#yoga & #legs

That was a low burn for 2 hours but it’s me. My biorhythms switched again. I mostly liked this leg routine. I had an inadvertent rest day yesterday too, because I was drawing before an afternoon, phone meeting & that took longer than expected.



Yoga warm-up: Suryas & fundamentals, Linda style – 27min (burn only 98 lol). Decided to skip Julia’s warm-up and instead do some serious but easy stretching to warm up. I needed a good stretch!

Strength and Plyo Leg Workout by Colleen K

HIIT at 40:20:10 4x each set + 1 round of 40 sec cardio move + 20 sec hold
With the video from 4:40. Kept my 8lb vest on for all of the legs section

SET 1:
1. Curtsy Lunge to Curtsy Deadlift 40 Curtsy down. Lift up but keep feet in place. Deadlift & step back in to standing feet together.
2. Curtsy Lunge Hops

– 40 sec Heel Clicks Standing & in pike. Love this move. :20 sec Wall sit hold position

SET 2:
1. block Staggered DL 40
2. 13″ bench Staggered squat jumps up and over
-40 sec 2 Switch Lunges to Wide Tuck Jump: 20 sec hold Switch lunge w/ pulse

SET 3:
1. Slider Pendulum Lunge w 3 Pulses 30
2. Hands on blocks Slow Slider Mt Climbers

– 40 sec Duck Lunge Sprints (lateral switch lunge touchdowns with drop and pop :20 second hold plank w/ micro tilt of pelvis

SET 4:
1. Bulgarian+ Deadlift 30
2. Bulgarian Hops

-40 sec Rolling Pistol Burpee : 20 hold Malasana squat pulse (low is but on backs of calves)

SET 5: Not a fan of this particular set. 
1. Crossover Step Ups + glute raise 20lbs Ankle weights + 8lb vest + 15lb dumbbell
2. Alternating Lateral Power Lunge Over Step

-40 sec Lateral Lunge Hops Kick, Switch Lunge:20 hold alt kicks (still had ankle weights on)

SET 6:
1. Sumo DL to Sumo Squat 40 + vest + ankle weights (about 56lbs)
2. Sumo hop + stomps

– 40 sec Dive Bomber Burpee sumo squat and heel grab:20 hold dive bombers

SET 7:
1. Step up rev lunge 40 + vest = really challenging for me
2. Rocket step ups

-40 sec box jump to plank hop: 20 hold plank hop

SET 8:
1. Dragon Lunge
2. Lunge back touchdown kick

-40 sec touchdowns to star jump: 20 hold

Back and Shoulders REPS

Superset 1 (2X)
-8 SA Rows 20
-8 Rear Delt Fly 20

Superset 2 (2X)
-8 Bent rev grip Row 40
-8 Clean and Press 40

Superset 3 (2X)
-8 Split Lunge Snatch 30 but I can’t do them correctly. I can only snatch them half way, so they’re on my shoulders, and then press overhead once landed in the lunge.
-8 halo slams 20

Core- 6 min AMRAP on bench
1. 4 Decline burpee to pistol
2. 8 Decline frog hops
3. 4 Decline Plank Toe Touches to pike jump
4. 8 Decline fast feet (face melters)

(Time = 1:23 for the Leg workout)

Closed with  4min stretch

Wednesday workout #reps & #pyramid

Just for fun I decided to try filming but I’m headless for like 3/4s of it, lol. And it’s real time so not sure if I’ll bother to condense it. (If I do post I’ll update with a link here later.)

When I used to post my sort of artsy, fast speed summaries I’d inevitably get someone commenting on YouTube on how annoying that is & that I need to do real time, but see, I’m not advertising myself as a trainer. Most of the time I’m following along with or adapting workouts. Even when I’m not, the intention isn’t to instruct but merely to share, like show & tell.


