 fast feet, 4 in/out fast feet Video sequence got mixed up in the edit but it was ok.
    2. Around-the-World Squats (4 left, 4 Right)

Back Body Finisher/Posterior Chain
(1 minute intervals/15 seconds rest)

  1. Pull-over+ narrow press 30lbs
  2. Supine Rows+Deadlift 40lbs
  3. Squat walk x4 + Upright row x2 30lbs
  4. Pigeon toe DL +Shrugs+ Calf Raises 40lbs
  5. Renegade rows + Glute Raises (alt) 40lbs


Was gonna do a Bodyrock isometric thing for part 2, but then I’d have had no time to stretch! Decided yoga would feel better.

  • 32min Suryas & fundamentals, the Linda way, first 3 poses of primary, one 5-breath urdhva d and then a 1min savasana

#Tabata #HIIT #reps and #yoga

Tried a new channel for part 1 of today’s workout, more tabata. I must have a shorter attention span lately! Or maybe I’m doing more tabata as a bit of a “relief” alongside rep-based sets. I think reps work me a bit better than HIIT, but though I’m thorough I’m also a bit slow-ish, so they tend to take a longer amount of time that’s hard to predict.

Anyway, if you knew how much wine & beer I had yesterday, you’d be really impressed!


Lenula’s Lifting, Leaping Leg Destroyer

Warm-up (@2:30)

Tabata: (20/10 x4) +8lb vest
1. Shuffle, heel grab
2. Donkey +rockstar

Strength: (50/10 2 rounds) +8lb vest
1. Pigeon DL 40lbs
2. Sumo DL 40lbs
3. 1-leg DL (L) 30lbs
4. 1-leg DL (R)
5. DL + Squat 40lbs
6. Hamstring Curls I did reverse plank to knees-in w/ my feet on sliders instead of putting a dumbbell between my feet

QUADS +8lb vest
Tabata: (20/10×4)
1. Box Squat Jumps
2. Jump Lunges L-R

Strength: (50/10 2 rounds) +8lb vest
1. 1-Leg Squat (L) to forward lunge on R
2. 1-Leg Squat (R) to forward lunge on L
3. Lunge + Stork + Kneel (L) 20lbs
4. Lunge + Stork + Kneel (R)
5. Rotational Goblet 30lbs 1st round, 40lbs 2nd
6. Power Squat (Down slow, power up) 40lbs

GLUTES +8lb vest
Tabata: (20/10 x4)
1. Shuffle, heel grab (again… wah ha ha…)
2. Low Squat + Jump

Strength: (50/10 2 rounds)
1. Shuffle Swing 15lbs 1st round, 20lbs 2nd
2. Dragon Lunge 30lbs
3. Glute Bridge or Hip Thrust
4. Open Hip Raises 30lbs
5. Jumping 1-leg Glute Bridge (L) Changed this move to the Bender style hip thrusts from crab since I feel it more in the glutes that way
6. Jumping 1-leg Glute Bridge (R)


This is part of a random challenge Lisa posted without a video on her Facebook. Greyed out moves are ones I skipped since I’d just done a legs set. And I did less than half of it! I’m not sure how I feel about 50 reps either. 25 seems more reasonable. Anyway, after move 8 I was at about 90-min into my routine so I changed to  yoga.

  1. 50 Bench Flys (15lbs x 2)
  2. 50 Hammer Curls (15lbs x 2)
  3. 50 Lunge – Left (30lbs)
  4. 50 Lunge – Right (30lbs)
  5. 50 Bent Over Flys (10lbs x 2)
  6. 50 Bench Tuck Abs (3lbs held in feet)
  7. 50 Chest Press (20lbs x 2)
  8. 50 Arnold Press (15lbs x 2) – 30 reps


