A moderate temperature is SUPPOSED to be 1 of the things Portland has going for it

Not this year! It’s a good thing I kept the 22 year old Grizzly. (Wish I had the money to get new faux fur put in but I don’t.) It’s a tights under jeans kind of day. I’m actually heading downtown to do some office cleaning. Moving from NYC to Portland is the same thing as moving from a “3rd world” country to the USA. Your previous credentials are rendered irrelevant. I’m a doctor in my country.

So I started the 2nd hermetics exercise. This time I’m going to keep a log & publish it as one entry when I’m done. Makes more sense. I tacked it onto a 22min sit. Normally I sit for 30min but I’ve gotta catch the last bus 51 of the morning at 9:08. If you wait longer than that, you’re fucked, in this zone.

Oh and my replacement 20lb dumbbell finally arrived! I’m not sure if it’s exactly the same weight as the old one, but I can alternate which hand holds which weight. At least now I don’t have to hurt my hands trying to hold two 10s at the same time, and I can up my load by 10lbs in many more moves. Gonna do a late afternoon routine today.


2 Rounds #HIIT & some easy #yoga, today’s #workout

I needed me some Bender today. I’m just familiar with her moves & style.


Warm-up: 5min skipping


Full Body Home Workout

  • Weights: 20 reps
  • 1st round, time = 26:13 / 2nd round, time = 25:53

1. Squat to Lunge (right), with bicep curl, 30lbs round 1, 26lbs round 2
2. Squat to Lunge (left), with overhead press, 30lbs round 1, 26lbs round 2
3. Romanian Deadlift 40lbs
4. Man Maker Burpees 20lbs, holding dumbbells at shoulders, jump back to plank & row each arm, then jump up = 1 rep
5. Weighted Sprinter C-sit, 20lb weight at chest, lower back to floor & then come up for alt oblique sit-up, L+R=1rep

  • Cardio HIIT: (10/50)

1. High Knees
2. Russian Kicks
3. Switch Lunge
4. Mountain Climber
5. X-Jump/Cheerleader Jump: round 1 = 21.5 / round 2 = 23.5 reps

Body Weight: 20 reps

1. Down Dog Ab Plank Down dog with leg lifted, knee to opp arm, middle & then same side arm = 1 rep
2. Hip Thrust (right) From table top
3. Hip Thrust (left)
4. Angel Abs Twisting both sides = 1 rep
5. Oblique Pushups Cross 1 leg underneath body & rest on floor, push-up = 1 rep

Total time 1:01


About 24min

Tried a new channel #reps #workout #lowimpact

These are both pretty much low impact, as I’d picked them out for yesterday’s workout, in a mood to avoid skipping or jumping.


Wish American homes were generally designed with fucking ceiling fans. I’m pretty much going to be bitching about the heat for the next two months. The air was still and sort of dead-ish in the dining room where I was working out, since the house is closed off when the morning cool sizzles off. I just came upstairs and there’s a giant sun puddle going down the middle of it, including where I fucking sit.

I have a cheap, vinyl fucking chair. It’s really comfy to sit in when it’s 81 degrees in the room. Outside it’s 88, but it’s just getting worse this week. It’s gonna be 99 on Saturday and 100 fucking degrees on Sunday.

 RU46 Advanced Level Low Impact Workout

  • Did once along with the video, which is repeated rounds of the below in 30-second intervals, no rest intervals in the 30-minute set. I liked it! If I were to repeat I’d have 10-second rest intervals, and I’d maybe do less rounds but longer working sets, and also would swap out mat jumps for some of the mountain climbers.
  1. Limbo squat + opposite knee tuck
  2. Mountain climber
  3. ALT center side lunge
  4. Frogger, wide feet
  5. Dynamic high lunge LEFT
  6. Up-down dog
  7. Dynamic high lunge RIGHT
  8. Plank 3 step forward jump – 1 jump to plank
  9. Squat march LEFT leg
  10. Push up
  11. Squat march RIGHT leg
  12. Plank jack + knee tuck
  13. Row, 40lbs
  14. ALT renegade row, 20lbs
  15. Quick small run
  16. Mountain climber
  17. Bodyweight squat
  18. Side raise LEFT leg
  19. Up-down dog
  20. Side raise RIGHT leg

RU39 Brutal Abs Workout 40 Minute

  • Did this along with the video as well. Interesting! I’ll try more of her workouts for sure.