Warmup: (10/30×6=4min) jump rope

Combo Move Pyramids : 1-5 reps

  1. Burpee, frog plank hop, angry donkey, jump squat
  2. Groiners, spider push up, kick through, plank jacks shoulder tap 2=1 the kick-throughs – step forward
  3. Roll back, tricep push up, plank tuck jump, tuck jump For tricep roll-back repeats, just come up to stand until u get to the last 1 b4 tri push-up
  4. Reverse lunge kick front 2=1 (finish reps on each leg b4 switching), in and out squat, 2 switch lunges, skaters 2=1
  5. Pistol squat, 1 leg burpee, Lunge back touch down rocket up (I alternated legs instead of going to 5 on the first side & switching.)
  6. 10 Jugglers, 10 speed skaters 1=1, 10 standing mountain climbers 1=1, 10 mountain climbers 2=1, 10 Squat Jacks – pyramid to 50

Burn out: Reps AMRAP 10 minutes I was on rep 8 on the 2nd move when the timer went off, and I decided to just complete the round.
10 pike push-up to pike jumps
10 diamond push-ups to diamond jumps
10 tricep dips crab toe touches 10 on one side & 10 on the other
10 T-stand dips toe touches/side

Ab Bonus 2x

  1. 25 leg raises
  2. 20 flutter kicks
  3. 15 dips per side
  4. 10 V-ups
  5. 5 sit-ups arms behind head

(Time = 1:32)

Didn’t stretch at all today. I thought it was going to be jam night at the other guy’s house & ran downstairs to ask C if he wanted to have a beer with me before he left. So, shower time after I post this.

#HIIT #reps & #yoga

Internet up on The Hill was really spotty all day Sunday, so I made sure to preview another workout (as slowly as it had to be) so I could work out entirely from a list. I like to do that anyway, a lot of the times, because I like to listen to music and not be distracted by another pace.

This was a low burner but I didn’t mind for today. Normally I do my own, jump rope warm-up but I’d had enough of that for a bit. On the other hand, the first five sets of this workout, at least, would be really good done another time, w/ like 3min of jump rope before each one.


Upper Body and Burpees by Miranda B

Warmup 30:30 jog arm circles, walk out pushups, down dog glute raises and tucks
runners lunge and twist, rev lunge and knee circles, butt kickers

SET 1: Biceps: 50:10 (hold):10 rest 2x
1. Bicep curls then hold for last 10 seconds 26
2. Wide bicep curls + press out then hold for last 10 seconds 26 While curling down, pause half way & press out & hold a beat. This was holding one 10 and one 3 (by the thumb) in each hand. First round I hadda drop the 3s for the hold-out. Second round I went with 20lbs total.
3. Hammer curls to wide hammer curls to rev grip pushup burpee 30 Palms facing forward on burpee push-up. For hold, stop where ever you are in the burpee. Forgot hold 1st time thru – working from list 🙂

SET 2: Triceps 50:10 (hold): 10 rest 2x
1. Tricep kickbacks hold in position for 10 seconds 20
2. OH extensions 20
3. Tricep push-up burpees For hold, stop where ever you are in the burpee. Was in plank  both times.

SET 3: Shoulders 50:10 (hold):10 rest 2x
1. Arnold press then hold overhead for last 10 seconds 30 Start w/ palms facing you & press up with palms facing out.
2. Front raise to lateral raise then hold in either front or lateral raise for 10 seconds 20 Hold is 1x in either direction.
3. Clean and press to burpee 40 Hold was a squat w/ dumbbells on shoulders for both rounds.

SET 4: Back 50:10 (hold):10 rest 2x
1. Back flys hold in open position for 10 seconds 20 Standing, bent over, slight bend in arms.
2. Back extensions on hold for 10 seconds Swimmers, Rumi style, on belly on floor, feet off floor. Extend arms forward, lifting shoulders, and then pulling elbows back. Hold in this last position.
3. Wide to narrow rows to burpee 30 Row after you jump in, stand bent over, first row elbows close by body. Wide row palms facing back, elbows out wide. Plank holds again.