  • 45minutes

Killer #workout, #reps #amrap #tabata #emom #HIIT & a bit of #yoga


Format Chaos by Christine Comeau

Circuit Training + rep pyramid
Time = 31:00min

This was the 2nd section in the video but I put it first. Weighted vest for all moves!
1. 10 clean and press + squat and press 40
2. 20 burpee tucks (10 with tucks at the bottom, 10 with tuck jumps at the top)
3. 30 sumo squats 40
4. 40 curtsy lunges (20 per leg) 35
5. 50 strict mountain climbers (2=1) tapping toe on the forward beat
6. 50 weighted chair lunges (2=1) 10
7. 40 pendulum lunges (20 per leg) 30
8. 30 narrow squats 40
9. 20 burpee mat jumps Jump back to one side of mat, do jump to the other & jump in
10. 10 clean and press + surrender 20

HIIT (5 mins)
Round #1 (50:10), no vest
1. Bear craw hold to kickthrough burpee Jump back to bear crawl & kick thru to both sides
2. Swings 35
3. dive bomber burpee + box jump
4. Lat hop + drop and pop to 3 squat jumps
5. Tricep burpee + 4 plank jacks

AMRAP (5 minutes)
Only 1 full round & 3 of my swapped out first move

5 reverse curls x3, roll back to halasana & roll forward to low squat ninja jumps with hands behind head
5 weighted surrenders 20
5 burpee tucks
5 weighted squat + standing kickbacks (do both legs)
5 tornado switches (2=1) (plyo curtsy)
5 weighted curtsy (2=1) 30

Tabata Pairs 20:10 8x, 8:20min
no vest

1. Handstand (both legs together) + pistol squat (alt sides)
2.  Jack knife get up (lay flat on your back and lift up into crab toe touch) 1 side at a time

1. plank jack pushup and tuck (in plank)
2.  Scrambles (crouch down jump your hands forward and then jump your feet to your hands 4 forward, 4 back- stay low)

Supersets + 5×5: 5 reps (heavy), 5 sets, 10 reps cardio move
Time = 23:00min

With vest, Time = x
1. Curtsy Lunge 35
2. Bulgarian 30
Cardio move = fast feet on step  Everything 5 per leg

1. Squat slow down 40
2. Sumo squat 35
Cardio move = in/out squat jumps (touching floor) Took my vest off for these after the 1st round! Doing 10 of these so low… Wanted to pick up my time if you know what I mean, lol.

Activation + Add-on (first do the left leg moves 1-8, then do the right leg)
This’d be a great glute burnout, done with ankle weights & alternating legs for each move. It was actually the warm-up in the video but I thought I’d burn more if I stuck it in when hot & consider using weights this time. Nope! Did body weight only & 1 side a time as per instructions, just in the revised location.
1. Fire hydrant
2. Fire hydrant kick
3. Fire hydrant in bear
4. Donkey kick
5. Donkey kick in plank
6. 4 count hold (donkey kick position)
7. Knee in kick back
8. Glute raise rainbow over

EMOM– Abs (4 min)
1. Burpee
2. Lateral plank jumps x 2 (jump back & push up, mat hop to either side)
3. Twisted renegades (bottom of plank) 30
4. 2 switch lunges + wood chopper 15 Holding weight above head when you stand up

Burnout + holds 30:30 (4 min)
with weighted vest
30 sec squat
30 sec squat hold
30 sec left lunge (lateral)
30 sec left lunge hold
30 sec sumo squat
30 sec sumo hold
30 sec right lunge (lateral)
30 sec right lunge hold

Total time 1:46. That’s actually pretty good for me for a video that was 90min long!


  • Up to the 2-hour mark. I’ll do more tomorrow because I’ll need a lighter routine after this!

Today’s workout #HIIT #Tabata #AMRAP #yoga


Warmup: (5:20) (10/30×5 jump rope with 2min slow surya As) I love doing my own warmup & cool down.