I part – 3 rounds
1. V sit – 20
2. Torso + leg raise – 20

Active rest – 2 rounds
1. Dive bomber – 10
2. Jump lunge LEFT + RIGHT back raise – 10
3. Jump lunge RIGHT + LEFT back raise – 10

II part – 3 rounds
1. Scissors + butt lift – 20
2. Upward-downward dog – 20

Active rest – 2 rounds
1. Hands on the floor, squat LEFT, RIGHT raise back – 10
2. Hands on the floor, squat RIGHT, LEFT raise back – 10

III part – 2 rounds
1. Plank, low plank, twist hips left-right – 20
2. Scissors + clap – 20

Active rest – 2 rounds
1. Renegade row LEFT arm – 10
2. Renegade row RIGHT arm – 10

IV part – 2 rounds
1. Leg raise – 20
2. Touch toes – raised legs -20

Active rest – 2 rounds
1. Walking push up – 10
2. Dips – 10

Butt exercises – 2 rounds
1. Back raise LEFT leg – 20
2. Back raise RIGHT leg – 20
3. Side leg raise LEFT – 20
4. Side leg raise RIGHT – 20
5. Upright cross jumps – 100


  • About 10-minutes

Longish workout of mostly #reps #weights with some #cardio intervals & closing #stretch

This felt oddly satisfying. Melissa posted the legs routine on her most recent blog post. She’s so cute & pregnant. I did that & an upper body routine she posted yesterday & then just a little stretching, because I was nearly at 90min after the two reps sets. And sure I could work out 2 hours, but around 90min feels like my ideal amount of time, thorough but not OCD over-kill.

IMG_4920 Lower Body Dumbbell Sculpt for Butt, Thighs & Legs

  • 1 round, time: 45:57 to exercise 20, which is the last in the tutorial, 59:28 to the end with my added exercises. I stopped to take a like 4min break & take notes & then I added some outer & inner thigh with ankle weights. They are clunky to get on & off so it’s good to add them onto a legs routine that isn’t 10-seconds break between working intervals.
  1. 60-Seconds Jump Rope
  2. Warrior Deadlift-Right, 20lbs
  3. Warrior Deadlift-Left
  4. 60-Seconds High Knees Jump Rope
  5. Single Leg Squat/Leg Abduction-Right
  6. Single Leg Squat/Leg Abduction-Left
  7. 60-Seconds Jump Rope
  8. Sit to Stand-Right, 10lbs Did 8 & 9 in sets of 10/10, 10/10.
  9. Sit to Stand-Left
  10. 60-Seconds High Knees Jump Rope
  11. Runner’s Lunge Lift-Right, 20lbs Did 11 & 12 in sets of 10/10, 10/10.
  12. Runner’s Lunge Lift-Left
  13. Romanian Deadlift, 40lbs
  14. 60-Seconds Jump Rope
  15. In/Out Squat Jump, 20lbs
  16. Plie Squat Press, 30lbs
  17. 60-Seconds High Knees Jump Rope 90 hops this interval FYI. Doing this as the 150 rep option would definitely slow me down! I ease off when my heart rate gets high.
  18. Squat Walk-Right
  19. Squat Walk-Left
  20. 60-Seconds Jump Rope 127 hops this interval, but this is misleading as I did fast time hops throughout only here! Normally I slow to half-time after 30-50.
  21. Outer Thigh 1 Red exercises are my added floor work w/ ankle weights.
  22. Inner Thigh 1 
  23. Outer Thigh 2
  24. Inner Thigh 2
  25. Outer Thigh 1, other side
  26. Inner Thigh 1, other side
  27. Outer Thigh 2, other side
  28. Inner Thigh 2, other side

Slim and Sculpted Arms: Home Workout

  • time: oops forgot to track
  • 20 reps
  1. Row Lunge (right) 20lbs 1 & 2 10/10 & 10/10
  2. Row Lunge (left)
  3. 60-Seconds High Knees Jump Rope
  4. Overhead Tricep 20lbs
  5. Mountain Push-up
  6. Curl (right) 15lbs Seated, elbow against inside of knee. 5 & 6 done in 10/10 – 15lbs and 10/10 – 13lbs. Left arm is weaker & has a little glitchy spot so I dropped down 2nd set to baby it.
  7. Curl (left)
  8. 60-Seconds Jump Rope
  9. Chest Press 40lbs On dinosaur
  10. Tricep Kickbacks 20lbs
  11. Decline Pushup Tricep – 10 reps
  12. Tricep Press Backs 20lbs Holding 1 dumbbell with straight arms
  13. Decline Pushup Tricep – 10 reps


  1. Virasana
  2. Supta V
  3. Malasana
  4. Paschimo
  5. Block A
  6. Block B
  7. Savasana