SET 5: Chest 50:10 (hold):10 rest 2x on bench
1. Chest press hold for 10 seconds at top squeezing chest together 40
2. Chest flies hold for 10 seconds squeezing chest together 30
3. Decline Burpee to wide push-up Hold was jumping & then decline plank.

Cardio 50:10 2x
1. Full release Burpees w/ tuck jump
2. 3 Switch lunges to handstands
3. Mountain climbers
4. Heel click to Donkey kick
5. Box jumps

BURNOUT: Reps EMOM I’m slow & didn’t feel like trying to rush the moves or shorten up my range of motion. Time =  17min

1. 10 rev grip pushup burpees 40 With deadlift, no jump.
2. 10 tricep pushup burpees
3. 8 clean and press burpees 40
4. 8 wide row burpee 30
5. 8 decline wide pushup burpee
6. 10 full release burpees
7. 8 switch lunge handstands
8. 20 mtn climbers 2=1
9. 10 angry donkeys
10. 10 box jump tuck jumps

ABS by Ritter ankle weights
20 bicycles 2=1
10 V-up, 10lbs also in hands
15 Pike abs w/ feet on sliders
10 Feet on bench, tap alt foot out & down, 2=1
10 leg lift to rev crunch

(Time 1:27, tho I lost a couple minutes in the warm-up cause I’d set the timer wrong.)


Just the minimum. I think I’ll do an all yoga tomorrow, with possibly only a jump rope warm-up, if even.

Legs day! Killer #reps & closing #yoga

You know to count on a long workout when it’s 1) all reps and 2) Julia’s. This was one of my faves so far, though I don’t know if I’d be masochistic enough to repeat it.


1500 Lunges by Christine Comeau

Body weight pulse warm up (x2) 6:49, so like 7min
25 curtsy lunge left
10 squats
25 curtsy lunge right
10 Sumo squats
25 runners’ lunge step in left
10 ski squats
25 runners’ lunge step in right

Pyramid Time = 12min / 8lb vest for all but first & last moves
Loved this set. Harder than I’d thought! Decided right away to take breaks after every set, lol. I’ve got time.

10 (3) switch lunges + handstand
20 lateral lunge touchdowns = 20 lunges 1-1, hold 1 weight both hands & touch foot w/ mini bicep curl, 15lbs
30 lunge back touch down rocket lunge jump up (15/leg )= Foot on bench. Same leg as lunges back comes knee up
40 skaters 1=1
30 chair lunges
20 lateral lunge touchdowns 15
10 curtsy lunge to pistol (5/leg, alt)

5 x 5 heavy weight Time = 7min / with 8lb vest
*Back lunge 10 reps 5/leg, to start & after every other move 40
a. 20 step up leg lift, just vest. Stand to the side of bench, leaving foot up, kick leg out to the side, moving fast. 10 ea leg
b. 20 switch lunges 1=1
c. 20 groiners (jumping mountain climbers)
d. 20 rocket on bench, 10 ea leg

80 lunges Time = 3min / with 8lb vest
10 front lunges left 40
10 front lunge hold low pulse left 40
10 front lunge hold high pulse left 40
10 front lunge leg hop and clap under

10 front lunges right 40
10 front lunge hold low pulse right
10 front lunge hold high pulse right
10 front lunge leg up and clap under

Pyramid No vest here, baby! Time = 5min
(always do 1 tuck jump, increase the number of the second move by 2 every round until you reach 20) (example 1 tuck jump + 2 lizard lunges, 1 tuck jump + 4 lizard lunges)
Tuck jump + Lizard

Weighted complex (x2) Time = 13min I alternated sides here & didn’t do 2 rounds of L. I did both sides here. I managed to not put down the 30lbs those last 4 moves. Hard!! Sure good for grip strength.
10 dragon burpee left, 30 Lunge back w/ left leg & bring weights around on outside of right knee
10 step down rev left
10 curtsy lunge left Left leg is the one moving.
10 pendulum lunge right Right leg is the one moving.
10 lateral lunge right Right leg is the one moving.

