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This was a good one! I really felt like doing drop backs & finishing poses, but I don’t like going to 2-hours with my workouts all that much anymore. Maybe tomorrow I’ll skip the crossfit style WOD section & do more yoga. I’ve got things roughly divided into thirds lately. It snapped me out of that recent Exercise Boredom phase, anyway.



  • (15/50) with skipping for a 32:30min set
  1. Burpee
  2. Bicep Curls 30lbs
  3. Around the World 20lbs
  4. Pendulum Squat 30lbs
  5. DSLL 40lbs
  6. Overhead Tricep 20lbs
  7. Up/Down Dog (Dive Bomber)
  8. Step Ups 20lbs
  9. Mat Jumps
  10. Tricep Press Back 20lbs
  11. Frogger wide feet
  12. Temple Tap Abs
  13. Swings 35lbs
  14. Leg/Hip Lift
  15. Pinca Mayurasana

VASILENA WOD 7 : RumFit Challenge: Thigh and Booty Torture, Full Body Workout

I part
Reverse pyramid. Do any subsequent exercise less reps than the previous.

Time = 17:47

  1. 1 min sprint
  2. 50 2 walking lunges + jump squat Walk forward w/ each leg & jump squat = 1 rep. Walk backward w/ each leg & jump squat = 1 rep.
  3. 40 push off + knee tuck Put belly on floor & slightly help up with knees to do it fast. Alt knees. Each push-up & knee tuck = 1 rep.
  4. 30 left knee hug – right knee hug, V sit with opened legs and arms Rock the boat style, twisting to side to hug alt knees, then V in center with arms extending up & a bit out. Both sides & V = 1 rep.
  5. 1 min sprint

II part

  • 2 rounds. Time = 5:25 for round 2. Forgot to start stopwatch before round 1, so about double that time for both.
  1. 20 ALT bird dog + knee tuck Extend leg & opp arm & tuck. Each side = 1 rep 20
  2. jump to sumo squat + touch floor Wide squat. Arms straight down, touching fingertips, 20
  3. 20 supinated grip row – both sides Lawnmower, hand rotated out, 20lbs
  4. 1 min sprint

Rumi’s time
I part – 18 min
II part – 8:36 min


  • 1min restorative poses: Virasana, Supta Virasana, Malasana, Block A (shoulders), Block B (hips)
  • Back bending intervals (15/30)



Lower body #HIIT, #abs & #yoga


That was a pretty good one.

Better Buns: Jump and Burn Workout

  • Round 1 (10/50) with skipping for a 30min set
  • Round 2 (10/50) no skipping for a 15min set Unlike Melissa I don’t do any running, so I generally like to add a bit of skipping to her sets. Doing it this way is extra fun b/c the 2nd set is half as long & seems much “lighter”.
  1. Squat Jump 20lbs, holding weight at sternum
  2. Side Lunge Punch, 10lbs with hook punch
  3. Single Leg Hip Thrust (right) from table top
  4. Single Leg Hip Thrust (left)
  5. Monkey Push-up & Tuck Jump
  6. Plie Jump
  7. Romanian Deadlift, 40lbs
  8. Chair Lunge, 20lbs at sternum
  9. Sit to Stand (right), 10lbs, sitting to rack
  10. Sit to Stand (left)
  11. Curtsy Lunge Kick (right), 35lbs 1st round, 40lbs 2nd round
  12. Curtsy Lunge Kick (left)
  13. Step Up (right), 20lbs, step up & kick straight out to the back Leaving my working foot on the bench between reps (but onloading fully on the landing leg) to get more reps in the interval
  14. Step Up (left)
  15. Burpee

Quick Stomach Toning Workout

  • Last time I did this along with the video for reps. Today I did (10/50) for a 10min round.
  • 2 rounds, 21min

1. Scissor Sit-ups, In extended boat, straight legs & arms overhead. Raise alt legs straight up to touch,
2. Extended Heel Tap, On back, heels & shoulders off floor, arms extended straight out. Tap heels together. 2nd set doing reverse curls with 3lb weight bet feet.
3. Lift and Tuck, In extended boat, raise straight legs & then do a tuck
4. Balanced Side Crunch (right), Legs bent, feet off the floor, over to one side & crunch.
5. Balanced Side Crunch (left)
6. Hip Lift Circle, Reverse curl then circle to alt sides
7. Bicycle, Keeping spine fully on floor, just twisting & touching elbows to alt legs
8. Torso Raise, As per Rumi. On belly, feet off the floor, shoulders lifted. Reach arms forward & then pull back, lifting up through the back.
9. Side V-Up (right) 1st set / 2nd set doing BodyRock style Vabs with 3lb weight bet feet
10. Side V-Up (left)


  • Sirsasana – 5min
  • Bhujangasana
  • Anjenayasana
  • Supta Virasana
  • Malasana
  • Sarvangasana
  • Halasana
  • Karna Pidasana
  • Matseyendrasana
  • Savasana

#lowimpact workout, #yoga

That was better than a plain primary would’ve been anyway, especially in a cool room & with the amount of muscle soreness in the quads today. It was better both in terms of the workout and enjoyment factor. I actually worked up a pretty decent sweat with the low impact.