Set 1: Do Each set HIIT at 60/30:20 1x (Each set is 9min so about 30min this part)

1. Squat & press 40 / Frogger
2. Elv commando (plank walk) and knee tucks / decline burpees
3. Lat step up leg lift RL 30 / lateral box jumps RL
4. Lateral step up LL /lat box jumps LL
5. Knees in press up 20, C-sit. Single weight @ sternum. Press up & knee tuck; down & legs go out / cannonball burpees Just do burpee tuck jump next time

Set 2:
1. SA row RL 20 in lunge / squat slams 20
2. SA row LL  / squat slams 
3.  Pike push-ups / matt jumps
4. Front load side steps curtsy each side 30 Stay low / Lateral jump to star jumps
5. Dips w alt leg lifts / Russian kicks

Set 3:
1. RL curtsy lunges 35 / skaters for height
2. LL curtsy lunges 35 / skaters for distance
3. Leg lift chest press 40 / wide V-leg crunch pulses Hurt my right hand holding the two 10s at once again. Maybe I will get myself a replacement 20 for Xmas.
4. Clean and press 40 / burpee hop over weight
5. Sumo squat+ deadlift 35 /sumo hops

Tabata pairs: 20:10 8x
Time = 28min

1. Slider mtn climbers and shoulder taps tapping opp shoulder from knee-in
2. Bicycle abs Can keep legs straight to make it harder (vest off this move)
10 box jumps switch lunges Box & hop down & switch lunge ea side

1 Slider around the world legs
2 Ab leg circles (vest off this move) Kept legs together & straight. A little too easy. Ankle weights next time?
10 box jump star jumps

1. Slider pike
2. V ups (2 straight & 2 to 1-side for obliques w 3/lbs bet feet)
10 box jump pike jump

1. Slider plank jack push-ups
2. Tuck abs (No vest this move) Spreading legs on the out & down part
10 box jump plank jacks Jump back to plank and jack the legs out & back in. Was wondering why this set of box jumps seemed easier & then realized I’d forgotten to put vest back on 🙂

Burnout: 5 min AMRAP
Score: 2 full rounds, 15 swings & 10 D lunges

15 swings 35
10 dragon lunges 1=1 Alt deadlift lunges, swinging weight down & around the outside of the front leg
5 pull-ups / 5 chin-ups

(Total time 1:14)


About 25min

#HIIT #Tabata and easy #yoga

I’ve been subscribed to HIIT like a Girl for awhile but had never tried one of the workouts, then today I clicked on one by accident. My biceps hurt from yesterday, particularly the right, as in I didn’t want to hoist my cup of coffee first thing in the morning! She’s only using 10lbs here though so I thought I’d follow suit. Tomorrow’s gonna either be a rest day or a yoga focus day.


Full Body Tabata + HIIT

2x Part One
10lb weights & 8lb vest

  1. Back Lunge Kick Up/Back Lunge Plyo Jump R
  2. Back Lunge Kick Up/Back Lunge Plyo Jump L
  3. Row, kick-back, spider push-up 10s
  4. Narrow Halo Squats
  5. Elevator Jumping Jacks I just did 4 low & 4 high
  6. Narrow/Medium/Wide Squat Jump Kicks
  7. Broad Jump 180 Triceps Burpees
  8. Curtsy Curls R
  9. Curtsy Curls L

1x Part Two (Tabata) 4min
Jump rope High Knees (no vest)

2x Part Three (with vest – except for the 2 rounds of tricep / superwoman push-ups)

  1. Around the World Squats with Shoulder Press
  2. Plie Row/Jump Squat (Forgot to do second set; its after drainbows)
  3. Drainbow R 20 This killed me bc of the arm soreness from yesterday. 2nd time thru I changed the arm move to hammer curls, which with only 10lbs per arm was ok.
  4. Drainbow L
  5. Eight Mountain Climbers/Four Pushups
  6. One Jump Forward/Four Squat Walks Back
  7. Triceps Superwoman Pushups
  8. Squat Walk/Jump Squats
  9. Back Lunge/Shoulder Raise


About 25min

#interval #pyramid, #tabata & a tiny bit of #yoga

OK I didn’t stick to plan with a yoga based workout. Didn’t get my heart rate up consistently with this one which is unusual for a Julia routine. I think I don’t have heavy enough weights, but holding the two 10s as often as I do hurt both of my hands today. Am I hitting a plateau or is my Polar breaking or both? I mean was I seriously only in fat burning mode for all but 18 minutes?