HIIT pyramid Time = 8min / with 8lb vest but I took a 3min break before this set & lightened my load on the 1st move by 10lb, lol. 
10 curtsy step downs /leg 20
20 lunge hops/leg
30 chair lunges
20 plyo curtsy lunges 10/leg Hop to curtsy & hop back to squat, finish 1 leg & do the other
10 rev lung row/leg 20 Lunge is stationary & you row with same side arm, SA

During this break I looked ahead & was like “THREE more fucking sets before cool down???”

5×5 heavy weight Time = 7min / with 8lb vest
Same format as first pyramid. starting w/ the lunges, doing them b4 every other move & again at the end

1. Front lunge 10 reps 5/leg 40 
a. 20 tornado switch lunges 2=1 Curtsy switch lunges
b. 20 LL runners lunge hold rainbow back leg, count each tap down
c. 20 rev lunge + kick 10/leg
d. 20 RL runners lunge hold rainbow back leg

40s Time = ?? Whatever! LOL.
10 bulgarians left 30
10 bottom half bulgarian left
10 upper half bulgarian left
10 plyo bulgarian touching floor w/ opp hand

10 bulgarian right 30
10 bottom half bulgarian right
10 upper half bulgarian right
10 plyo bulgarian

Pyramid Time = 4min / no vest!!!
(always do 1 push up, increase the number of the second move by 2 every round until you reach 20) (example 1 push up + 2 switch lunges, 1 push up + 4 switch lunges)
Push + switch lunge (1=1)

Weighted complex (x2) Time = 12min
It was CRUEL to put this in twice!!!
10 dragon burpee right 30 Lunge back w/ right leg & bring weights around on outside of left knee
10 step up lunge back right
10 curtsy lunge right
10 pendulum lunge left Left leg is the one moving
10 lateral lunges left  Left leg is the one moving

Weighted pulse cooldown
20 back lunge pulse left
20 right curtsy lunge pulse right
20 back lunge pulse right
20 right curtsy lunge pulse left

(Total Time – 1:40)


About 18min


#HIIT warm-up & a little freestyle #ashtanga #yoga

That was more than a little clunky & not fun but I got the workout in. I always suffer when I do minimal stretching after a long circuit thing, as per my last workout on Wednesday. I got stiffer during my rest day.


HIIT warm-up

(15/50) with jump rope before every move, time = 32:30

  1. SL forward lunge, side lunge, back lunge, 40
  2. Other side
  3. Tricep Dips & Switch Kick
  4. Alt pistol squat
  5. Curtsy lunge, kick out, 35
  6. Other side
  7. Reclining Tricep 20lb
  8. Warrior Deadlift (right) 40lbs
  9. Warrior Deadlift (left)
  10. V-up abs, 10lbs
  11. Squat / RL Side Kick Press 40
  12. Squat / LL Side Kick Press 40
  13. Kneeling overhead tricep, 20. Holding weights overhead, start sitting on heels. Come to kneeling, squeezing butt & bending arms to drop weights behind head.
  14. Bike abs
  15. Swings 35


About 70min or so.

  • Suryas & fundamentals
  • Marichy C and D, 2nd to Laghu Vajrasana, EPRK and Kapo B
  • 1min on rack
  • Urdhva D, drop backs – 3, ticks – 3
  • Try for 90-second Pinca M I totally fell out of it in clunky, lopsided fashion at the last beep tho, which is not great for coming out of an inverted backbend! LOL
  • Finishing & 2-min savasana

The Renunciate’s Elevated Cave

I once was in a place where I could get anywhere at all times, and I had about 20 appetizing restaurants within a 10-minute walk, plus two health food stores and the largest Whole Foods in Manhattan. Now I’m on The Hill and have been without ANY public transportation since January 11th. There was some on the 10th, but then it started snowing heavily that evening and it continued through the morning. After that, everything froze for a good, long while, and Portland neither salts its roads nor owns more than two (I think) ploughs. They should pay all the unemployed creatives to shovel! LOL. But then they’d advertise it as a volunteer, no doubt. And they’d probably have a strict age limit of 35 because liability.