Now figuring what to eat for dinner. Hmmm…


40 Min. Silent But Deadly | Low Impact “Quiet” HIIT Workout

I found out about this guy because he did an interview of one of my favorites, Melissa Bender. I’d been thinking about doing one of his routines before, but something in the manner of his delivery was off putting, too “gym dude”. Guess I like workin’ out wid da bitches better in my old age.

Delivery is less annoying when you’re actually doing a workout, along with, rather than trying to prescreen, so that’s what I did today. I needed to warm up, in a gentler way, and then get some easy stretching in.

It was ok. My motivation for low impact was NOT a sleeping baby. I put some of the impact back in, like the jumps in the burpees. I worked up a decent sweat and warmed up! Goal accomplished. It’s good to do an old-fashioned, dorky warm-up and cool-down once in awhile too.


  • Suryas & fundamentals, first 3 poses of primary
  • 5min sirsasana
  • My favorite restorative & finishing poses, savasana

#HIIT #WOD & #Asana #Yoga

That was a good one! Tough though. Might have to do a yoga-only tomorrow. I’m having trouble getting up & down the stairs now, lol.


15-Minute Per Round: Full Body Interval Workout

  • (15/50) Skipping, for a 32:30min set
  1. Overhead Squat arms stretched up straight overhead, squatting low
  2. Lunge Jump
  3. Hip Thrust (right) from table top, weight in supporting heel
  4. Hip Thrust (left)
  5. Plie Jump
  6. Shoulder Press 40lbs Changed this one from down dog push-up b/c I’ve been doing mainly pushing moves with my upper body lately & there are divebombers in the next set
  7. Dips
  8. Leaning Plank hands on either side of mat, lean into 1 arm, straightening the other & looking toward it, alt
  9. Plank Press forearms, clasped hands. Put chest on floor & bring back up
  10. Urdhva Dhanurasana
  11. Frogger (wide feet)
  12. Lateral Raise Lots of leg lifts in the next set
  13. Straight Abs Lots of leg lifts in the next set
  14. Elbow Tap Side Plank (right) Forearm side plank, tapping top elbow to floor
  15. Elbow Tap Side Plank (left)

EMILY WOD 6 : RumFit Challenge: Total Body Exercises With Extra Emphasis On The Butt And Abs

  • I part, 4 rounds
  • Rumi’s time = 13:46 min. My time = 15:24

8 Dive bomber
16 ALT pistol Can’t believe I got through 4 rounds of pistol squats. I still have to prop my heels on 10lb weights to balance tho. MY QUADS ARE GONNA HATE ME TOMORROW.
32 Abs leg drops like a leg lift, lying on back, but emphasis on the down part
64 High knees sprint

  • II part – 2 rounds
  • Rumi’s time = 9:10 min. My time = 11:38

8 Elevated renegade row – both sides one after the other, 20lbs
16 Plank elevated legs jumps jump from bench down to floor & back up
32 ALT renegade row, elevated 20lbs
64 Swing 20lbs


25min of (15/60) freestyle, quad-release-heavy intervals, not including a closing 1min savasana



I may be onto something with the mix & match #workout

Writing some of my own sets, when I feel the need, is a good thing as well. And I’m happy I discovered this new YouTube channel! I don’t like her warmups & I prefer to do the working sets my own time, but the sets themselves are really challenging, and I like that feeling of hitting one body part mercilessly, over and over.

That’s the one thing about HIIT; you run the danger of always skimming the surface, because your working burn is so good. That’s one reason I was already alternating it with reps workout. The slightest change affects the workout so much! And setting your intention to go as quickly & continually as possible, as in these WOD / Crossfit style routines, makes things different as well.

Now I’ve got some rice in the rice maker & garlic greens waiting to roast. Shower time!



  • (15/30) Time = 13:30
  • I don’t usually warm up, but this style appears to beat me up a little more. My back is much better but my right wrist is sore! I wrote a warmup because suyras & fundamentals run longer than I wanted to spend on limbering up today.