Functional Full Body Workout by Kristin R

50:10 / 40:10 / 30:10
Broad Jump to Box Jump + Bunny Hops back
Spiderman Pushup up to Alt Superman
Front Raise to OH Squat 20
Pendulum Lunges + Rows (alt wide and narrow rows with fwd and rev lunge) 30
Pike to Shalabhasana Ball Pass to Roll to Extend

Tabata 20:10 x 8
Deadlift to High Pulls 30
Floor Press to Bridge (Close Grip Press and Bridge are simultaneous) 30 8 sets in a row made my hands really hurt!

Tabata 20:10 x 4 for each move
SA (Hand or Forearm) Plank + SA Row 20
Reverse curls 5lbs bet feet Deadbug

50:10 / 40:10 / 30:10
Chest Press + Froggy Legs in and out 40 Hurt both hands holding the two 10s
Bunny Hops Fwd + 2 Heel Taps + Hop Back (tap inner heels with hands – opp hand/foot, hop back)
Kickouts (From plank, kick bottom leg out) x2 + Crab Turn (kickouts x 2, crab turn x1 , kickouts)
Sumo Lateral Shuffle to Surrender (stay low in sumo, shuffle over to end of mat, surrender) 20
Tricep Dips(Hands on Weights) + Alt SA Hammer Curl 20

Tabata 20:10 x8 for each move
Bent Over Wide Rows + Bicep Curl (Palms out) 30
Sumo Squats 40

Tabata 20:10 x 4 for each move
SL Tricep Pushups (Switch legs w each pu)
Alt Pistols Heels propped, no vest for this one.

50:10 / 40:10 / 30:10
Front Sumo Squat to Arnold Press (hold weights at shoulders, palms facing you, press) 30
Bodyweight Alt Deep Fwd Lunge + Pick weights up & put back down 30
Chest Fly + Alt Star Legs to Sit up (Fly arms out, star legs out, simultaneous movements. Next do sit up with fly, alternate btw stars and sit ups) 20
Stiff Leg Deadlift to Hammer Curl & Shoulder Press Upright Row 30
Plank forearm crawl Fwd and back

Tabata 20:10 x 8 for each move
Discuss (switch arms halfway through, so after 4 rounds)
SA Clean & Press 20 I alternated all the way thru this one bc I’d done extra presses the set before & also left arm is a bit weaker w/ the 20lbs

Tabata 20:10 x 4 for each move
Squats & back lunge L, R 40
Wide Pushups



About 15min. More tomorrow! My body is obviously rebelling

Glute centric #tabata & #reps plus quick #yoga session

Stuck to my planned workout, but I’ve gotta say my recovery is SO MUCH BETTER when I alternate Julia workouts with yoga focused routines. I get in there and address all my personal glitches when I do my yoga, in ways that don’t shred my joints. Tomorrow I’ll do a 20 or 24min HIIT and my favorite ashtanga mini routine of late.

FullSizeRender 3.jpg

Fast and Furious Legs by Christine Comeau

  • 1:19 total. I had extra breaks though, several of them waiting for the wifi to catch up. But I did all but one set with the video. Found myself able to keep up today! (I only wear an 8lb vest tho but that’s enough for me though I could damn sure use some heavier weights.) I had to pause a couple times during last set of burpees though cause I hadn’t previewed those.