Fuck the close-minded fuckers all the way to hell

And once again, I had every reason to believe I’d succeed. I had to acknowledge the risk, but I thought it was a small one. I have REALLY learned what our society thinks about women since I moved. It is what it is, I guess. It’s funny but now I’m doing some free design work for Trey, who lives up here on The Hill also. He’s Cymon’s boyfriend. (Unpaid work is plentiful… Meanwhile I’m still forking out $50 a month for Creative Cloud. It’d be nice if I could get at least that covered but… Portland. It’d also be nice if these volunteer samples resulted in paid work, but the last time I was hoping for such a result it did not occur, mainly because I’m limited to the free advertising of Craig’s List Portland.)  Anyway, I showed him how to Air Drop some image reference to me and he was all, “Oh man, cool!” Hadn’t been aware of it. Does it fucking matter that I’m fucking UP ON THINGS? No. It fucking does not if I’m immediately disqualified due to age. And I know from past experience I can run circles around most designers in terms of efficiency, once I know the product and this does not take long.

I got my workout in. Tomorrow I think I’ll do the 1/3 HIIT / 2/3 yoga format.




Warm-up: (10/30×6=4min) jump rope intervals

New Years Eve Workout by Christine Comeau

20:17 no rest tabata pairs (20 secs move #1, 17 secs move #2 x4) 6:23
With 8lb vest. Kicked my ASS. Haven’t been wearing it lately.

1. Tuck jump burpee (tuck at top and the bottom)
a. Toe touch jacks
2. Box jump burpee
a. Box jumps
3. Plank hop + vertical frog jump
a. Plank hops
4. High knee runs + drop and pop
a. High knee runs
5. Broad jump + bunny hop back
a. Bunny hop
6. Skaters
a. SL box jumps (on the floor)

DumbBELL Time Pyramid (50:10:30:10:15:10 complete for each move before moving on) 18:45 mins
1. Squat slam + halo up 20
2. RL fwd lung and lateral raise chop 10
3. SA snatch to split lunge right 15 I was thinking I wouldn’t like this move & was right. I’d rather do a stationary clean & press w/ SA and 20lb
4. Staggered push up + tuck jump over block
5. LL fwd lunge and lateral raise chop
6. SA snatch lunge left 15
7. Squat and press, drop weights and squat jump 40 This really DID send my heart rate through the roof, and for some reason swings with a kettle bell (next move) are extra rocket-y for me. 
8. Kettlebell swing 35 Reg height, to shoulder level Had to hit pause after 50-sec interval to let my heart rate lower. Took the time to make notes 🙂
9. Staggered push up + t-stand press 15

AMRAP (5 minutes- start at 10 reps per move, every round remove one rep)
Score: only got thru the 10s and 9s complete & to 6 star jumps in the 8s.
1. Toe touch jacks
2. SL tricep pushups
3. Star jumps
4. X & O abs (low boat x to tuck abs)

Reps This set was counting down in reps from 10-1, for a NYC thing. I get that it’s a change of pace & is playful but I wanted more reps so I did 10 of all & changed the last move.

