Does it take a team of NASA scientists & astronauts to #unlock an #iPhone from #ATT?

Since the last agent I spoke to on the phone initiated unlock request #4, I’ve gotten two email denials. One had the time stamp of 4:14am and the other at 12:00pm. I also got an email from Lakeitha, who “works within the Office of the President for AT&T”. She will be my “point of contact”. Does it take a team of NASA scientists & astronauts to unlock an iPhone from AT&T? I got the second rejection after I heard from Lakeitha and had already responded. When I saw the latest I forwarded it, along with a PDF of the Outline of Events & a screen shot of my phone’s settings, featuring the IMEI. (I guess that’ll be added to the outline next!). I also filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. I’d given them over three strikes. 

Obviously I don’t have a fucking cell phone, so we need to set up a time to speak.


All AT&TCares did was pass me off from one person to another. It’s 4pm on the west coast and my phone is not unlocked! Besides that, I want the extra $31 they charged me for termination refunded back. They owe me money at this point.

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