Video warm-up

Cardio tabata pair 20:10 8x 4 mins just vest
1. Tornados switch lunges: switch curtsy lunge
2. 3 switch lunge, 3 stationary hops

Strength (50:10 x3) 9 min
1. Right curtsy lunge 30
2. Left cursty lunge
3. Alternating Bulgarian +deadlift + push up 30

Lunge Burnout (x 2) this set w/ list – 6min & then back to video
10 left lunge 30 lunging forward
40 pulses
10 right lunge 30
40 pulses

Cardio tabata pair  20:10 8x 4 min (26:10)
1. Quadzilla squat jumps: 4 wide high knees, 4 rotating squats
3. Broad Jump & pick up weight, two bunny hops back 35 I don’t have 2 heavy enough weights to put at both ends of my mat, and the move w/out the weights is usually good cardio for me. Need 1 20lb, 2 25lbs and 2 12lbs, lol. Not yet!!!

Strength (50:50:50:30 x3) 9 min
1. Goblet Sumo squats 30
2. Standard squats 30
3. Squat front raise twist twist 10 Thought I could do 15 here. Noooo! LOL. Still wearing vest tho, even if my stinky 8-pounder is still challenging enough for me.

Squat Burnout (40:00)
10 narrow squat 30
40 narrow squat pulses no weight
10 standard squats 30
40 standard squat pulses
10 sumo squats 30
40 sumo squat pulses

Cardio tabata pair 20:10 8x 4 min (46m)
1. in/out squat jack + 2 switch lunges
2. Bench squat jump Touch bum to bench, come forward & jump up.

Booty Strength (50:50:50:30 x 3) 9 min
1. Deadlift 40
2. Bulgarian RL 30
3. Bulgarian LL 30

Booty Burnout: 1:00:56
weighted hip thrust circuit Wish I had 50/60lbs in plates for this!
20 reps
10 reps 30 sec hold 3x
10 reps 10 sec hold 3x
40 reps

Rep based full body burnout
1. 5 Burpee push-up + 2 squat jumps
2. 4 SL Burpee pushup+ two glute kick overs
3. 3 Burpee tricep push up + two switch lunges
4. 2 Burpee diamond push-up + diamond jump
5. 1 Burpee pike push up + quadzilla


  • About 13min

Booty & shoulder killing #tabata & #HIIT with a bit of #yoga

First a mini rant

By the end of this my glutes were screaming at me! But I swear I had aggression to work off, still leftover from last night. It’s not a jam night unless someone asks why my hair’s so gray or what my employment status is. I suppose I could counter with, Old. Dead. Hey, have you gained some weight??? I’m fitter than you, anyway.


No Rest Tabata and Circuit Mashup

Warmup: jumprope (10/30)x10 6:40

  • 10/20×8 for each pair.

1. Manmakers 30lbs
2. Plank

1. Squat & press 30lbs
2. Plank shoulder taps

1. Plank jack burpee
2. Squats or squat holds

1. Swings 35lbs This one KILLED me. Still so much work w/ this kettlebell
2. Switch lunges

Circuit 1: 4x 5 reps each
Time = 15min
1. Manmaker 30 Oy with the manmakers already!!! lol
2. Thrusters 30
3. Wall run with 10 shoulder tap

Circuit 2: 3x
Time = 19min
1. 15 Weighted burpee (deadlift) 40
2. 15 swings 35lbs
3. Weighted step up 10/leg 20lbs

Circuit 3: 5x complex, 5 reps each, 30lbs
Time = 13min
1. Clean
2. Squat & press
3. Squat holding weights at sides with extended arms, touching to floor on bottom
4. Alt lunge 5/leg
5. Goblet squat

(Time = 1:19)


#HIIT #Tabata #reps and #yoga

FullSizeRender 5.jpg

Fast and Furious by Oxana

More like slow & lethargic in my case, but hey, at least now I’ll take a shower today. No fucking vest at all. I didn’t have it in me. 