Time = 12min Hadda run out of the room a couple times to fetch equipment I’d forgotten
10 reps plank + leg kick through 2=1, feet on bench
10 reps decline pike push up
10 repsV-ups hold 3lb weight bet feet & 10lbs in hands
10 reps handstand leg squeezing ball + shoulder taps (2=1)
10 reps hamstring pulls on sliders
10 reps reverse curls, 5lbs bet feet
10 reps  v ups (2=1) 3lbs
10 reps tucks 3lbs
10 reps slider pike tucks
50 crunches leg squeeze plank hold 30 seconds

Combo moves pyramid (from 8-6-4-2)
Time = 18min
1. Tricep pushup / plank hops / tricep kickback 10
2. Alt rows 20s / plank hop / standing, fast, alt rows This was tough w/ two 20s!
3. Squat jump (weights in hands) 30 + hammer curl in squat
4. Bench flutter kick abs and punches ankle weights, C-sit on bench, 10lbs each hand / Reverse Curls w/ ankle weights Decided to make this one a combo move too rather than having a descending order of reps with a somewhat arbitrary break.

(Total time = 1:28)


  • About 15min


Day 12, Christmas Challenge. I know I’m a little late

I finally made it through the 12 days! I’m not sure which was my most favorite. Perhaps that incredible burn of I think it was day 7, but I never want to do that routine again! LOL.


DAY 12: Fitness Friends Wish you a Merry Christmas Collab Workout by Jori, Kristin, Christine Comeau
Warm-up: (10/30×6=4min) jump rope

HIIT: 50:10; 8 mins 13” Elv Put bench on mat in center of room
1. Mt. Climber x 3 to SL Push-up + Pogo Jump Up on that SL Note to self: change out this move if you repeat
2. SA Swing in Static Lung Position RL 20
3. Same as above LL
4. Squat ‘Rotations’: Right Arm holding DB OH, Left Arm holding DB between legs, now squat without changing arm position two 10lb weights
5. Same as above Left Arm OH, Right Arm between legs
6. Tricep push-up, kick back, L+R 10
7. Dips with switch-kick
8. 180* Box Jumps up and over: jump onto Box like normal box jump, but jump 180 turn down to opposite side so you face Box to do another jump

Burnout Complex: x2 Time = 11min
10 Squat to Press 40 + 10 SA Press/Arm alt 30 + 10 SL DL/leg 40 + 10 Rows/Arm + 10 Rev. Lunges/leg 20

SET 2: Holiday HIIT by Kristin R
50:15 x2, for both sets 2 & 3 = 22:40   13” elv
1. Hip dip + t-stand press & leg lift (switch sides on 2nd round) 10
2. DSLL 40
3. Step up + hammer curl (switch legs 2nd round) 30
4. Decline Burpees
5. SA Clean & Press 20

SET 3: Burpee presents by Kelly E
Looking at my list again I think this set was supposed to be 1x thru. But I’d set my timer for 2 equal rounds so I stuck with that
1. clean and press burpee 40
2. broad jump burpee bunny hop back
3. bear crawl hop (2) angry donkey tuck jump
4. burpee 4 mtn climbers 10 high knees
5. burpee switch lunge squat jump

Did this part on w/ the video (42min in).

Christmas tree time pyramid: by Christine Comeau
1. (20:10 x2) Christmas star jumps star jump + SA swings 20
2. (30:10 x 2) plank angels plank punches front and lateral and kick outs
3. (40:10 x 2) Christmas tree stars sumo squat + y arm presses 20
4. (50:10 x 2) Toy bag tosses squat slam with weight coming to alternating shoulders 20
5. (60:10 x2) Snowball throws discus throws 2 down to single arm plank thruster one side per round 15
6. (70:10 x2) Weighted Christmas tree lunges fwd lunge, lat lunge, back lunge, switch 20

Holiday HIIT Jamie B, 40:10 x1 5 mins

1. Atomic Burpee (Roll back burpee staying low the entire time)
2. Reverse Arnold Press (palms facing each other press and turn out) 30
3. lateral touchdowns with bi curl (single weight) 30
4. Knee squat with OH tricep extension to pullover 20
5. Wide froggy pushups
6. Push-up Kickunders