  1. Down dog
  2. Updog or cobra
  3. Anjenayasana
  4. other side
  5. Hanuman
  6. Other side
  7. Ustrasana A, @ wall
  8. Ustrasana B
  9. Urdhva D, @ wall

AMBER WOD 2:RumFit Challenge: Butt, Triceps, HIIT, Saddlebags, Inner Thighs And Back

  • I part – body weight exercises Do all exercises in reverse pyramid – 50 reps, after that 40, 30, 20, 10 reps.
  • Time = 2:15-2:28

1. Switch lunge
2. Chaturanga in-out jumps This one’s a fucking killer (in a good way)! I couldn’t get through a set complete until I was on the 20s.
3. Russian kicks

Note: Do the lunges with the knee right above the floor. The elbows are near to the body in Chaturanga exercise. The strength comes from the abs in the abs kicks.

II part – with equipment

  • 2 rounds, time = 16min! 2:29-2:45 Slow, but I wasn’t following the video & forgot what exercises 2 & 4 were. Did an inner thigh lift. Also was using heavier weight than Rumi.

1. RIGHT side elevated renegade row – 10, 20lbs
2. LEFT leg raise from left side elevated side plank – 10
3. LEFT side elevated renegade row – 10, 20lbs
4. RIGHT leg raise from right side elevated side plank – 10
5. Abs diagonal arm-feet touch – 10 doubles Arms out in a T position, crossing hand to opp foot. Legs straight. L + R = 1 rep
6. LEFT leg side raise – 30 lay on the floor with 10lb weight on thigh
7. Torso raise – 10
8. Sumo squat + front lift – 10 20lbs
9. RIGHT leg side raise – 30

Rumi’s time
I part – 11 min
II part, 2 rounds – 10:40 min

my time
I part – 13 min
II part, 2 rounds – x min


About 25min deeply relaxing asana.

Tried a new channel #reps #workout #lowimpact

These are both pretty much low impact, as I’d picked them out for yesterday’s workout, in a mood to avoid skipping or jumping.


Wish American homes were generally designed with fucking ceiling fans. I’m pretty much going to be bitching about the heat for the next two months. The air was still and sort of dead-ish in the dining room where I was working out, since the house is closed off when the morning cool sizzles off. I just came upstairs and there’s a giant sun puddle going down the middle of it, including where I fucking sit.

I have a cheap, vinyl fucking chair. It’s really comfy to sit in when it’s 81 degrees in the room. Outside it’s 88, but it’s just getting worse this week. It’s gonna be 99 on Saturday and 100 fucking degrees on Sunday.

 RU46 Advanced Level Low Impact Workout

  • Did once along with the video, which is repeated rounds of the below in 30-second intervals, no rest intervals in the 30-minute set. I liked it! If I were to repeat I’d have 10-second rest intervals, and I’d maybe do less rounds but longer working sets, and also would swap out mat jumps for some of the mountain climbers.
  1. Limbo squat + opposite knee tuck
  2. Mountain climber
  3. ALT center side lunge
  4. Frogger, wide feet
  5. Dynamic high lunge LEFT
  6. Up-down dog
  7. Dynamic high lunge RIGHT
  8. Plank 3 step forward jump – 1 jump to plank
  9. Squat march LEFT leg
  10. Push up
  11. Squat march RIGHT leg
  12. Plank jack + knee tuck
  13. Row, 40lbs
  14. ALT renegade row, 20lbs
  15. Quick small run
  16. Mountain climber
  17. Bodyweight squat
  18. Side raise LEFT leg
  19. Up-down dog
  20. Side raise RIGHT leg

RU39 Brutal Abs Workout 40 Minute

  • Did this along with the video as well. Interesting! I’ll try more of her workouts for sure.

I part – 3 rounds
1. V sit – 20
2. Torso + leg raise – 20

Active rest – 2 rounds
1. Dive bomber – 10
2. Jump lunge LEFT + RIGHT back raise – 10
3. Jump lunge RIGHT + LEFT back raise – 10

II part – 3 rounds
1. Scissors + butt lift – 20
2. Upward-downward dog – 20

Active rest – 2 rounds
1. Hands on the floor, squat LEFT, RIGHT raise back – 10
2. Hands on the floor, squat RIGHT, LEFT raise back – 10

III part – 2 rounds
1. Plank, low plank, twist hips left-right – 20
2. Scissors + clap – 20

Active rest – 2 rounds
1. Renegade row LEFT arm – 10
2. Renegade row RIGHT arm – 10

IV part – 2 rounds
1. Leg raise – 20
2. Touch toes – raised legs -20

Active rest – 2 rounds
1. Walking push up – 10
2. Dips – 10

Butt exercises – 2 rounds
1. Back raise LEFT leg – 20
2. Back raise RIGHT leg – 20
3. Side leg raise LEFT – 20
4. Side leg raise RIGHT – 20
5. Upright cross jumps – 100


  • About 10-minutes