Knee circles
Down dog cobra
Fwd back lunges

SET 1. Pyramid up 20:10, 30:10, 40:10, 50:10
– Lat high knees drop and pop
(Suicides) (run from one side of the room to another tapping the floor on each side)

SET 2. 50/10 HIIT ( twice )
1. Plank Jacks shoulder taps
2. 3 pulses 1 tuck jump
3. kick under pushups to T-stand
4. 3 switch lunges, 1 kick
5. Reptile pushup
6. Standing switched kicks
7. Walk into plank, tricep pushup, frog jump
8. Jugglers
9. Reverse plank with leg lift
10. Skaters
I ALWAYS sit down for my breaks, lol.

SET 3. Tabata pairs 20:10 8x 4 mins each

1. 5 low jacks 1 star jump
2. Side plank leg lift (right)

1. 4 lateral hops, 180 tuck jump
2. Side plank leg lift (left)

SET 4. Pyramid down 50:10, 40:10, 30:10, 20:10
Plank hops (3 way)

SET 5. 20 Reps each, 16min
1. Diamond pushup burpees
2. Lunge back touch down and kick R
3. Lunge back touch down and kick L
4. Squat jumps
5. Walking pushups each walkout counts as 1 rep
6. Toe touch jacks
7. Commando plank
8. Hip thrust (right leg)
9. Hip thrust (left leg)
10. Wide mountain climbers

SET 6. Burnout 60 sec each exercise no rest
1. Heel clicks
2. Half burpees
3. Roll back to Diamond jumps
4. Fast feet
5. Angry donkeys



About 26min

#strength & #cardio blast (#tabata) with #ashtanga #yoga


1 Minute Strength and 30 Seconds Cardio Blast

No vest at all today. Shoulders were a bit sore from yesterday.

Set 1: Decided not to tax my right thumb today and stick to a weight for which I have the matching set of dumbbells
1. Clean and press (30lbs)/squat jump & frog push-up
2. Fwd overhead  lunge and press (30lbs)/switch lunges
3. Alt Step up rev lunge (30lbs) /chair lunges
4. Switch foot Mtn climbers (30lbs)/Mtn climbers
5. Manmakers (30lbs) /plank hop tuck jump up

Set 2:
1 Push-up t stand presses (20lbs) /1/2 burpee hands on light weights to lunges w single arm presses
2 Chest press SL lift (30lbs) / push-up toe touch Wide arms. Chest dead! Not 100% range of motion here
3 Alt overhead triceps w curtsy (20lbs)/ skater straight lateral touching floor w/ fingertips each landing.
4 Arnold press (26lbs, 30 next time) and staggered squat/staggerd 180 squat jumps
5 Bear crawl kick throughs/ burpee kickthroughs

Set 3:
1 Sumo squat alt leg lift (30lbs)/ sumo hops (10lbs)
2 Deadlifts rotating kettlebell (35lbs) / Dumbbell swings (35lbs)
3 Pistol squats (heels propped)/Frog hopper at wall
4 Bulgarian SL push-up switch legs (30lbs) /plank fast feet up and down
5 Burpee pushup and 2 bent row (30 needed 40)/ plank mat hops 4 +push-up

Tabata pairs and strength and burpee challenge moves:

Pair 1
1 Jab/Cross front roundhouse (6lbs)
Plyo hop forward & 2 bunny hops back
10 burpee jab cross+hop over

Pair 2
1 Decline t-stand toe touches  (5lbs / would do 8 w/ a single weight)+ row light weight
2 Rocket step up RL with 30lbs
10 decline pushup plank hop+ jump lunge For all the 10-rep burpee variations I watched the 1st one, to see the move, and then paused the video. I’m really slow but I like to do all the reps with complete range of motion. Then I get nice breaks while I wait for the clip to get to the next pair, lol.

Pair 3
1. Oblique knee plank twists
2. Prisoner jacks
10 knee twist burpee jack toe touch kicks

Pair 4
1. High knees fwd wide high knees back
2. Touchdowns
10 froggy pushup burpees

(Time 1:05:37)


about 45min

  • Suryas & fundamentals my style
  • 1min urdhva d w/ hands on block
  • Finishing thru the headstands, 1min savasana