30:30:10 (Perform 1 side, then the other immediately)

1. Reverse Lunge + Rainbow to Curtsey Lunge 40
2. SA Clean and Press to a Rotated Lunge touchdown 29
3. Shotput 10
4. SL DL + Double Glute Raise (1 glute raise while lowered one standing) 40

Merry Tabata and a Happy No Rest: Love, Daniela
Tabata 1: 20:10 4x
1. 20 sec Vertical frog hops
2. 10 sec Mtn climbers
**continue right onto tabata 2 with no rest**

Tabata 2: 20:10 4x
1. 20 sec high knees
2. 10 sec star jumps

Tabata 3: 20:10 4x
1. plank jacks in tricep holds
2. Squat jumps
** continue right onto tabata 4 with no res”**

Tabata 4: 20:10 4x
1. 20 sec groiners
2. 10 sec switch lunges

Finisher: 2 minutes: Add on Explosive pushup + heel grab burpee

(Total time = 1:34)


About 22min

My #meditation practice told me I wanted to do #ashtanga #yoga, not a “workout”

But I got a workout anyways! I like it when that happens. One thing that’s been different about practicing yoga in Portland is that I no longer “need” to do it in a really warm room. The hovel was always at least 85-degrees, year round, and I practiced there exclusively the last few years.


  • Warmup (10/30×10=6:40 jump rope intervals. It’s still cold around here! Made sure to bring the space heater in from the bathroom before I got going too.


  • Suryas & Fundamentals
  • My version of Primary Navasana to handstand exit – kept it away from any wall, in the middle of my small room. 
  • Second thru laghu vajra, EPRK, Kapo B
  • Back bending – urdhva d, 3 drop backs, 3 ticks (time to here 1:32, including warm-up)
  • So I decided to do a Pinca Mayurasana, 10 breaths upright & 10 with a backbend. And I did the ashtanga exit! I hadn’t tried one in years. A bit clunky but still good!
  • Finishing & savasana. I’d set a timer for 5min for my rest but got bored half way through & got up, lol.

Thursday workout II

Earlier I got tricked into a hike up the hill in the snow. All these things I’d never done before, like shoveling! I’d somehow managed to lead a very sheltered – if distinctly non acquisitive or material in any way typical – existence. I have to admit it was very pretty.


Warmup: (10/30×6=4min) jump rope intervals

DAY 11: Santa’s On His Way!! By Jori

This was actually a pretty low burn for being a Julia workout. It was a little too choppy, I think.

Drill #1: Time = 39min I’m super slow w/ manmakers (a 6-part move) ANYway, and this was my first time doing so many reps with 20lbs in each hand. 
2 Exercises, Descending Ladder (start from 8 reps) This means 36 reps per component of each move, meaning 72 tricep push-ups within the manmakers.
1. Manmakers 40
2. Handstand, switch lunges + criss cross

Drill #2: Tabata Pair: 20:10 (4 min) x 8 Didn’t much like this round. Would replace if repeating this workout.
1. Twerknados 20s @ either end of mat. Broad jump toward one, pick up w/ alt hand, 180 jump. Put weight down & broad jump to other weight.
2. x2 Right Side Squat Walks + Hammer Curl + I hate pivoting on a carpet so I changed this to lateral raises after 2 round Press OH as you rotate torso to the right in a lunge20 Decided to go light on the weights here & take it easy on that left arm. 

Drill #3Time = 10min
2 Exercises, Descending Ladder (start from 8 reps)
1. Kettlebell Swings Slams 35
2. Commando and 3 Mat Jumps Start w/ legs off the mat to one side & go down 1st on that arm.

Drill #4:  (4 min AMRAP) 10 reps each
Score = 1 rounds & first two moves of 2nd round
1. Jump Squats
2. Hand Release Push-ups
3. DB Walking (or forward) Lunges (L+ R = 2 so 1=1)
4. Speed Skaters (2=1)

Drill #5:
2 Exercises, Descending Ladder (start from 8 reps) Time = 15min I didn’t wear my vest for any part of today’s workout, and I still considered bailing at the beginning of this ladder. Maybe it’s the extra outdoor activities (shoveling after yesterday’s workout & a mini hike in the snow before today’s)
1. Box Jump Burpees
2. Inchworm to Spider Push-up with Leg Sweep to side (“Jori Style”) Alt. L/R

Drill #6: Tabata Pair: 4min: 20:10 x 8)
1. Mt. Climbers
2. Rollback Star Jump + Tuck Jump

20/10 Arctic Blast (Adapted from Men’s Health) @53:27
This was the only part I did along with the video, mainly because I hadn’t gotten around to previewing the ending and it was time-based too.

1. Low Skaters :10 sec Balance on Left Leg (hold)
2. Low Skaters:10 sec Balance on Right Leg (hold)
3. Quick Plank Jacks: 10 sec L Elbow Plank with leg lift (hold)
4. Plank Jack Push-ups: 10 sec R Elbow Plank with leg lift (hold)
5. Bunny hops in place: 10 sec Hold Low Squat
6. Bunny hops in place: 10 sec Hold Low Squat
7. Hand, Shoulder, Hip, Butt Taps in Plank: 10 sec T-Rotations Alt. R/L
8. Hand, Shoulder, Hip, Butt Taps in Plank: T-Rotations Alt. R/L
9. Jump Lunges (or Tuck Jump Lunges): 10 sec Static Lunge Hold Left
10. Jump Lunges (or Tuck Jump Lunges): 10 sec Static Lunge Hold Right
11. Pulse Push-ups at Bottom (only 1/2 way up: 10 sec Mt. Climbers
12. Pulse Push-ups at Bottom (only 1/2 way up): 10 sec Mt. Climbers
13. R SL burpee:10 sec Hold Squat
14. L SL burpee: 10 sec High Knee Fast Sprint!!!

(total time = 1:45)


Only about 8min. The bare minimum. I was pooped!

#HIIT warm-up & #ashtanga #yoga

Fuck the fucking snow. Fuck this winter. Fuck corporations in general and especially fuck athletic corporations.

Obviously the max of 223 below is a Polar monitor glitch. I didn’t catch blip while working out, but I do believe the average because I was burning really high.

We’d decided to go to an early evening movie yesterday, not knowing this latest fucking storm would dump New England levels of snow. I was the one who suggested we get our grocery shopping done early – to toot my own horn, because if I don’t no one else will – and it was a damn good thing because it was already getting pretty hairy by the time we headed home. And judging by the stocks the food co-op had right before the last snow, there would’ve been very slim pickings by that fucking point.

The main point of my mentioning that is with the shopping and the movie I didn’t get a workout in yesterday. You can be sure that this morning I: meditated; did my mantra; did the banishing spell and then got my workout in. Hey, with this storm I lose the chance to make any pocket change this week. And I lost another week due to the fucking cold. I’ll have my endorphins, thank you.


HIIT warm-up

1. Jugglers High Knees
2. Burpee
3. Jump Kick (right)
4. Jump Kick (left)
5. Russian Kicks
6. Squat Jump
7. Mountain Climber
8. Lunge Hop (right)
9. Lunge Hop (left)
10. High Knees Tap
11. Frogger
12. Heel Tap Squat Jump
13. 2 Plank Jack/s, 2 Knee In to Opp Arm
14. Alt Pistol Pop Up Note to self: pistols should go in the first third of a set this long!
15. Low Jack


About 72min

  • Suryas & fundamentals
  • Marichy C & D
  • Second to Laghu Vajrasana, EPRK, Kapo B (x2?)
  • Urdhva D, 3 drop backs, 3 ticks Takes about 1hr to get to finishing with this format
  • Finishing